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Highest Paid Pro Gamer Girls In The World

highest paid female players in esports

  highest paid female players in esports
Everyone is aware of that enjoying isn’t just a enjoyable interest, but in addition a viable career. In case you are knowledgeable player, you can also make pointless money from a rival recreation, Twitch Streaming, & # 39; Play & # 39; and make your self a model on your followers.

Individuals find out about Ninja and Fornite, PewDiePie is YouTube, but what about female professors? I keep in mind that women' women didn't take pleasure in competitive gaming, like StarCraft of Call of Obligation, but I used to be lifeless fallacious. Gaming is a billion greenback business, and these ladies carry this pricey strategy to stardom and excessive prosperity.

In the following, we’ll look at in higher element the 20 largest earning woman video games starting at 20.

20. Ailey

  Alyona Bordukova   Alyona Bordukova Alyona “Ailey” Bordukova

Nickname: Ailey
Actual Identify: Alyona Bordukova
Date of Start: N / A
Nation: Russia
Country: Russia
Complete rating: $ 22,580.00

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"Ailey" from Russia is a famous Counter-Strike: International Offensive player. Situated at # 3172 worldwide, and # 121 in its personal nation, Ailey is a drive to be taken under consideration and competes in 5 tournaments at CS: GO, profitable the first full in 2018 for CS: GO ladies's competitors.

19. Nast1a

  Anastasiya Evdokina   Anastasiya Evdokina Anastasiya “Nast1a” Evdokina

Recreation Identify: Nast1a
Real Identify: Anastasiya Evdokina
Date of Start: N / A
Nation: Russia
] Complete rating: $ 23,515.47

One other Russian pro-girl, Nast1a's specialty can also be Counter Strike: International Offensive. Nast1a is presently # 3086 on the planet, and # 117 within the country. I’m positive that he and Ailey know one another nicely, and make it possible for competitors between these female players is intense as Counter Strike players.

18. FemSteph

  Stephanie   Stephanie Stephanie “FemSteph”

Nickname: FemSteph
Real Identify: Stephanie
Date of Start: July 24, 1988
Country: United States
Complete End result: $ 19459005 23,875.00

Fornite first appears on the record with American FemStep. Competition in Seven Tournaments FemSteph has shot a prolific woman from Fornite who descends to her # 3058 on the earth and # 635 in America. FemSteph is certainly someone I want to watch.

17. Annialis

  annialis   annialis Deb “Annialis”

Nickname: Annialis
Real Identify: Deb
Date of Start: N / A
Nation: Indonesia
Country: Indonesia

] Complete rating: $ 23,950.00

Annialis is another professional gamer woman specializing in Fortnite. Competition in six tournaments including the Fall Skirmish Fifth in 2018. It will finally decrease him # 3046 globally and # 5 in his nation, Indonesia.

16. Sweet

  Alyona Avaeva   Alyona Avaeva Alyona “Candy” Recognizing

Recreation Identify : Candy
Real Identify: Alyona Kuveva
Date of Start: February 6, 1995
Country: Russia
Complete Rating: $ 26,952.25

& # 39; Sweet & # 39; is one other critical pro-player woman from Russia with a specialty in Counter-Strike: International Offensive. Don't let the innocent identify cheat you. Sweet and other Nast1a and Ailey listed to date introduced house victory in World Electronic Sports activities Games 2017 (Counter-Strike: International Offensive Feminine).

His expertise and his participation in 9 tournaments led him to # 2776 worldwide and # 102 to his mother in Russia.

15. xchocobars

  Janet Rose   Janet Rose Janet “xchocobars” Rose

Recreation Identify: xchocobars
Actual Identify: Janet Rose
Date of Delivery: November 5, 1994
Nation: Canada

Complete Score: $ 28,350.00

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Another method you’re cheated by an innocent referred to as Nice White North, Canada is knowledgeable woman who focuses on Fortnite. In October 2018, he took half in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish collection, where his crew was "Rift Raiders", who took second place. Consequently, he’s ranked # 2679 on the earth and # 96 in a Canadian country.

