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Reader's suggestions for planning a fantastic saving wedding

Reader's suggestions for planning a fantastic saving wedding

Our wedding 10.5 years in the past!

My husband and I have had a lot of things through the years: 10.5-year-old marriage, two valuable youngsters, countless conversations about grocery lists, holidays from overseas, tears, exhaustion and joy. One factor we didn't have?

Yep. You heard it right here first: Frugalwoods didn't get married. FW and I met once we have been 18 years previous at age 19 during our first yr of operation. We have been at age 23 and acquired married in June 2008 once we have been both 24. Once we write these age groups make my hand injured – we YOU YOUNG.

We have been so young that typically I can't consider we've stayed together because there are so many individuals at age 35 as we have been on the age of 24. But for us the secret’s that we’ve changed, developed and matured together. At the age of 24 we weren’t but Frugalwood. Despite the fact that we have been spared, we weren’t near the financials as we at the moment are.

The rationale we didn't have a saving wedding is that my mother and father paid for it and Mr FW's mother and father paid for our coaching service and arrived at our honeymoon. This is a very privileged experience, which is likely one of the explanation why I contemplate the position of privilege in my life each on the blog and in my e-book. If Mr. FW and I should have paid our wedding on the age of 24, we might have booked scorching canine and beer for about 5 individuals in our basement.

Our mother and father are ridiculously beneficiant and needed to marry us in a sure type: formal, conventional and basic. My mother and father have been nicely concerned in the design course of and made decisions about food, alcohol, cake, invitations, gown, flowers and, most significantly, the visitor record. My mother and father (and Mr. FW and I) thought that as a result of they paid for it, they obtained a lot to say how the wedding went, which was completely okay with me!

Some bridesmaids for their $ 48 Target clothes

We invite all of my prolonged households, both FW and FW, who are a lot of individuals. We invite our associates and buddies of our mother and father. Goodbye, they didn't all come or have been like a 500-person wedding. It was a fantastic, fantastic, beautiful wedding. It was the wedding of my goals. I’m grateful to our mother and father day-after-day that gave us this valuable present of the day, and keep in mind that it is surrounded by all our household and pals. It was indeed magical and cherish reminiscences and pictures.

There have been a few issues that my mom and I did to cut prices:

Although we minimize around the edges, it was still an costly soap that was wealthy and pure magic. If Mr. FW and I want to marry right now, we do things very in another way because we are very totally different individuals. But 10.5 years ago we had a wedding of my goals

That's why I didn't know tips on how to assist many, many, (significantly, many) readers who have requested me for years of saving wedding ideas. But my pal, that's why I’ve reader suggestions !!!! Reader's suggestions cope with Frugalwoods Nation (which is you!) Ceaselessly Requested Questions and Subjects that I’ve no expertise for (so we lately made one to economize with younger individuals). Luckily, I’ve the load of Frugal specialists who have been weighed on as we speak's matter to win all of the subjects: FRUGAL WEDDINGS !!!!!!!

Welcome to our monthly Reader suggestions! Every month I ship a query to the Frugalwoods Fb group and share one of the best solutions right here. The questions are the subjects that I have acquired a number of queries, and I hope that by using Frugalwoods-nation chest you will see useful recommendation and perception. Be a part of the Frugalwoods Fb Group to take part in next month's Reader suggestions!

How Frugalwoods readers have been modest, meaningful, GORGEOUS wedding !!!

You all had a hearth that suggested you on a thrifty wedding, so we're going to get it proper as we speak. I attempted to separate them by class, but as you’ll be able to see, most of you gave advice in multiple area, so read the entire thing for a complete assessment.


