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How Mahathir uses Khat and Zakir to promote himself as the greatest hero of Malaysia and Islam

Writing Khat Jawi Arabia

Mahathir stated – “I nonetheless keep in mind the time once we have been gaining independence. At that time, it was troublesome to study Jaw outdoors of Malaysia, so we determined to use a Roman script to make it simpler for non-Malaysians. Malaysia nonetheless have to study Jawi because they’ve to read the Qur'an. Why do we’ve to struggle? We now have paid special attention to the interests of non-Malaysians. "

Oops! Did the 94-year-old Prime Minister by accident acknowledge that the suspicions that Khat Jaw's lessons have been initially imposed on Chinese-speaking and Tamil-speaking faculties could possibly be the fact as a first step in the direction of the "Islamization" of non-Muslim college students? By the approach, why did Mahathir say that Malaysia nonetheless has to study Jawi because they have to learn the Quran?

And since Khat artwork is a type of Jawi-based calligraphy, which in turn is an Arabic script, is it not that it’s causing students to expose the risk of learning the Qur'an, because of this, to "Islamization"? How do Malay Muslims feel if the Three,500 yr previous Sanskrit language is made obligatory – or solely elective – for all nationwide faculties?

was undoubtedly puzzling why most Malay Muslims needed to pressure minority Chinese language and Indians to study the scripture of historic Jaw. Malay Muslims have long argued that Islam is best than other religions. In reality, they stated that each one unfaithful kafir non-Muslims are going to hell and only Muslims are going to paradise life. So whereas the 72 virgins are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Malay Muslims at the Heavenly Airport, non-Muslim Chinese and Indians will stay screwing spiders. It's nice. Non-believers are, in any case, too polluted to get what they call. Paradise. They play, play pork, drink alcohol and supply bribes. It’s a widespread notion of the sacred Malay Muslims of the Chinese language and Indian kafir-ethnic circumstances.

Hadi Awang, the holiest Muslim and president of the PAS Islamist Social gathering, had once warned that non-Malay Muslims shouldn’t contact the affairs of Islamic and Malay rulers. So why hassle to drive Chinese language and Indians to study Khat Jaw's calligraphy, the language of which is important for studying the Qur'an, and probably to insult and discredit the holy language of Islam?

  Not Chinese at SJKC Vernacular School

While it is true that Jawi was an Arabic script for writing Malay earlier than they crawled till the 1960s, it had by no means been part of Malay culture. In reality, the then Minister of Schooling, Khir Johari, stopped Jaw writing in faculties in 1966. Right now, the Jaw script is especially used for "Islamic purposes," such as mosques and Islamic faculties.

Subsequently, it was not completely true when Mahathir claimed that the government had previously determined to convert Bahasa Malaysia, which was originally in Jaw, into Roman scripture because it had thought of the wants of a non-Malay group. . Jawi died in natural dying, which was why it was stopped. Why didn't he convey back Jawi when he was Minister of Schooling from 1974 to 1977?

True, Mahathir's fierce defense of Khat Jaw has nothing to do together with his love of Arabic writings. As typical, it is just one of his political toys to win the help of an ethnic Malay, the majority of whom at present sit across the camp. Additionally it is a political device to break the ruling robust help of the DAP (Democratic Celebration) in China.

  Mahathir - Share and rule - Khat Jawi and Zakir Naik

Mahathir Social gathering, PPBM Bersatu gained solely 13 seats out of 222 parliamentary seats in the Might 2019 common elections. Whereas the celebration managed to double to 26 seats by way of opposition UMNO MPs, most of whom have been prime ministers of the Prime Minister, the celebration continues to be small compared to DAP's 42 MPs and the pending PM Anwar Ibrahim's PKR with 50 seats.

The chief strategist, Prime Minister Mahathir, has already cut up PKR into two teams utilizing the British "divide and rule" recreation – with Anwar camp decreased to 35 MPs when his scandalous deputy Azmin Ali guidelines the remaining 15 MPs. Khat Jaw fiasco bottled Mahathir out of six mid-term schooling minister Maszlee Malik with dangerous intentions to weaken DAP management by 95 % of China's voice financial institution.

DAP Supremo Lim Package Siang thought he might persuade ethnic Chinese to obey Arabic calligraphy. A silly previous man thought his "Malaysia Malaysia" might be bought like flowers. He lectured that learning jaws doesn’t make a Chinese language as great a Chinese language as he, solely to see one indignant Chinese chopping DAP office eggs – accusing the celebration of betraying the group.

  Lim Kit Siang - Mr DAP Supremo

. Limes have been also hijacked and heckled throughout the "Hungry Ghost" in their constituency, which was previously incomprehensible when the Chinese group valued the 78-year-old veteran. In reality, DAP's grassroots leaders have been bombarded by truckloads of criticism that Lim predicts his celebration will lose up to 40% of the vote if the basic election is now held.

