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7/4/1888 "New Haven, CT fireman" died after injured accidents. "

7/4/1891 Firefighter from San Francisco, CA died of a severe cranial fracture when he fell from a ladder in a fireplace."

7/4/1918 Stockton, CA fireman died after accidents he had suffered from an electric shock

7/4/1924 Manhattan, a New York (FDNY) firefighter died in a fireplace in an open two-storey brick constructing. "Engine 40 members stretched the road The primary flooring and attacked the hearth when the roof and aspect partitions out of the blue collapsed, burying more than ten males. Other firefighters went to work with bare palms by digging their comrades and getting them to the hospital. The injured fireman was found and rushed to a waiting ambulance, but died when he went to the hospital. Dozens of others have been injured in the course of the collapse, two significantly. ”

7/4/1925 Cincinnati, Ohio firefighter died because of injuries in a structural hearth.

7/4/1925 Fairmont, West Virginia firefighter died crushed

Three/four/1971 Boston's MA firefighter died while building Mt. Calvary Cemetery collapsed partially when he was in Field 2593 (Canterbury Road & Mt. Calvary Street). The hearth commander stated the hearth was set and was referred to as a "murder of vandalism". "

7/4/1987 Chicago, IL Firefighter Engine 49 died during a late-night alarm in southern Chicago." The hearth had started within the attic of a two-and-a-half-story constructing at 4306 S. Wood St. when the bottle rocket left the attic. When he and two other firefighters got here to the smoke-filled attic to show off the flames, they constructed the gases that burned in. All three firefighters have been taken to the world's hospitals with burns and respiration injuries, and one fireman died lifeless. County Hospital. ”

7/4/1996 Cameron, West Virginia Firefighter and Licensed Pyrotechnicist, died on July 4th of a fireworks supported by Cameron Hearth Department, a 6-inch wheel prematurely exploding into the bottom inflicting a metallic / wood hit on his head His brother was additionally harm. ”

7/4/1997 Buffalo, Ne w A York firefighter died when he was offended by a roof collapse whereas preventing a residential construction. Another fireman was injured and suffered second degree burns. The second firefighter was drawn to security after unconsciousness. The rescuers did not see the firefighters resulting from heavy smoke, and he was not present till afternoon. Hearth security authorities said that fireworks started a fireplace. The proprietor of the home believes that the "rocket" landed on its roof. "

7/4/1998 Brooklyn, New York (FDNY) firefighters died of injuries he acquired" on June 5, 1998, when he and another firefighter, along with different firefighters, carried out a search on the second flooring of a business / residential building. With out warning, the second flooring collapsed into the hearth area on the first flooring, which gathered firefighters in the dwelling hearth on the first flooring. Two firefighters died and 4 have been critically injured. The civilian hearth victim had fled again by way of the doorway. The first firefighter suffered severe burns (70 %) and died on July four, 1998, the cause of dying was thermal compensations that led to cardiac arrest, one other fireman was declared hospitalized on that day after the opposite firemen had recovered, the reason for demise was damaged trauma and burns resulting in a coronary heart attack. ”

7 / four/2002 Three Mount Ephraim , NJ firefighters died in a building returning to a residential constructing at 200 North Broadways. “Although the models responded, ship recommendation to the burning models that have been trapped. When the firefighters arrived, they discovered a fireplace in the 3-storey picket body structure that threatened the same measurement of combined publicity constructing. Publicity confirmed robust smoke. The Ephraim Mount Division rescue firm was additionally sent on the idea of a fireplace report. The amount of fireside at the premises of origin refused inner attacks. The primary incoming officer noticed the movement on the second flooring of the window. Firefighters have been designed to stretch the road of assault for search and rescue and hearth control publicity. Firefighters stated the hearth had unfold to the second flooring of publicity and had taken repression, however they have been unable to locate passengers. The unique construction was subjected to a extreme hearth in the unique structure and an extension to contact with the unique structure. A lot of the fires fell to the unique hearth station, while the crew continued their publicity. The interior crew discovered a passenger (mom) behind the first flooring and was removed from the construction. The interior crew reported the missing firefighter and the construction was evacuated to the accountability of operating personnel. The position of the fireman was virtually instantaneous, however there were nonetheless three development staff (youngsters) who were not current. The crew of eight firefighters got here in front of the publicity structure to look. At 30 minutes after the occasion was despatched, the inside crew announced they would go away the construction because of the circumstances. Within a couple of seconds of those stories, each the unique hearth structure and the publicity structure had a catastrophic collapse. The collapse occurred about 34 minutes after the preliminary hearth alarm. Two firefighters have been launched after the collapse. Four firefighters have been trapped in a collapse. The rescue operations began immediately and two firefighters have been launched, the first one took about 25 minutes and the last one was eliminated almost 1 / 1.5 hours after the collapse. After in depth recovery and rescue operations, three firefighter crops have been found and faraway from the rubble. The three youngsters who lived within the unique hearth construction have been also killed at the occasion. The reason for the dying of all three firefighters was fastened compression because of the collapse.