Allison's Amazed Flowers [19659002] Allison stated: “When I was wedding design, I was surprised at how much flowers cost me. I decided to use my crochet skills to make bouquets and boutonnieres. It takes about 8 minutes for each flower to fall as unnecessary to say, the bouquets were the work of love. I saved hundreds of dollars when the flowers themselves and they last forever! I also loved to make DIY do something that really turned out to look good on the wedding. I also crochet flowers garnish the cake. ”

Rita shared:“ I used a second-hand dress (and then passed it on to other brides). Family and friends are sponsoring or giving us heavy discounts on food, makeup, photography, interior design, violin, invitations, etc. Our rings are made of stainless steel worth about $ 50 for a couple who is lucky because they no longer fit! I had a bouquet made of wood that cost much less than living, and we decorated the church, recycled paper, old jars, etc. Picked ferns. We also got married in our old university, so we got a discount on the fee. My husband used his Lego castle complex and minifiers for our "cake", my colleagues' cream cake. He also used one of his CDs from the 80's for the reception of CDs. Our community enabled us a beautiful budget wedding! ”

The e-book by Krista, created from the guide!

Krista stated: "My tip isn’t afraid to ask for assist! My badge made all of the flowers out of my favorite guide, and our associates based the place with us. We saved money by combining the ceremony and the reception with the town museum leased in the same room. We asked the museum if that they had tables and chairs for conferences; they did so we obtained them for free! We set our date simply after Christmas so the museum was nonetheless adorned. We borrow books from the library to embellish the tables. My aunt made scarves & gloves that match the go well with. ”

Cindy wrote:“ I made my own bouquet. One dozen roses, baby breathing and green flower. We saved one rose for the boutineer. ”


Chantal's Lovely Wedding

Chantal shared,“ Wedding was undoubtedly a finances wedding, but I really don't assume anyone would have guessed it! I bought a gown with a 50% discount at the bride show. We purchased a wedding package deal that included our banqueting venue, a photographer and reception, a 2-course meal and a beverage package deal for every buyer and a cake. We decided to get married on Friday as a result of it was half the weekend's wedding worth.

We have been limited to 40 visitors and it was nice to us. All the furnishings was provided and the decorations have been included in the center items, and so on. My cousin took you free for free as a result of he has a nice automotive he typically leases for the wedding. I made all of the invitations, playing cards, and so on. I bought final yr's groomsmen and bridesmaid garments when I found a massive sale. We made a splash out and rent a dj night time. I found truthfully spending time doing things for myself and doing research on obtainable options to get the fairy story wedding finances. Our complete value was $ 6,200 for Australian. The typical wedding here prices $ 35,000 to $ 55,000. ”

Suzanne stated,“ We ​​received married on Monday. This saved us a lot of cash because the places are much cheaper. It was additionally a much much less irritating design experience. We weren't competing with sellers as a result of everyone seems to be free on Monday! “

Caroline stated:“ It's so lucky that my mother and father paid for my wedding, but an important thing is not to be too set or an excessive amount of "vision". The florist was not low cost, but saying to him, "There is a budget here, I like these colors, every table can be different or similar, we love candles and candle light, hate balloons," he was capable of launch his unimaginable creativity and make it fantastic, as an alternative of paying the top some very special coloured flowers of the dollar. My mom made my go well with, we stored the numbers carefully (80 all in), we targeted on what we really needed, what was a table service (no buffet), a beneficiant bar tab and a good dance flooring. We also had a shoulder season, Friday, which is simpler and a little cheaper than Saturdays or peak season. Church buildings, even giant ones, are sometimes much cheaper than a "wedding". We had a cathedral (chapel !!), and even with ringtones and a tremendous organist there was a small, small cost that was a comparatively fabulous place. "


on the Caroline altar [19659002] Cate shared:" I loved the appearance of more expensive dresses in North America, but I couldn't wear a dress that I was dressed in one day, so I ordered a wedding dress from an online dressing machine in China. Everyone thought I was crazy. there was about $ 500 for a beautiful custom-made lace bead with a suitable lace glove. "We have been the first couple to get married within the new church, in order that they didn't charge us to use it for weddings or receptions. My pal and a number of other ladies in the Church did all of the meals, my sister's regulation mother made and donated to us a lovely wedding cake and groom cake. My mother did all of the decor and flowers. My month in Disneyland was my brother. My badges and bridesmaids made their own clothes. We didn't have much cash once we began. I was grateful to everybody for the onerous work. ”

Lindsay shared:“ In the mean time, wedding planning on the price range and proper now my favourite has been You possibly can order, pattern, order, after which order your sample patterns at residence (at an reasonably priced worth). The gown is $ 250 vs very comparable, which I beloved within the bridal shop $ 825 after their low cost !!!!

