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Fox – Dubravka Ugrešić Full stop

Fox - Dubravka Ugrešić Full stop
[Open Letter Books; 2018]

Tr. Ellen Elias-Bursac and David Williams from Croatia

The Fox is a clever and misleading totem; if the fox spirit arrives on the individual, then the individual of this individual is cheated, ”writes Pilnyak,

writes Dubravka Ugrešić on Fox, writing Boris Plinyak, who writes a few Japanese author Tagak” A narrative during which tales are written. "

Pilnyak has been suggested to keep the fox" out of fear and betrayal ", comrade Dzhurban, who" takes Pilnyak above the city to the mountains to show him a temple on the fox. " how the stories are written and there are two pages, one among which is from the literature, that Dubravka Ugrešić presents the bait:

All in all, it appears that evidently Pilnyak was right; author Boris Pilnyak wrote: “The story of how the stories will be written” – tells the story of a Japanese writer Tagak, who wrote a properly-acquired novel from his Russian spouse Sophia Vasilyevna Gnedikh-Tagak, inspired by “espionage” in all her erotic relationships, wherein h discovered himself the primary character of the fiction that has been separated from Tagak and wrote his own self-narration – will the reader lure and conclude that writers have to be cheaters who make bets in the first, second, third or fourth degree or loyal who’re making an attempt to return residence to deceive or deceive both hybrid? Why the word "traitor?" Are the writers Dubravka Ugrešić part of the "holy written guild" as a result of all of them happen, which is simply "illustrative material", and is "making a pen on paper" the first thing to do about dwelling life, stifling life's life into punishment?

What if it is true? What if writing is deceiving? Does studying then fail? I’m wondering. When I try to shoot the temple foxes to relaxation on the altar, the reminiscence closes in. Once I was about ten years previous, I informed my father that I had never seen a fox in actual life and that I needed to see one. Adults had urged me to learn fox stories. There was a set of fables and fairy tales on the desk, and the contradictions between the foxes have been in conflict, which confuses me. Why did I’ve to read these tales? Who was the fox? Intelligent cheater, common lonely, slippery, creative liar, hen killer, funny guy, relentless family?

In the introduction of the translated medieval text from Reynard the Fox from Dutch to English, James Simpson suggests that the story of Reynard's ethical abuses is the idea for Niccolo Machiavelli's scandal The Prince, written in 1513 as rulers. Princess Machiavelli claims that "virtue is inadequate" and that the preservation of energy is determined by energy and dishonest. "James Simpson says:" Whereas Machiavelli had suggested the kings to deal with their enemies and topics, Reynard is slightly about how clever subjects can deal with enemies and kings. “Might advantage be only a virtuoso? Would the fox admire the fact that he made vital virtuosity in lying?

Growing talking books at house was taboo. There was no option to say it better than the writer had expressed. All makes an attempt to discuss what happened in the written story in their very own words mimic the writer and the degrading literature. But I had to know what the foxes are happening. I needed to see the actual one. I had very little time, my father took me to a gaggle of buddies as an alternative of a forest. In the intervening time, once I seemed on the horrible animal on the nook of a unclean cage, I knew that the authors and story clubs have been dangerous manipulators. That they had made me consider that the fox was as huge as the pony, regardless that none of them had explicitly stated it. I felt confused that the fox is so small, shy and helpless. The man laughed at a silly snigger. I went out of the compound angrily. I knew that the fox hadn't deserved me by taking a look at him, and I stated I needed to avoid studying tales the place animals have been used as human characters.

