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One Piece World Seeker Side Quest Guide

One Piece World Seeker Side Quest Guide

At an early stage in One Piece World Seeker, you’ll be able to run into a aspect job which you could run for gears and exp. Discovering is straightforward as a result of filling them could be troublesome. Take a look at this One Piece World Seeker search information, the place you possibly can stop them all.

Amber Harbor Material Request

The search is discovered at Amber Harbor. To do this, you need 2 Mini Categorical shreds to perform a search. He stated he would discover him in the area, near the seashore. I had 12 once I accepted the search, they are widespread.

Emerald Town Material Request
Within the northeast of the Jade Bridge there’s a constructing alongside the street. Speak to the lady there and she or he asks two little shells to construct a belt. I discovered a mine within the port of Amber, close to the harbors.
Emery Plaza Material Request
Emery Plaza is outdoors Steel Metropolis and has a yellow go well with with this quest. He needs you to deliver him three small flowers. They are found in the cemetery, it's on the map.

  One Piece World Seeker Small Flower Area

Metal Metropolis North Material Request
Once you get to Steel Metropolis, you’ll be able to speak to this woman about this Quest. He asks for 2 Jewel fruits found in the southern part of Metal City. I found the mine on the outskirts and in the southern fruit.

  Jewel Fruit One Piece World Seeker

Urban Jungle King

This is found in Metal Metropolis and is really easy. All you must do is persist with R1 till the shipment is prepared, and also you're in front of the navy.

Ruby Village Materials Request

This is found in the village of Ruby and the potatoes you need could be discovered there as properly. Discover the gardens in the village and one in every of them needs it.

TM Town Material Request

For this search, you must go to Topaz Mine Tow and speak to the kid there. He needs a bronze ore found in the metropolis mine. Return to Him to End

Ghosts Id

That is listed on the aspect trips, however it’s actually an important process. You need to speak to the Jeanne Cemetery, use your observer that will help you discover her. For me he was near the bridge to the cemetery. He needs you to go to the world's ghost reviews. They’re over the pond, so you must go round so you possibly can decrease some pirates. If you return, Brook seems. After discussions with Brook, Jeanne and Luffy, Quest is prepared.

Navy Directives

This is the second half interview you need to full. Converse to Jeanne and Sanji seems with a few of the fleet papers. You must go to Musub's house to seek out out where the opposite papers are. I found her home on the west aspect of the fifth road with the assistance of the Statement Hack, a toddler in entrance of the house. The kid tells you that Musubi is close to the lake, so determine there. She needs 2 spiky carrot information, you will discover them within the gardens of Ruby Village. He'll offer you a chest location with directives after you give him the carrots. Go there, hit the pirates down and open the chest. Return to Jeanne to complete

Sea Prison

This is the second aspect job it’s a must to complete. Jeanne says Franky is stored in a seagull. Make a option to jail to start out a activity. You must decrease the water ranges to go deeper into the prison, they’re the large yellow switches it’s a must to work together with. The only trick for this process is to get the final switches within 3 minutes. They are the identical colour switches within the recreation, but you need to get them in layers 3, four and 5 earlier than the time runs out. I acquired it achieved in a minute to reserve, just clear the enemies down. I’ve a boss once you get to Franky, however it's pretty straightforward.

Jail Tower

This is the second aspect job you need to do. Jeanne tells what she thinks Robin is, and that is the jail tower. On arrival, Zoro is dealing with Warden Isaac. After the battle you must climb up the tower. Clear your enemies, use your Hakio and let Robin out.

Man Of Ice

Man of Ice is found in Sapphire City after Chapter 7. Determine on the seashore and prepare for battle, this man is a respectable problem at an early stage. If you win him, you get another aim to seek out Nick. Use Observations Hack to seek out individuals in entrance of their house and use it again to seek out him on the sector. For me he was near the water within the northern part of the world.

Halcum Port Material Request

This quest may be found at Halcum Harbor, a blue-clad lady. He needs you to convey him 2 imitations of Kraken. You'll discover them in the harbor right here or anyplace on the island's harbor. I found my fish near the port of Halcum.

For every of their very own weapons
That is the second quest you discover in Sapphire Town, close to some youngsters close to the tree. You need to do it in three locations on the map earlier than the top of the minute to win this search. Ensure you use Gum Gum Rocket Talent if in case you have it. If you return, you step into the youngsters's toy and assist him fix it. You need Tiny wood, Gem fragments and Beast Bone. I had every part besides Beast Bone. I found Beast bone in Crystal Canyon, right here on the map.

  Beast Bone Place One Piece World Seeker

Once you come back it’s a must to deliver these 2 Taolf Woods discovered close to the lighthouse outdoors Sapphire City

Mysterious Ore

When You Get to Crystal Canyon Chapter after 6, Robin will provide you with half your search to get her crystal. They’re yellow indicators within the space where the search is happening. There’s additionally one hidden behind the waterfall, don't miss it. Return to Robin and get a struggle before the Quest.