Kara stated: “I ordered a bridesmaid gown for an ivory wedding gown because I needed a tea length anyway, and it was a complete and small a part of the costume of the wedding gown. We used as many local sellers as potential, and since the wedding was in a small city, it was definitely cheaper than the large city. We rented a church corridor as an alternative of a fan seat and dressed up tables as an alternative of walls. My MIL sewed lovely table runners, borrowed linen and chair covers from a family pal who celebrates his company, and I purchased previous lovely Chinese language food from yachts that I bought / donated after the wedding and favored my favourite

Amanda's beautiful gown with sensible lace physique with sleeves added!

Amanda wrote, “Did you’re keen on all the following pointers! A part of it we did our own eviction a couple of months in the past. My mother was superb enough to purchase my gown, but I needed lace sleeves and I could not abdomen with the higher worth tags of the sleeves, even if another person would pay, so I chose a easy sleeveless gold-necked necktie and found a gown of 10 dollars in Amazon I used a gown. It was so good, although the sewer didn’t know that it was not hooked up to the clothes itself.

We additionally had a wedding and reception on the seashore, which we rented to us and the bride get together to stay for a few nights (December a lot cheaper than in high season) as an alternative of the official place and simply invited very shut friends and family. “

Laurie stated,“ I just asked my good gown to decorate in the lovely gown they liked. "[19659013] Food

Laurie stated," I asked people to bring their most enjoyable start-up service according to their gift. " !

Allie suggests: “The perfect meal! We made a post-dinner wedding, we got Pizza just to make sure that the drink was not too empty on an empty stomach, and asked in our lives big bakers to make a pot of luck in the dessert bar. This allowed us to host 200 guests for about $ 11,000. ”

Cindy,“ The ordered cake from a local grocery store asked them to leave the decorations. $ 20- $ 30 (don't mention wedding) added a wedding cake over. ”

Kati stated:“ We determined with the farmers' market provider the most effective choice for our eating choices! We had a morning wedding and a brunch, so the bagel sandwiches have been good! Meals was not just scrumptious – I still have people who thank food! – Nevertheless it helped the native business, and the people who own and work are fantastic! They gave us quality food, added a enjoyable surroundings, and we have been at the very least half the worth of the meal! "

Ashley wrote:" We made a cake and pierced the afternoon (not terrible) for about 100 people in a wedding place. Baking homemade cookies on my own bread favors (not because I felt like people were favored but because I love to bake). I bought my wedding dress off the cleaning rack. I bought fake flowers online and experienced all the bouquets myself. We went down with the photographer at a lower cost and even though some shots aren't so big, it's still good. It wasn't very cheap, but it was still much less than what the "norm" is. Backward, I wouldn't change anything. ”

The Centerpieces and Favors

Laura's superb DIY focal factors!

Laura stated, “We made our personal focal points. I made flowers on the dictionary pages after which asked my friends and family for really previous books and I put the flowers within the books. I purchased small chalkboards from the dollar inventory in the desk and surrounded the tea. I want to point out that this yr I acquired my postgraduate research in English and I was a instructor, so it mirrored me personally! "

Molly stated," I refused to take flowers to the center pieces as a result of it felt like silly waste money. We rented an antique hen cage from a wedding rental point to the primary focus, then surrounded them with gold voters borrowed from a household good friend, pinecones, and across the metropolis, which we flippantly sprayed with gold and bronze paint, and located counterfeit magazines at Michael's low cost. We ordered infants respiration from the grocery store and crammed the birdcages with it (solely about $ 20 paid the whole body full!). I additionally obtained a play phrase and a syringe, and I painted them for a gold cake.

KaLynn's Do-it-yourself Strawberry Slices Favor

KaLynn shared: “Listed here are one of the best ideas: Save the date postcards from Vistaprint, low cost (it's an affiliate link)! Discover a clothes store that basically takes care of your pattern fits. As an alternative I ordered a new mekoni, I purchased a pattern of the gown, which I attempted, and I acquired a 15% discount! It was untouched situation and I’m petite, so no matter what measurement it needed main modifications.