14. Juliano

  Julia Kiran   Julia Kiran Julia “Juliano” Kiran

Recreation Identify: Juliano
Real Identify: Julia Kiran
Date of Delivery: November 4, 1993
Nation: Sweden
Country: Sweden
General end result: $ 28,633.03

Juliano is a Swedish professional woman with Counter-Strike: International Offensive. He turned famous when his group "Druidz" gained another female ALTERNATE group at the Digital World Sports activities Cup 2013 (Counter-Strike: International Offensive Feminine).

Juliano can also be competing in DotA and different games in 26 tournaments. Now it's a dedication! This dedication throws him into the world # 2650 and # 145 in Sweden

13. missharvey

  Stephanie Harvey   Stephanie Harvey Stephanie "missharvey" Harvey

Recreation identify: missharvey
Actual identify: Stephanie Harvey
Date of delivery: April 19, 1986
Nation: Canada

General end result: $ 29,496.05

Canadian pro gamer woman missharvey is one other avid Counter-Strike: International Offensive player. She has been grinding for a number of years and is beginning to compete professionally in 2007.

Over the past 11 years, she has competed in 20 tournaments and located her last victory in the World Digital Sports activities Games 2017 (Counter-Strike: International Offensive Feminine) in China

In the competitors, Missharvey and his Canadian teammate "The Damn Canadians" came in third general – no averages. This deserves him worldwide # 2611 and Canada # 93. Let's see what Missharve has in his sleeve for the subsequent decade.

12. GLHuiHui

  Chen YuYan   Chen YuYan Chen “GLHuiHui” YuYan

Recreation identify: GLHuiHui
Actual Identify: Chen, YuYan
Date of Start: N / A
Nation: China
General end result: $ 30,00Zero.00

Certainly one of our first female professors from China, GLHuiHui is a well-known Hearthstone player. Lately, GLHuiHui has discovered great success on the aggressive Hearthstone scene.

In March 2018, he gained first place in the World Electronic Games 2017 (Hearthstone Female) and continues to be his only event he participated in. Countryman DawnLioon and Hong Kong & # 39; s Yon & # 39; 1-0 shouldn’t be a nasty document, however I need to see what else GLHuiHui can do – little question something huge and wild like his first place.

Is he a single and prepared competitor that exhibits what he needed to prove, or does he just produce another sensible finish? His position is # 2569 on the planet and # 300 in China.

11. Potter

  Christine Chi   Christine Chi Christine ”Potter” Chi

Recreation Identify: Potter
Real Identify: Christine Chi
Delivery 31 October 1986
Nation: United States
Nation: United States
] General outcome: $ 30,295.25

Our first American competitor, this pro-player is Counter-Strike: International Offensive. He gained palms on the earth's electronic sports activities 2018 – Counter-Strike: International Offensive in California in November 2018. As missharvey, the potter has competed professionally for greater than a decade.

Onerous work is certain to pay as a result of the potter has gained quite a few prestigious first-class titles for his superb expertise. These expertise deliver him to the globally placed position # 2546 and # 524 in America.

10. BaiZe

  Wang Xinyu   Wang Xinyu Wang “BaiZe” Xinyu

Nickname: BaiZe
Actual Identify: Wang, Xinyu
Date of Delivery: N / A
Nation: China
Country: China
] Complete rating: $ 30,312.39

Chinese pro girlfriend BaiZe focuses on her expertise at Hearthstone, identical to her player GLHuiHui. In contrast to GLHuiHui, BaiZe has been in competitors for a while. Although BaiZe's willpower and work ethic don’t all the time come first, he has introduced him great success.

His largest success in enjoying was the Gold Club World Championship 2017 (Hearthstone), the place his workforce "Royal Never Give Up" got here third. "Planet Odd" and "Team Celestial" beat him. Despite the bronze medals, BaiZe's work has acquired him worldwide # 2543 and in China # 297

9. zAAz

  Zainab Turkie   Zainab Turkie Zainab “zAAz” Turkie

Recreation Identify: zAAz
Actual Identify: Zainab Turkie
Date of Delivery: June 7, 1991
Nation: Sweden