The metaphorical fox used by Dubravka Ugrešić in Fox made me consider the fox within the deeply confusing e-book of Herta Müller, The Fox Ever hunter. There the fox is especially found in fur, which is flat on the ground in a instructor's condo, which is actively supervised by the Ceauşescu administration in Romania. When she comes house from her absurdly robbed days of labor on this corrupt, unpleasant, odd dictatorship, she feels that her leg was reduce off by her fox fur and neatly positioned subsequent to the fur. The bathroom seat has a cigarette butt. The second day is the tail reduce. Another cigarette-coloured swim in the toilet bowl. Then the top is reduce off, then the opposite part. For a moment, I received credit score for members of the Romanian secret service to make such strange and absurd intimidation, but when the story progressed, I noticed that it was not unusual, it was not absurd, but full, absurd cruelty. Each day they minimize off one other piece of widespread sense and cleaned it subsequent to the madman. There have been no other reliable logics, however the flooring-leveled fox-coat that needed to endure was reduce systematically while the which means of life swam in the bathroom pan, and survival turned the armor on the kitchen desk. [19659002HertaMüllerkasvoiRomaniassajamuuttiSaksaanvuonna1987DubravkaUgrešićkasvoiYuguslaviastajamuuttiAlankomaihinvuonna1993HeovatvainneljänvuodenväleinerossaHemolemmatlähtivätpoliittisistasyistäjakirjoittivatmaidensakatastrofisistamenneistähyvineritavoinMielestäninejotkayhdistävätneovatheidänhaluttomuutensaluottaatäysinsanoihinkielenrakenteeseenjatarinoihinEiheidänomassaeiomassammeeikenenkään

"Do you assume that your voice is sufficient beauty, all will hear it, and your job is to sing. Nevertheless, you, yourself, know that things don't work like that, ”says Author Levin's widow to one in every of Ugrešić's stories.

The entire character of Fox appeared to be interested in something considerably devastating that I couldn't resist admiring from the surface. Something about Ugrešić's written studies challenged me intelligently, boldly and convincingly to participate in one thing that wasn't really proper for me. After that I struggled to put behind my finger on what the basis explanation for my ongoing fascination and unease with this e-book. Is there a scarcity of intelligence? Missing gene for meta-fiction? Is it a shade or a translation, or if someone units the beginning place, worry of lacking? Why proceed reading?

What’s marvelous about the truth that the fox is in lots of European tales that he has completely investigated the shortcomings and conduct patterns of his victim. Just as a fox can depend on the greed of the bear to add head to Mehil for extra honey, the writer can rely on the infinite greed of his readers who need to read more.

"Who are you?" Faust asks Mephistopheles in the first part of Goethe's Faust.

"I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works," the devil says the researcher.

a reality that travels with acquainted-wanting luggage, however never finds a house to set it up. What you are feeling about baggage is its robustness and it accommodates a specific amount of worry. Perhaps it’s the worry of the suitcase turning into obsolete when the bags is unloaded and stored in a comfortable bedroom chest.

To keep away from methods to escape something with cheating or intelligence, to keep away from direct response. Ugrešić goes round continually, typically indifferently, typically passionately, typically slowly in a properly-calculated approach, and typically slowly, in a method that is sometimes careless, funny, sad, foolish, degrading, scary, clever, trustworthy. . . it isn’t actually predictable what is going to come subsequent. He has discovered the talent to play with open words in a deck of cards that doesn’t match, which is not one cowl, however many various. His power is slippery and confident and may be boastful and harsh at occasions, as when somebody enters his tail, which solely he can suck, if he has to twist up and get into a circle.

In an interview with the part "Current Conversations" funded by the College of Oklahoma and World Literature, RC Davis-Undiano asks Ugrešić to go away Yugoslavia in 1993. He says:

So my position was unattainable, I couldn't breathe anymore, I couldn't breathe anymore breathe longer, and I simply left. And earlier than that, earlier than I used to be capable of turn out to be a public enemy, so the information media, local media, was accused of what I had written that I am a traitor, that I’m a public enemy, as a result of I

It isn’t the phrase "traitor" but the word "nationalism" who instantly triggers Davis-Undiano to call Ugrešić a "literary citizen", and once I read the second part, three, four, five and 6 fathers, I typically thought back to the magical second when he stated, "Literary citizen."