Make your personal reputation (warning this is time consuming). I made small jars of strawberry jam. I discovered a lady doing images on the aspect. She was reasonably priced and her daughter was one other photograph. The pictures look good, and after the wedding, he edited them and sent us a flash drive with all the photographs. Deal with a small native jeweler. Twice a yr, the jeweler will make one purchase for a 50% weekend wedding celebration. Borrow a curtain! Veils isn’t low cost and you gained't use them for a long time. ”

Music, Pictures, and Movies

Kristin stated:“ I recommend that everyone make their own playlist. We didn't spend money on DJ, loved every single piece played all day, borrowed audio equipment from a friend, and asked another charismatic friend to receive the key parts of the reception. We continue to listen to the playlist for more than two years after our wedding; it makes us happy :). ”

Cindy's lovely bouquet she made herself!

Melissa stated: “We used a scholar for our video. He had to earn a living (a lot lower than we might have paid for an skilled skilled) and he needed to construct his portfolio. We paid our bridesmaid costume. We obtained her gown and wedding gown for JC Penne's post-prom sale. "

Gabby wrote:" We had no cash once we acquired married, so we needed to be very sparing to make the wedding happen. We chose evening, after dinner wedding, dessert reception moderately than meal and had about 100 friends. My mom made my wedding gown (not everybody has the posh of a superb sewer in the household, however for those who do, this is money-saving and very particular!).

For drinks, we served only wine and New Glarus. a fastened amount we bought before time and which proved to be right. My favourite part was my very own DJ… .I labored exhausting once I was enjoying a playlist for dancing (the trick is to arrange songs in a sure order and never simply by mixing… you don't need to be 5 sluggish dancing dances!) And just plugged the iPod into the sound system I obtained with the spot. I acquired a lot compliments about music and other people danced all night time with out DJ tips. Perhaps this is contagious in some books, however we handed the wedding favors … I never care about them in other weddings, so I didn't see a lot of issues. The wedding was within the local higher middle… which is a smiling thing for the wedding invitation, however it was low cost and was a lovely room with every thing we would have liked for the set up and giving us the chance to serve anyplace. ”[19659003Whitneysanoi:“Iplayedalocalmusiccollegetolookatthejunkiemusicstudent'sperformanceontheextraordinarycash/performance!Myhusbanda3DanimatormadeagreatinvitationtothevideowesenttoallofourfriendsandsimplyaskedthemtojointheRSVPviaaweddingcordlinkedbyemail

Heather's Lovely Winter Wedding

Heather stated: “The great tips are: Save your dates are just expensive. I designed wedding invitation cards in Vistaprint – I bought $ 200 ~ $ 50 and sent almost a year in advance (this is an affiliate link). Postcards are also cheaper by post than most heavy wedding invites. And look at the state's parks for a ceremony and reception. I spent $ 400 for a two-day rental giant leaving tables and chairs for 150 included. And my wedding party and family members were able to stay in the park in a stunning cottage for $ 125 per night. They sleep comfortably 6-8. We invite and planned about 100 people, but by surprise, only 60 could do it. Made good images however. I wanted to keep the ceremony outside, but it was too cold. Fortunately, the holiday apartment was large enough for the ceremony and reception area. I bought in bulk cedar deer for $ 200 for 75 feet and used it as my most important decorative feature. January wedding in the forest. The theme was a kind of winter picnic with 3 different soups, sandwiches and a hot cocoa bar. The dessert was a mini-pie (300 min 6 different tastes ~ $ 200). My Best Advice: The traditional wedding is SUSTAINABLE. Almost no reason. If you don't care about a particular detail, don't drop your money into it. The promise is not an important party. ”

Erika stated:“ I used Zazzle's salvation at times and invitations, I think they have a 50% discount in principle! My own record dates made them a postcard to reduce postage and envelope costs. Other saving things – I did not give popularity and hunted until I found a flower shop on my budget, and he rented me objects to the tables (lanterns, vases, pillar candles, etc.), so that it would be "full." no one would focus on small (but stunning) flower arrangements. I made my own makeup, I bought a wedding dress on eBay, I bought the shoes for the store, which I occasionally went to. I had a ceremony and a reception at the same place, where both costs and stress were cut. I had about 100 guests. I also had a cap I paid for drinking and when it went over it was no longer an open bar. ”

Sarah and her husband roasted their ancestor's tombstone!