Complete Score: $ 32,900.23

Another Swedish, zAAz is an skilled at Counter Strike: International Offensive. He competed in a 30-yes, 30-tournament. Gamers from these tournaments from 2008 onwards, zAAz seems actually superb. He and his Swedish, Juliano competed with each other in Intel Problem Katowice in Poland, ending first within the "Bad Monkey Gaming" group

Lately in March 2018, ZAAz gained second place within the Copenhagen Games 2018 (Counter-Strike: International Offensive Feminine) "RES Gaming". The zAAz numbers converse for themselves that come from # 2373 worldwide and # 132 in Sweden, presently Sweden's highest pro woman gamer listing.

eight. Ant1ka

  Anna Ananikova   Anna Ananikova Anna “Ant1ka” Ananikova

Recreation Identify: Ant1ka
Real Identify: Anna Ananikova
Date of Delivery: March 24, 1995
Country: Russia
General end result: $ 33,958.89

Shock, surprise: another badass professional gamer woman from Russia specializing in Counter-Strike International Offensive. Should have something in the water there. His accomplishments are impressive;

2017 was his yr, profitable 5 first place in tournaments like Intel Challenge Katowice – 2017 "Team Secret", ESU Masters 2017 underneath "Dynasty Gaming". and WESG 2017 – Europe and CIS Finals (CS: GO Feminine) as "Russian Forces". I’m amazed on the achievements of his first order of the day, and it really does present signs of a halt.

I consider Ant1ka routinely continues to stop the exhibition in the future. He was ranked # 2292 on the planet and # 84 in Russia.

7. KittyPlays

  KittyPlays   KittyPlays Kristen “KittyPlays”

Recreation Identify: KittyPlays
Actual Identify: Kristen
Date of Start: February 16, 1992
Country: Canada
Complete Revenue: $ 38,700.00

I really like these modest names. Perhaps it’s going to do more harm when the message comes out “Kittyplays has killed through the headshot”. Kittyplays is another Canadian participant. Canada ought to be pleased with its feminine pro-players! I will return to Fortnite because Kittyplays will do quite nicely.

He competed in 7 tournaments and his highest place was in 3rd place in the Fortnite Fall Skirmish collection – Membership lists where he discovered the victory over the other

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place mark, I really like Kittyplays' continued involvement and willpower, especially alongside a whole lot of hundreds of different Fortnite gamers

I do know I never need to see his identify within the pop-up recreation, I might in all probability just be logged out – it's simpler. The numbers converse for themselves: he’s 2055 on the earth and 75 in Canada.

6. vilga

  Ksenia Klyuenkova   Ksenia Klyuenkova Ksenia “vilga” Klyuenkova

Recreation identify: vilga
Real identify: Ksenia Klyuenkova
Born on August three, 1991
Nation: Russia
Country: Russia
] Complete rating: $ 43,698,95

That is the very best ranked Russian gamer woman on this record. Like different Russian female players, Vilga has found Counter-Strike: International Offensive. He's a real showstopper. I virtually couldn't consider the statistics as I read them. He has gained first place in 17 tournaments since 2015. Now it’s arduous work and willpower.

I want to know what his gaming expertise seems to be like? Or is it too much for me to know? In any case, his largest victory was in the World of Digital Sports 2017 (Counter-Strike: International Offensive Female) class in March 2018.

Amongst Russian feminine gamers on this listing, "Russian Forces" discovered him

Vilga is # 1855 globally and # 68 in Russia , Vilga is the very best in Russia. Not only that, however we now have formally damaged the listing of professional women gamers.

5. Sarah Lou

  Sarah Lou   Sarah Lou Sarah "Sarah Lou" Harrison

Recreation Identify: Sarah Lou
Real Identify: Sarah Harrison
Date of Delivery: N / A
Nation: United Kingdom
Complete score: $ 50,000.00

Sarah Lou is a British professional woman from the UK. One thing totally different from what we've seen from the listing, Sara Lou focuses on preventing games. He made his bones in a single event. That's right, we have now one other GLHuiHui state of affairs where the professional woman gamer wins an enormous event and is not but re-participating worldwide.

In specific, he competed within the 2008 Championship Gaming Collection (Lifeless or Alive four), which first got here alongside the British, Messy, "Birmingham Salvo" group. Ten years later, where is Sarah Lou, or where are the challengers who take the fifth place on this record?

