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30 Most Active Game Forums (Roundtable)

active video game forums

  active video game forums Online gaming boards have been the idea of the Internet since its inception. Players can get together and speak to the store, provide customer numbers for these robust crossings in their favorite games, and change ideas and tips.

Video game forums are greater than ever, and other people can work together with different players. . Here is a more comprehensive overview of probably the most lively online game boards at this time.

1. NeoGAF



The Game-Age Discussion board launched by NeoGAF in 1999 organizes numerous boards ranging from gaming to Off-Matter in these occasions who you and those you want on-line need to go out or cope with important points like "Is the Universe an Intelligent Life?" During Lurking, I met the topic of Purple Lifeless Redemption II Online.

group "Gaffers" and requested Pink Lifeless's online mode (which has been somewhat controversial resulting from many technical issues)

2. GameFAQS

My personal favourite, GameFAQs was and is a transparent supply for detailed recreation visits. Stuck is unimaginable in prison? Unsure where the last Triforce track is Zelda? GameFAQS has breakthroughs and a strong, tight group that lets you speak about games generally or the special assist you want for the sport.

There is a cause why the ceaselessly asked questions are right. With a simplified but timeless design, the location continues to point out that it’s robust for 23 years.

three. IGN

 IGN Gaming Forums

  IGN Gaming Forums

Classical and Present Transmission to IGN The video game discussion board is of all types. It's straightforward to arrange on gaming platforms (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and so forth.) and thru more specific subjects

A quick evaluate of the PC discussion board confirmed an astonishing variety of subjects where gamers helped different gamers by giving a great PC

The group is simply nearly as good than any gaming discussion board can hope for.

4. Gamespot

A very lively video game platform filled with passionate individuals. Certain subjects are selected from a bigger entity and seem on the page, while different discs, such as the controversial "System Wars" and the enormous "Retro Gaming", fill the location.

Some fascinating subjects I got here up with in the oldest video game system you might have? ”, To which the poster responded with an unimaginable“ original Pong ”. The appropriate should show how these players are dedicated.

5. Reddit

In recent times, r / gaming has turn out to be an enormous gathering place for players who share info, fun footage and different alternatives of gaming.

r / Gaming in giant video games like Learn Lifeless Redemption II and Super Smash Brothers goes wild, sharing recreation secrets and sharing private stories for video games.

Individuals are all the time overwhelming with humorous pictures, relatable stories, and love for games that maintain the location from turning round in visitors. Since 2018, r / gaming has almost 20 million subscribers




Massively multiplayer on-line recreation packages have a few of the most dedicated followers in the recreation and this forum is not any exception . This discussion board offers useful hyperlinks to buying games, enjoying games and pre-ordering immediately from the sidebar.

There’s even a forum that focuses on website options and helps net developers get ideas from actual website customers. The location's general MMORPG forum at present has about 1.3 million feedback and 60.1 thousand discussions

. Minecraft Forum

 The Minecraft Forum

  The Minecraft Forum

Minecraft has beloved hundreds of thousands of individuals of all ages, and this is the ultimate place that each one these onerous fans collect and speak about Minecraft. The Minecraft Discussion board organizes the sport in the design of the icon and organizes a whole lot of themes for the in depth mods and skins used in the recreation.

Sharing is the name of the game on this forum; Maps just like the breathtaking Morian mines are re-distributed every day. The Minecraft Discussion board has virtually 5.1 million members and almost 5 billion views.

8. The Verge

 chest forum

  chest forum

Trendy design, Verge awakens a trendy, cool and classy look for visitors . The gaming group is as a lot in design as people who create subjects like STARDEW VALLEY IS LIFE (and your favourite recreation in 2017) will begin some meaningful and enjoyable conversations.

9. VGR

 VGR Game Forum

  VGR Game Forum

I just like the VGR approaching the group. The location has a “Introductions” card where you possibly can meet new members and speak about your favourite games. The location also has two essential boards: Video Game Deals and Esports & Competitive Gaming. Who doesn't need great offers on games, particularly once they pays for his or her property?

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Customers create messages that listing sure games which are on sale and where they get this worth. It's a helpful method to assist your players. The Esports Forum shall be an enormous discussion when the brand new Super Smash Bros comes up.