Sarah wrote: Save your dates and invitations your self and get them pressed into Vistprint (it's an affiliate link). We received married in a parlor in front of the mother and father and went after a small dinner with the household. We needed to get the special clothing of the day, however that was all we might (and be!) Worn out once more. I used two of my grandmother's rings and purchased an reasonably priced wedding band for my husband. My father took footage. Our pleasure and priority have been getting ready meals and spending time with family and friends. Most of our money went to lease two cottages to GSMNP for friends and family. We spent a lengthy weekend visiting, eating, grilling pork, sitting on the porch and enjoying. All my buddies stated it was in all probability one of the fun weddings they've been too, and I feel we planted seeds with some individuals about what is considered a wedding celebration and that the wedding is what you need. Yes, we roast in front of the tombstone. One among my ancestors has been buried in the courtroom and thought it will be fascinating to remind him of marriage. We have been technically unable to convey alcohol into the courtroom home, but the guard urged me to return out and conceal it in the bushes.

Embrace Simplicity

Elizabeth stated, “Both mother and father provided generously, so we had the right selection for places. (It crashed, however fortunately we chose the yard on the roof.) I rented my gown because I didn't see that I ought to have stored the garment I exploit once in my life. We stored our visitor record for about 30 individuals and advised those that presents were not needed – simply to deliver themselves. Our actions actually included (a) consuming and consuming the ceremony (b) and talking. Our only real prices have been official, rented chairs, alcohol buying and catering (because no one needed to prepare dinner that day).

Heather and his bridesmaids

The most effective a part of this arrangement was simplicity. The family provided points (and did so), however compared to many weddings there was little concern. Associates stated to me before the wedding, "You must be so passionate." I stated, "No. That's the thing." ikki

… it has been for many years and we’re nonetheless completely satisfied to marry. they all the time deliver it each few months. ”

Danielle stated:“ For us, it began with discussions about what it meant to be a wedding and a successful marriage. that led to our wedding, having critical discussions concerning the financial system, family, and so on. Working Finally, we acquired married on a small native seashore, typically discovered every summer time, and solely the closest households are present. We continued it for months later at a great celebration where we might invite everybody we needed to see and deal with them good meals, drinks and fun! The full value of both days was lower than $ 10,000, and we have been in a position to make use of the savings to completely cowl it. Verify the ringtones from Amazon. We have now our personal aspect of the local goldsmith's worth. Also examine the Etsy curtains – the same because the bridal retailer was $ 25 ethyl. See Vistaprint, Snapfish, and so forth. On Provides – I obtained invites to 1/2 of Cyber ​​Monday. Negotiate with the Photographer solely concerning the hours you want (not the package deal) – I didn't personally take the ready-made pictures – this saved us lots of (it's an affiliate hyperlink)! We saved a lot as a result of we had no bride celebration, no favor, no rescue dates, no skilled providers besides photographers for 2 hours.

With Allison's hand-made crocheted bouquets and boutonnières

Paula stated: “I used to be married 20 years ago in Weathersfield, Vermont. We rented the Weathersfield Middle. My fiancée and I have been in graduate faculty in New Mexico; my household was in North Carolina; his household was in Vermont. Associates have been scattered. I bought my gown for $ 100 from a small bridal store at NM: It was an undeded (or white) sample of a bridesmaid gown. Bridesmaids and groomsmen have been positioned in kin' homes; Relations acquired Lodge Rooms (low cost, at the moment in South Vermont). Flowers have been minimize into wildflowers (plentiful in July in Vermont). There was a easy cake and piercing within the church, and then it was interrupted by the member of the family's kick-off partners: hamburgers and scorching canine, half the individuals, barrel of beer, music from a CD participant, volleyball, bonfire. Still, my pal remembers that they have been the most effective wedding that they had ever attended. “

Judith shared,“ Having bought white (ish) pants with a reduction, it had a stain on the back of the neck (£ 8) rings £ 50 and a license (£ 9). 6 guests, went to the pub later, they brought us free food when they heard we just got married. Still here after 40 years. ”

Skip The Wedding!