His absenteeism intrigues me, and he’s a bit of a thriller. Nevertheless, it does a killer story. His single win in 2008 has put him worldwide # 1684 and # 62 in the UK.

4. Kasumi Chan

  Marjorie Bartell   Marjorie Bartell Marjorie “Kasumi Chan” Bartell

Recreation Identify: Kasumi Chan
Actual Identify: Marjorie Bartell
Date of Start: N / A
Nation: United States
Complete Rating: $ 55,00Zero.00

Kasumi Chan is the primary one I like in the massive three of American feminine players. Collaborating in simply two tournaments – sure, two – Kasumi Chan established a seat on this listing with quantity three. Option to in 2006, Kasumi Chan gained second place in Championship Gaming Invitational 2006 (Lifeless or Alive 4) in San Francisco, California.

He lost to an American "Master" however turned the tables in 2007 when he gained first place on the 2007 Championship Gaming Collection (Lifeless or Alive 4) in Culver City, California, alongside Black Mamba as a Chicago Chimera staff.

I really like not only competing twice however enhancing from the first to the event. What’s more engaging: to win persistently through the years or to compete a few times, then disappear from the spotlight as a recreation fantasy? He’s ranked # 1558 on the earth and # 321 in his nation.

3. Ricki Ortiz

  Ricki Ortiz   Ricki Ortiz Ricki Sophie Ortiz

Recreation Identify: Ricki Ortiz
Actual Identify: Ricki Sophie Ortiz
Date of Delivery: 12 December 1982
Country: United States
Complete score: $ 80,780.18

One other "Big Three" is the Power Room, which is Ricki Ortiz. He has been working persistently since 2003 within the Battle District. Ricki Ortiz is a transgender who chooses a lady in 2014.

Ortiz first discovered in 2003 the Evolution Championship Collection (Marvel vs Capcom 2) in Pomona, California. 19659004] He came second to Justin Wong. Through the years, he has been a peppering battlefield with a second and first place, however really hit through the 2016 Capcom Cup.

There he got here second with the American NuckleDu, but he ever acquired him the most important money prize. Ricki Ortiz is at present # 1111 on the earth and # 234 in America.

2. Mystik

  Katherine Gunn   Katherine Gunn Katherine “Mystik” Gunn

Recreation Identify: Mystik
Actual Identify: Katherine Gunn
Date of Delivery: 20 April 1988
Country: United States
General end result: $ 122,000.00

The last "Big Three" is an American Mystik. Here once more we now have someone who participated in just a few tournaments compared to his contemporaries. His years of exercise have been 2007, 2008 and 2010.

Associated: Ladies and Video Games

In 2007, he participated in his first event, the 2007 Championship Gaming Collection Season (Lifeless or Alive four). He was second to Offbeat_Ninja as “Carolina Core”.

In 2008 he returned however came third, where earlier Sarah Lou and Messy gained the primary prize. Nevertheless, he was not given up. In 2010, he returned with flourishing and first came to play Halo: Attain at WCG Ultimate Gamer Season 2. He is presently ranked # 755 worldwide and # 156 in America.

1. Scarlett

  Sasha Hostyn   Sasha Hostyn Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn

Recreation Identify: Scarlett
Real Identify: Sasha Hostyn
Date of Start: 14 December 1993
Country: Canada
Nation: Canada

General outcome: $ 296,161,44

Canadian female scarlett is a heavy hitter formally the very best paid feminine professor on the earth. In contrast to its predecessors, Scarlett plays Starcraft II competitively and plays primarily Zerg

As we all know, StraCraft is an absurd competition recreation, and Scarlett solely dominated when he competed in South Korea.

"March 2012 Scarlett Wins Playhem" Sponsor Me! Is a web-based event reserved for novice gamers with no staff or sponsor. Profitable this event, he was awarded all of the bills paid to Las Vegas for IPL 4, the place he had a breakthrough in open qualifiers. ”

There’s something so poetic that he rises from being a staff or sponsor, then dominates the rankings. Scarlett earns one point on this record and is at present the # 294 on the planet and # 9 in Canada. Bravo, Canada, doing fantastic female profiles