10. AVForums

 forum for avforums video games

  forum for avforums video games

Av treats other forums for other applied sciences, in reality referring to itself as "The No. 1 Home Entertainment Tech Company". They go beyond mixing into all applied sciences into one website. Together with the Fastened Gaming Forum, they manage critiques of different games and different units reminiscent of encompass speakers and televisions.

11. StudentEdge

 student online games

  student games forums

Scholar edge with their own words "seeks to complement life within the students all through the country. The corporate strives to do this by serving to students save and handle money, prepare for the job, discover jobs, and make knowledgeable career and life selections. “They offer technology offers and try to help students, (these textbooks are highway robbery!)

Although their forum is a mere installation, it is full of passionate players who collaborate with other players. It's very easy to start a discussion about games, because the text field is at the top of the screen – a real "grab and go" type for students and gamers to get into the business.

. 12 Videogamer

 videogamer forum

  videogamer forum

My minimalist bat doesn't ask me. And, of course, the Red Dead Redemption II thread has stuck to the top. People who are passionate about their thoughts about the story of the game, what they thought to heal, and humorous stories about a guy who can't keep his horse alive.


 game in the latest video games forum

  latest video game forum

I'm really digging this site. Lounge ”where actual recreation creators can deliver collectively and share concepts and content with different gamers. It’s a nice group where sharing content and other channels is a key part of the Discussion board's id.

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14. Steam

 steam game forum

  steam game forum

Steam's unimaginable fame precedes itself, so relating to gaming boards, in fact Steam knocks it from the park . Users have entry to tons of of forums from every Steam hosted recreation developed in the black / blue / white shade scheme we've all recognized. In Steam forums, others can share recreation packages, regularly requested questions, and Modding demos.

15. Blizzard Discussion board

 Blizzard Game Forums

  Blizzard Game Forums

Blizzard is understood for his high quality games and boards which might be in video games like Warcraft, Overwatch and Starcraft, there are not any strangers. Blizzard places so much time and effort into the boards of his video games, similar to boards like "character class" and "Guild Recruitment", which help to complete almost all aspects of the game.

16. Ubisoft Forums

 Playing Ubisoft Forum

  Playing Ubisoft Forum

Like Blizzard, Ubisoft forums have quality in their games. The special forums for each Ubisoft game are so nice. You never have to worry about searching indefinitely through certain forums by finding a place where you can send something from Assassin's Creed II when it is combined in one place.

Hundreds of thousands of users access the site daily to discuss their favorite Ubisoft titles.

17. Adventure Players

 Adventure Gamers Gaming Forum

  Adventure Players Gaming Forum

Adventure games were huge in the 1990s. This place feels like a paradise for all unique and artistic titles. Hot topic "What's your favourite item?" Is among the website's most popular subjects. The fanatics of adventure video games listing previous LucasArts games and the newest titles.

18. Polygon

 Polygon Video Game Forum

  Polygon Video Game Forum

Famous Gaming Website Polygon hosts an ideal forum for games. The group actually cares about one another. I came up with a topic the place the participant felt lonely and asked somebody to play online, and the respondent not solely provided to play with him, but to assist him out of his private affairs.

Typically we’d like a great help system and people who help the group can actually influence.

19. Rock Paper Shotgun

 Rock Paper Shotgun Gaming Forums

  Rock Paper Shotgun Gaming Forums

Fashionable weblog Rock Paper Shotgun hosted several forums, with a recreation state of affairs. My favourite is the PC Gaming thread, which is just referred to as “The Screenshot thread”, where customers ship superb photographs of recreation supplies. You'll see unimaginable particulars in video games like Assassin's Creed Origins and Countless Area 2 actually took the breath away.

20. Eurogamer

 Eurogamer Video Games Forum

  The Forum for Eurogamer Video Games

This website has a simple design but users touch upon the minute. One particular twist I favored was the "lately completed recreation" tour, where people try to fill older games, turning the conversation into a great nostalgia-filled party.

21. Giant Bomb

 Giant Bomb Gaming Forums

  Giant Bomb Gaming Forums

My good friend showed me this forum direction, and I am glad that he did. It's a sleek, black design with countless forum posts, and people are eager to talk about the most anticipated releases and future speculations of games in various gaming franchises

. Giant Bomb was born on the former GameSpot server, another great site.