Jessica Elopement!

Jessica stated, “I was watching! And married the football jersey. Not for everyone, but cost savings lowered me to Antigua's private villa on the beach for a week – well worth it! Is ”

Lois wrote:“ Eloped a week earlier than commencement. 16 close buddies, purchased flowers around the nook, wore clothes that I had spent in lots of weddings as a visitor, married in a small chapel, a festive brunch, and a couple of small wedding cake at Fairmont. The entire thing costs $ 500 together with 1 night time to remain in the ocean. Her aunt and uncle flew from SoCal to NoCal for the most effective of our husband and spouse. Would do it the identical all over the place once more. No logical logistics.

Joyful DIY Wedding

Kristy wrote: “I obtained married in my church in April 2017. There have been about 250 friends. Our last identify is Everheart, so the day after Valentine's Day I went to the destination country and purchased decorations reminiscent of these picket hearts, 80% discount and then scorching glued pretend flowers that I purchased from the silk flower manufacturing unit online. As a result of I acquired super low cost flowers online, I acquired all the decorations that have been made months in the past. The church was free as a result of we have been members, the pianist was a gifted pal and free, our associates built our wedding ring for free.

I informed my bridesmaid to put on a pink gown in each shade. I made uninteresting skirts with low cost tulle ribbon for my flower woman for $ 2 for a youngster. I played a lot of cash and headaches saying that Pink and Burgundy have been my colours, so once I did things I might buy, any shade of handicrafts was on sale. Our arch was just dyed in the 2 × four's with low cost silk blooms, and the bridesmaid borrowed my veil. One in every of my flower women sporting her tullehamen and her flower crown. I am a Sunday faculty instructor, and I had constructed jättiläiskytkennän four youngsters pageant a couple of years earlier, so we used it again as part of the reception, as a result of it was just sitting in the storage room at the church. DIY tasks made my wedding actually special. ”

Kristy Handmade Church Decorations

Jess wrote:“ Our wedding was a family business. There were 300 people in the backyard of a family member. Käytimme perheenjäsenten taitoja häät tapahtuvan ja taito oli lahja. Esimerkiksi perheen ystäväni pukeutui häätlahjaksi, mieheni serkku, joka omistaa leipomon, teki kakun. Ruoka valmistettiin potluck-tyylillä. Ainoastaan ​​taskukustannuksista meillä oli ministeri ja bändi. ”

Chelsea teki” 1) takapihan häät (maassa)
2) osti suuria kukkia ja mehiläisiä paikallisten viljelijöiden markkinoilla aamulla (Keskustele myyjien kanssa kuukaudessa tai niin, ennen kuin ne tuovat ylimääräistä haluamissasi väreissä)
3) on potkuna. Kaikki raved noin ruoka meidän häät, koska minun tädit ja laajennettu perhe ovat suuria kokkeja!
4) osti oluen Costco
5) sai perus häät kakku markkinoiden valinta ilman koristelu ja lisätty sukulaisia ​​ja kukkia itse. ”

Kristyn käsintehty holvikäytävä

Dieta sanoi:” 1. Me menimme naimisiin kirkossa ja saimme vastaanoton kirkon kellarissa. Erittäin halpa
2. Bonus oli, että kirkko ei sallinut alkoholia… joka pelasti meidät tonnia rahaa
three. Me menimme naimisiin klo 11 ja saimme lounaan vastaanoton… maksaa vähemmän kuin illallinen. Ja sen valmisteli joukko ihania kirkollisia naisia.
4. Äitini teki mekoni ja kaikki morsiusneito-mekot. Täti täsi hiukset ja tein oman makusi.
5. Me menimme naimisiin toukokuussa ja poimimme kaikki kukat ystävien puutarhoista.
6. Serkkuni tarjosi valokuvata ilmaiseksi.
7. Koska se oli lounas-vastaanotto… tanssia ei odotettu, joten DJ- tai äänilaitteita ei tarvittu.
Toinen serkkuni teki kakun ilmaiseksi.
9. Kaikki kustannukset sisältyivät, meillä oli 150 vierasta, ja se maksoi alle 2 000 dollaria. Se oli niin hämmästyttävää, että kaikki rakastivat DIY-tunnetta ja henkilökohtaisia ​​kosketuksia. ”