7/4/2014 fireworks exploded in the bedroom of Auburndale, FL, who killed a 49-year-old lady and her canine. His son was burned in an try to save lots of his mom. In getting ready several giant fireworks or mortars that had beforehand been positioned on the bed, the mortar exploded, lowered other patches, and began a fireplace within the bedroom.

7/4/2013 fireworks accident Simi Valley, CA injured thirty-nine victims from 17 months to 78 years, most had burns and shrapnel wounds, and a few of them have been killed. Fireworks exploded prematurely within the mortar, knocking on each other and aiming at them around the area to the general public.

7/4/1911 fireworks started a fireplace that destroyed the town of Princeton MO.

7/4/1897 Batesville, AR's hearth isn’t recognized, however is supposed to be fired by firecrackers. “The hearth began on the place of residence and destroyed the twelve buildings.

7/4/1872 Wurtsboro, NY fireworks explosion killed one. "Even though the city was still excited about the tragic death of the young Gumaer, the scary tornado swept across the village …"

7/4/1866 The Great Hearth of Portland, Maine. First Independence Day after the top of the US Civil Warfare. Five years before the good hearth in Chicago, this was the most important hearth that was still seen within the American city. It began with a ship house on a business road, in all probability resulting from an ash or cigar ash. The hearth unfold to the forest yard and the sugar house, which then unfold across the city and eventually burned down on Munjoy Hill on the japanese end of the town. Two individuals died within the hearth. Ten thousand individuals have been made homeless and 1800 buildings have been burnt down. This included a federal Trade building that was changed by a custom house. ”

7/4/2013 The hearth in the residence of Lancaster (PA) died seven, including 4 youngsters. A fireplace began in the kitchen of a three-storey duplex at about 3:00 am after the frozen potatoes have been placed within the oven, fourteen of several families lived in a house without smoke alarms.

7/4 / 2009 Louisville, KY 5 died, together with three youngsters aged 10 months, three and five years, within the residence hearth. "The researchers say that a smoke alarm installed a year ago was not present when they checked the home."

7/4/1984 Beverly, MA Elliott Chambers Rooming House spark plug killed fifty-six passengers who started at four:14 am ”The hearth chief stated that the 80-year-old brick and wooden construction was" built to burn ". spread quickly and included a Three/16 inch wooden paneling indoor staircase and exit gateway. Heat and smoke simply reached the upper ranges of the constructing by means of an open staircase. The hearth unfold rapidly all through the building's dwelling quarters. ”

7/4/1975 Polish Spring, ME Lodge On The Floor

7/4/1911 Howe, IN The eating institute of the Army Institute was

7/4/1910 Duluth, MN Fruit company destroyed by hearth

7 / four/1897 The works of Akron OH Akron's iron and metal company have been utterly destroyed by hearth. 19659002] 7/4/1911 Floydada, TX: Eleven buildings have been destroyed by a fireplace that "began in a crushing and cleaning facility where it is believed that the gasoline stove was in a state that ignited the building" 2:00 aml

7/4/1889 Ellensburg, WA: All the enterprise, over 100 homes, was consumed.

7/4/1896 Opera House block destroyed by hearth Augusta, Maine

7/4/1879 Amherst, MA spark plug ”destroyed Amherst's home, submit workplace, Savin ngs Bank, metropolis workplaces, public library, one in every of West Massachusetts vineyards, two rooms of the school secretariat and outlets of several business corporations. "

7/4/1864 Saratoga Springs, NY conflagration:" destroyed all buildings south of Broadway from Union Hall to Clarendon Hotel. "

7/4/1453 Forty-one Jewish martyrs burned at stake in Breslau.

7/4/1978 Memphis Firefighters

7/4/1925 Boston, MA Pickwick Club, Chinatown Resort, Dreyfus Lodge's dance flooring collapsed 100 dancers on the ground, killing forty-four. “Without warning the fifth floor of the building collapsed with the fourth and third floors. Tons of stone, gypsum and bricks that fell on the second floor 150 with a joyful decision maker. ”

7/4/1826 Presidents Thomas Jefferson & John Adams die within 5 hours of one another; The Final 5 Years (1831) President James Monroe died.

7/4/1776 John Adams designed this anniversary to be "celebrated with a boom and parade, with play, games, sports, weapons, bells, bonfires and lighting. The other end of this continent this time forever forever." [19659035]