Studying Fox that Ugrešić has stayed at residence within the previous, majestic, darkish and quirky home the place I imagined that “Citizens of Literature” would work and stay and mix in references, pseudonyms, footnotes, quotes, maps and mud, and great and detailed literary information. I needed her to remain indoors inside. I might somewhat favor a type of powerful written cabin-scorching than having to comply with him out of open alienation, the place he drags his books and quotations and information and infrequently drained, scary and bitter to cope with trivial, dwelling writers, sheets and tourists

I needed to " literary citizen "holds brewing and cooking in historic areas of invented versions in Germany, England, China, Japan, america, Greece, Turkey and Palestine. and in Mongolia, Leningrad, Moscow, Peredelkino, Belgrade and in places with indicators reminiscent of Olga Scherbinovskaya, Kira Andronikahvili, Boris, Nabakov, Yevgeny Zamyat, Nikolai Khardzhiev, Nadezhda Mandelstam, Maxim Gorky, and skeptics, "instead of complaining about having to sit in a fleet of class, taking back pains, to fly to academic conferences where they don't pay writers Well, stay in cheap hotel rooms and participate in tourist destinations in tourist destinations, so he can" overcome the sudden attack of misantropia. " But then I thought: Can't I grant the author the right to be a human being? Can't I admit that "The House of the Literary Residence" is either a jail or homelessness, and never a spot the place actual individuals giggle and smile and touch and love? Can't I’ve just a little more empathy that a literary scholar has to pay his bills and that an getting older physique sometimes hurts? As a reader, I’m all the time sitting straight as a literary citizen in the mid-century in an armchair in front of a window with a cup of steaming tea on the aspect table, or do I typically pull my books to the toilet, the place I read probably the most helpful gadgets in the World literature that revealed when an uncovered ass hangs in a white ceramic bowl crammed with urine

In response to a question about language and nationality in an interview, Michal Špína and Strahnija Bućan Ugrešić say

all of the books I’m making an attempt to check with literature in Central and Japanese Europe as a result of they don’t get the popularity they really deserve. Within the novel Baba Yaga Laid an Egg and in my new novel Fox, which can quickly seem, I intentionally use references to the languages, literature and places of Central and Japanese Europe. I am joyful when my books are translated into "general" language, resembling English, as a result of it appears to me, amongst other issues, that I have traveled the secret uncared for the Central and Japanese European literature values ​​of world literature.

What is this World Literature that permits values ​​from one place to a different? Ugrešić turns to Walter Benjamin's statement that:

World literature is sort of a whale surrounded by clams as practiced by pirates. They connect to the whale physique and take in the parasites from their pores and skin. Whale is a supply of meals, protection and transport. Without seed, the parasites choose the whale body and the physique breaks down. . . I have no illusion of literature. I've written suckerfish. My job is to maintain whale well being.

Where does this equation have a fox? I'm making an attempt to think about. The good whale is in the great ocean. She swims in her own tongue, in her personal language, in her culture. He’s so fortunate on this approach. At some point issues change. They drain the ocean, they burn books, persecute writers. Then the youngsters will are available. They are smugglers. They take these sea eagles and convey them to a different ocean where they study to slowly suck parasites from one other massive whale. With no fox, there can be a lot lost.

I'm unsure I call Fox a novel, and I can't say I favored it – what I like most about being merely not pleasant and not as possible or predictable. It always interrupts its circulate and challenges its personal reliability and appreciates it as a top quality and technique to maintain individuals on their toes, acutely aware and flexible to think about and typically embrace the opposite aspect. There’s little work to learn this e-book, and it’s typically annoying, however if you get to the top the place you feed the compound and step into the cage – it's not fox. The cage is empty.

Franziska Lamprecht is an artist who started writing as an extension of an extended-time period process-based mostly work, and produced together together with her husband Hajoe Moderegger beneath the identify eteam. Their tasks have been featured on PS1 NY, MUMOK Vienna, Pompidou Middle in Paris, Transmediale Berlin, Taiwan International Documentary Pageant, New York Video Pageant, Rotterdam Worldwide Film Pageant, 11th Century Motion Image Biennale in Geneva

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