22. Escapist Magazine

 Escapist Magazine Game Forum

  Escapist Magazine Game Forum

Escapist sets great content. With production like "No Punctuation", I knew Escapist would be a solid forum.

Its gaming discussion says: "Speak concerning the games you’re keen on, from indie browser games to huge budgets." Sometimes simpler is better. I think it's "Consumer Critiques" where we can hear unpaid opinions about games, old and new.

23. Racketboy

t . I am characterized by a special forum focused on the philosophical, artistic and cultural impact of games in our society. Deep talk and playing? Put me in!

24. Newgrounds

 Newgrounds forum Gaming

  Newgrounds forum Gaming

Newgrounds is a great site that dominated pop culture in gaming and animation Early and mid-00s. Their platform, which I have been a member of, is a fun, edgy, sometimes wild ride for gaming and colorful characters online. Much like their host sites, these forums are brutal, but lovable and quite hilarious.

25. Ars Technica

 arstechnica forum

  arstechnica forum

The minimalist design doesn't take away this forum content. This forum is an amazingly impressive list of places where you can find almost anything to talk about in games. They have countless threads from game settings, operating programs, and computers. There is so much meat in these forums that the content is never inadequate.

26. Penny-Arcade

 Playing the Penny-Arcade Forum

  Playing the Penny-Arcade Forum

Comic Comedians Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, AKA & # 39; Tycho & Gabe & # 39; have created an iconic brand in Penny-Arcade. This also extended to their forums. The 9.6 million posts in their own gaming forum are very online gaming: Overwatch and Warframe are the dominant topics

27. Game Revolution

 Game Revolution Gaming Forums

  Game Revolution Gaming Forums

Another simple design that contains plenty of content. Game forums are divided into two levels: Gaming and Retro Gaming, which I think are a great way to classify and keep the community in order.

Positive Community Issues: "What Game Are You Greatest?" some of the things I want to see while browsing forums are things related to the rest of the community.

28. Something awesome

 Something awesome platform for video games

  Something awesome forum for video games

Famous website Something Awful Forum known as the Slender-Man phenomenon, Game Forums are full of content. My favorite theme that I came across is the mega-chain for getting jobs in games. More than 3600 answer has proved to be a hot theme, and I am glad that it is.

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29. Epic Games

 Epic Games Fortnite Gaming Forum

  Epic Games Fortnite Gaming Forum

Games, Epic Games download free software for editing content. Their gaming forums are just like Blizzard and Ubisoft in that they focus heavily on one game, reducing resources for frequently asked questions and discussing the game.

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30. Gearbox Software

 Gearbox Software Games Forums

  Gearbox Software Games

Gearbox focuses on its forums like Borderlands and Battleborn. Forums like Borderlands are wild, and people share stories about attacks, targets, and ask for help from a particularly difficult boss. However, there is a general gaming discussion that does not hold any other non-gearbox games from the conversation.

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4 Bonus Gaming Forums

31. DoubleFine

 DoubleFine Gaming Forums

  DoubleFine Game Forums

Double Fine hosts Double Fine hosts forums for each of their games concerned. Over the years, there have been dedicated fanpacks that are currently being broadcast. It is a very active forum for a very dedicated fanbase.

32. Square Enix

 Square Enix Forum Games

  Square Enix Forum Games

Legendary developer Square Enix, no surprise , it has a massive forum dedicated to their games. Final Fantasy alone could fill hundreds of thousands of websites, and each game and derivative has its own forum.

33. Bethesda

 Bethesda Gaming Forum

  Bethesda Gaming Forum

With the recent release of Fallout 76, Bethesda Fallout Forums has over 60,000 message. Other Bethesda games, like the oldest Scrolls series and Dishonored games, are also serviced here.

34. Pinoy Gamer Forum

 Pinoy Gamer Forum

  Pinoy Gamer Forum

Pinoy is a Philippine forum that states that they are a special game and news forum in the Philippines. Pinoy players have forums that are focused on gaming, gaming and buying and trading software and hardware.

Other positive aspects, such as the lively "welcome discussion board" for many who are new to the location, present a refreshing search for online communities.

could be very helpful, and the Filipino group is best for its existence.

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