Mahathir, recognized as the dictator who dominated with iron fists throughout his first prime minister from 1981 to 2003, can play the feelings of totally different ethnic teams in Malaysia. Now that he has grow to be Prime Minister once more, his previous tips are being used again to strengthen his place – weakening his allies DAP and PKR in the Pakatan Harapan coalition authorities.

When Chinese language schooling group Dong Zong claimed that Khat Jawi was a sort of "Islamization", despite the curriculum being decreased from a 6-page to a 3-page lesson, Mahathir efficiently labeled the organization racist. The Prime Minister has discovered the good punching bag, don't overlook that Dong Zong has proof or compelling reasons to help his suspicions.

  Dong Jiao Zong Building

Apparently Nik Omar Nik Abdul Aziz, President. A gaggle of missionaries, Yayasan Dakwah Islamiah Malaysia (YADIM), expressed help for the authorities's efforts to introduce Jawi and Khat to improve younger individuals's understanding of jaw and Arabic and to facilitate their studying and understanding of Al-Kuran. "

Nor did the Prime Minister care that in December last yr, his Minister of Schooling had instructed Kelantan, Terengganu and Keda spiritual academics in Sabah and Sarawak to return to the Peninsula of Malaysia – explicitly urging them to make Sabah and Sarawak Islamic" ".

Heck, the previous man has even given the police a sign about banning Dong Zong, claiming that a Chinese language schooling group is encouraging individuals by enjoying things associated to Chinese language schooling. As for Mahathir, non-Malay Muslims have restricted freedom of expression, but Malay Muslims have a free movement of freedom of expression.

  Zakir Naik and Mahathir Mohamad

Selective Freedom. speech and rule of regulation could be seen whereas the similar Mahathir defended the controversial Indian Islamic preacher, Zakir Naik, who was accused of spreading hate speech, cash laundering and terrorist financing. Regardless of Zakir's dangerous and false claims that Malaysian Hindus have been extra loyal to Prime Minister Narendra Mod than Mahathir, the Malaysian leader decides to shield the refugees.

Yes, Khat Jawi and Zakir Naik are two instruments which were deliberately discarded due to the influence of DAP and PKR on Chinese and Indian ethnic teams. It’s incredibly straightforward to name out the feelings of minorities, but in addition of the majority of Malay Muslims. Utilizing racial and spiritual playing cards, Mahathir all of the sudden turns into the final champion of Malaysia and Islam.

By suppressing and oppressing non-Muslim youngsters to study Khat Jawi, Mahathir hopes to win the hearts of Malay voters and entice them to be a part of his get together in droves. The prime minister sees his group as an excellent chief who has simply gained an incredible battle in restoring the supremacy, superiority and ruler of Malay and Islam. Malaysians be ok with victory.

  Mahathir Mohamad - the world's oldest prime minister - 1981-2003 and 2018 to the present

The extra the Chinese rejected Khat Jaw, the more Mahathir needed it to be. and more Malay voters wish the Prime Minister a champion of Malay. The more Indians rejected Zakir Naik, the more Mahathir needed to shield him and the more Muslim voters view the prime minister as the hero of Islam. The previous tips simply work like a appeal.

In reality, Mahathir is a desperate man who is operating out of time to construct a dynasty. His invitation to all Malaysians, together with the opposition UMNO and PAS, to be a part of his Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu) firm in its efforts to unite Malaysia has been an excellent failure. No major Malay leader of the opposition has surpassed expectations.

Nevertheless, he was expert enough to create the notion and illusion that if he was ever threatened to surrender his power before he was prepared, he may type a brand new authorities with opposition parties. He purposely leaked from his current assembly with a number of opposition leaders, including UMNO, PAS and Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS). In the process, Mahathir has divided UMNO into at the least two teams.

  Hishammuddin Hussein - UMNO Assembly 2016 Speech

Hishammuddin Hussein, UMNO warlord and cousin of former Prime Minister Nausib Razaki. The chief of the UMNO group who attended the assembly, leading to hypothesis that he has been granted immunity from Mahathir and cannot be accused of previous corruption. Equally, PAS has been singing grateful songs to Mahathir since the RM90 million corruption scandal went unused.

UMNO and PAS might not comprehend it, but Mahathir has effectively offended them with the "hope" that each opposition parties may be referred to as to type the next federal government. Hishammuddin Hussein and Hadi Awang at the moment are canine in leashes and muzzles – unable to chew or bark. Do they actually consider that Mahathir trusts the hyenas to forestall their son Mukhriz from being destroyed?

Yes, not only is Mahathir skilfully trusting the mistrust between his allies and their bases, however he’s additionally giving false hopes to opposition events. However the Khat Jawin and Zakir Naik fiasco could possibly be the drama performed by Mahathir and Lim Package Siang to check the water – an experiment to see how many Malay voters swam to Mahathir and what number of non-Malay voters would give up DAP.

  DAP Supremo Lim Kit Siang and PPBM Mahathir Mohamad

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