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Fort Bend History Association plans to expand the museum

Fort Bend History Association plans to expand the museum
Claire Rogers, to the left, and Tim Kaminski talk about the plans of the Fort Bend Historical Society to expand the Fort Bend Museum. (Photograph: Joe Southern)

Fort Bend's Historical Society began 52 years in the past as a further department of the Fort Bend County Historical Commission

At present, a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve Fort Bend County's historical past is getting ready for it in the future. Thursday, January 31 At 18:00. The Fort Bend Historical Society organizes its annual assembly at the Fort Bend Museum, 500 Houston St., Richmond, the place it officially broadcasts a $ 2 million fundraising campaign to renew and expand the museum.

“It is literally the biggest company ever since the foundation of the organization,” stated Tim Kaminski, chairman of the board. “It's all exciting and challenging at the same time. The first 50 years were the foundation, and over the next 50 years, history will be introduced to make sure everyone is represented. ”

Lately, Kaminski and CEO Claire Rogers spoke about the museum and the group. their historical past and future. The affiliation began its exercise in 1967 as a Fort Bend County Museum.

”The association began as a supply of Fort Bend's Historical Commission to embrace collections from the county; give you the option to get cash to begin one thing like a museum. It was again in 1967, Kaminski stated. “It worked pretty much like the Fort Bend County Museum Association two years in the past.

Claire Rogers, to the left, and Tim Kaminski take a look at the diorama of the Fort Bend Museum's riverbank plantation. The Fort Bend Historical Society intends to renew and replace the Richmond Museum. (Photograph: Joe Southern)

”Just before the 50th anniversary we went by way of the entire reprocessing course of. A few of this was to make it clearer that not all these totally different museums that got here in the county have been an association of museums. All work separately. We modified the identify to the Fort Bend Historic Society in order to get more of what we do in the entire province – using the Provincial Museum in Decker Park in Richmond to implement and program all coaching packages at George Ranch. Kitty Hollow Park, a baptistery.

“These were all things that the public didn't know we were responsible for maintaining. It has been part of the efforts of the last two years when the change of name is underway and over the next 50 years we will help the public understand what we are doing to preserve education and try to get more people to participate in what we do, ”he stated.

The necessity for museum change and enlargement is double. To begin with, there’s not enough room to show even a fraction of the museum's assortment. Secondly, last yr there was a fireplace that broken a part of the constructing. Though no objects have disappeared, there are repairs that need to be executed at the facility.

"The objects shown here have been here since the early 1980s, but the collection has over 40,000 items and most of the audience hasn't seen these items," Kaminski stated. “They're stored at the Quonset Cottage at George Ranch. The goal is to get the audience more samples and more cases and things that can translate things more often and more often. ”

” We would like to be extra flexible with the new showroom. So we’ve got these everlasting songs, however we even have some movable songs and gadgets that can be changed or areas that can be upgraded, Rogers added.

Flexibility is an enormous part of design.

be a singular design in the sense that every little thing in the center of the museum is constructed so that it can be pushed to the aspect partitions for occasions and open the middle area for 150-170 individuals so you will get a bride's reception with a seating table or you possibly can organize a group occasion and still be exposed to all exhibitions ” , Kaminski stated. "There is no other museum structure in the area, so we hope it is a unique feature of this place."

Certainly one of their objectives is to make extra exhibitions interactive in order that visitors can expertise.

“We hope to increase $ 2 million. That's the aim, Rogers stated. “Half of it comes to the building itself. We now have an extension that goes in the direction of Fifth Road. The doorway to the building strikes from the middle of this building to the entrance to the similar road you take a look at at Moore.

”This includes a present shop, loos, locker room, eating / break room, amenities. When the current constructing begins, the exhibition stand starts and flows round midway right here after which the workplaces are behind.

“So the plan is to raise one million dollars for the building itself and then another million to cover the exhibitions that have to go in space to have interactive exhibitions. It is about $ 400 a square foot, so when you have almost 3,000 square feet to work, we put the money around 2,000 square feet to make the exhibitions complete and then the other 750 square foot is a temporary gallery. we don't need to assemble it. There are constantly rotating exhibitions, ”he stated. "In 2019, we plan to get money and make all the structures in 2020." whose names have been named, with their donation, ”Kaminski added.

Rogers stated that the key to the future of the association is to expand it

”We additionally attempt to be extra culturally numerous and get extra individuals from totally different regions, not simply geographically, but in addition from totally different cultural groups in the province,” he stated.

] Kaminski stated that over the past 50 years, the lion's share of local historical past has been centered round the George and Moore families.

“But with all the cultural diversity here, there were drawbacks so we can say we are going in the other direction,” he stated. So, go ahead with different individuals's stories that helped clear up the area and what these effects have been, some of which can clearly be by way of plantings and who was there who lived there and what was their contribution and what occurred afterwards. So the course is true now.

Considered one of the first things the association does is hosts a black cowboy rodeo on February 16 at George Ranch's historic park.

be an exhibition in African-American churches in Fort Bend County, lots of them over 100 years previous and what has been their impression on the culture of Fort Bend County, Rogers stated. “We’ve a number of enthusiastic pastors here. They carry things and share their history with us. "

Rogers stated he lately spoke with representatives of an organization representing the museum, they usually stated that the story of Fort Bend Province is a narrative of immigrants

" is all the time from the starting, ”Rogers stated. “The Czechs came, the Germans came, the Vietnamese, the Indians, a whole bunch of people have come. How do we represent their story in the County Museum? ”

The Fort Bend Historic Society has additionally been deliberate to recruit members of various ethnic teams and areas in the province.

“We have made the government much more diverse in the last two years,” Kaminski stated. “When the organization started, it was the center of Richmond-Rosenberg, because the museum is located. We have been able to reach all parts of the province effectively. ”

Fort Bend County shouldn’t be solely one among the country's most numerous provinces, but it’s also one among the quickest rising. Which means there are lots of people who don't know a lot about native history. There are also those who have grown up here who aren’t aware of their past.

”The best power of this group is Texas education schemes which are typical of Texas for things which are so particular that they only discover them in Fort Bend Province,” Kaminski stated. “That's what I would like the viewers to know. These packages are ongoing and are changing all yr round.

(Editor's observe: Nowadays are a steady collection of Fort Bend County's history that runs every month on the fifth Wednesday.)


1967: The Fort Bend County Museum Association is leased.

1968: Decide John Moore provides the affiliation country
block 89 in the middle of Richmond

1972: Fort Bend Museum opens

1975: Museum acquires Moore's residence and fortress in 1883
Bend Museum was based

1977: Association Acquires Decker Park in Richmond

1985: George Basis Invitations the Group to Develop
training packages at George Ranch Historic Park. Junior Docent

1988: George Ranch Historic Park Opening

1991: The Association is One in every of Three Houston Areas
museums receive full accreditation from the American Alliance of Museums.

1993: Fort Bend Archeological Society is the first

2006: Historic Dew Home moved to Kitty Hole Park

2011: Dew Home opens for excursions.

2017: The association celebrates its 50th anniversary
himself as Fort Bend Historical Society