Crystal Canyon Material Request

That is present in Crystal Canyon, I recommend doing this when making mysterious ore;

Crystal Canyon Materials Request

This is present in Crystal Canyon, I like to recommend doing this with mysterious Malmi. beads that I had about 20 at this level. You’ll be able to simply find them in the canyon should you need more.

For every of their very own weapons

That is one other quest that you will see that in Sapphire Town for ladies who converse of ghosts. A lady talks about hearing a ghost in a metropolis mine. Turn the Topaz Tow and let the mine backside. If you get inside, rise up and proceed to the mark. Win any fleet that runs alongside the best way. In the long run you will see the ghost and the search is ready.

Joy of Cooking

That is another quest you will see that in Sapphire City, however from Sanj. There’s a battle after which Sanji asks you to seek out Cannonball cabbage and gourmand mushrooms. Gourmand mushrooms are found in the woods, situated north of the village of Ruby or on the island of Cannon. The Cannonball cabbage is discovered within the gardens around the village of Ruby. Return to Sanj and you need to find the youngsters subsequent. Discover extra easily the search for your region. When all the youngsters are discovered, return to Sanj to eat and give up Quest.

The Misplaced Swordsman
That is one other quest you find in Sapphire City, a lady who talks about Chopper and Zoro. This can be a bit passing. First it’s essential head to the Topaz mining city and speak to a person with blond hair and an orange shirt to listen to about Zoro. Next head to the village of Ruby and speak to a man with a inexperienced scarf near the entrance. The final place is in Zoro, within the harbor of Halcum.

  Lost Swordsman One Piece World Seeker

Weapon Supplier

That is discovered outdoors of Sapphire City by talking on the sign on Franky's map. He simply needs you to win 10 pirates and gather his weapon within the port of Amber. Get them and return to Franky to finish.

Island Illness

This Quest is found outdoors of Ruby Village. The first thing you have to do is knock down a few of the navy dangerous guys. Next you go to city and speak to Chopper. He asks you to get a needle and small flowers found in the cemetery. Whenever you give them gadgets to Chopper, you’ll be completed.

Supply of Medicines

This Quest is found outdoors of Ruby Village after hospitalization. This time Chopper needs a Platinum Flower cemetery, a yellow resource icon on the map. If you give Chopper an item, he needs to speak to a different doctor at Emerald City. Your Haki aid you find a physician and be careful for Pacifist in the space.

Isaacs Plans

This discovery was discovered after Sapphire Town's The Drugs & # 39; s departure. Go to the check in Emerald Town and comply with the trail again to the world to seek out the man. Speak to him and he will ask you to take some pirates to him. Go to the character and hit them. Return to Jeanne when you have got gained the pirates, and he wants three small nails. I had over 50 of them at this level, so they are straightforward to seek out.

The Key to Cooking

This Quest was found in Sapphire City after The Drugs & # 39; s departure. Speak to Sanj and he will ask you to seek out Jeanne Jade close to you. Run by means of the character and get the reduce scene from Jeanne, adopted by a struggle. After the battle, return to Sanj and he needed some imitations of Kraken and seven spices. Each could be found at Halcum Harbor in Standby and other Useful resource Points

Historic Texts and Dyna Stones
After completing a couple of page letters in Chapter 8, Robin appears within the Topaz mine area with this Quest. Head to the sign and speak to the individual there. You must find a cave entrance to Crystal Canyon. I found it here on the map.

  Anicent Texts One Piece World Seeker

Go to the subsequent character after which go back to the Topaz mine city to complete the duty.

The Secret of Robots
In Steel City Franky. He needs you to get him to robotic elements based mostly on the fleet. There are 4 vessels in the space the place I discovered elements. I had to look for blue packing containers until I found the robot part.

  The Secret of Robots One Piece World Seeker


Warmongers is a quest that you will need to complete and find in Metal Metropolis. You must head to the navy base and then to the port of Halcum. If you get to the harbor, you’ve a reduce scene after which return to Steel City. Subsequent you need to comply with Ichij without seeing. Hold on to the roofs if somebody close to you has taken you to the pirates. When she leaves the town, she stops and turns around once, so keep on touring. Ultimately he meets a pirate and gets a brief reduce. The battle will happen after that, STOP MY CARD CENTER.

Memory Lane

Another search you possibly can't miss because it's a story. Turn to the northern entrance of Metal City. Comply with the markers until you attain Cannon Island and then it’s a must to find the youngsters.

Mystical Treasure

Nami needs the hand to seek out information about the mysterious treasure of the island. Head to the harbor of Halcum and go to the harbor ports. They’ve chest with documents you’re on the lookout for, a total of three.