Siera kirjoitti:” Mieheni ja minä menimme naimisiin vuonna 2015 ja vietimme vuonna 2015 5 000 dollaria, mikä ei ollut niin säästäväinen kuin se olisi voinut olla, mutta me säästimme paljon useilla aloilla. Having ‘everyone’ there was essential to us, so we invited about 230; around 180 attended.

  • Ceremony venue: our church ($1,000 for our pastor, wedding coordinator, sound and video man, janitorial employees, use of bridal rooms, building, chairs, and so forth. and so on.)
  • Reception venue: a member of the family’s backyard on their farm (we rented tables & chairs)
  • My gown: I made it myself with about $60 value of cotton lace material from Joann’s. (I also did my hair and make-up myself)
  • Flowers: I grew them on the farm the place I worked at the time; my bridesmaids, aunts, mother and I made all the bouquets and centerpieces
  • Different décor: we purchased vintage-looking globe lights, however borrowed or made all the things else (lanterns, picket signs, and so on.)
  • Meals: family and friends helped us put together a pretty easy backyard picnic-style reception
  • Our cake: I made it! (The unique plan was to have a pal make it, but that fell by means of. I really like how it turned out although!)
  • The place we spent additional: stay music on the reception (fiddle gamers for dancing) and a good professional photographer

Siera’s beautiful DIY wedding

The ethical of the story: Know your priorities and make your wedding your personal – don’t really feel pressured to copy all of the bridal magazines and Pinterest boards you see that inform us we must spend hundreds, or tens of hundreds on today! Concentrate on what the day is absolutely about, and luxuriate in it.”

Erin stated she, “Made my own invitations. Mom made my dress. No flowers. No cake. Friends were photographers. Ceremony at church. Reception at a brand new restaurant with ornate decor so we didn’t even use centerpieces. Beer and wine only, buffet style dinner. No party favors. Sister did my hair and makeup. Plain bands for rings, no diamonds. Went to Yosemite for honeymoon, stayed at bed n breakfast and went hiking. Bachelorette party was at my friend’s house, did a scavenger hunt. No gift registry. Picked out our favorite charities to accept donations in lieu of gifts. Total cost of wedding, soup to nuts, including all I just listed for 105 guests: $7,000. Ten years going strong!”

PHOTO Katherine wrote, “We are lucky to have some acreage and a pond, so we hosted our wedding at house. As a way to DIY a lot of it, we restricted the visitor record to about 60 individuals. I knew from a previous vacation social gathering that 60 was concerning the limit on what our septic/water system might deal with in someday, so any more than that might have required renting port-a-lets, which are both gross or pricy if you’d like the great ones. I did lease a tent because September weather in NY might be unpredictable and I didn’t need that many individuals in my home if it rained. I also rented a dance flooring, tables, chairs, and dishes. This was surprisingly reasonably priced. (Lower than $2k all in.)

I ordered my flowers from They provide both pre-arranged bouquets as well as unfastened bulk flowers. I went with unfastened flowers and made my own arrangements as that was the most cost effective choice and I take pleasure in flower arranging. I made three bouquets, three corsages, 5 boutonnières, six table arrangements, the arrangement that hung over the construction we stood in entrance of for the ceremony, and a number of other other miscellaneous decorations with about $400 value of roses and calla lilies. (Supplemented with a few bouquets of sunflowers from the grocery store.) An area florist quoted us 5 occasions that much for decrease quality flowers. The caveat is that it was a *lot* of last minute work, so you’ll want to be organized should you’re going to do it. Loads of tutorials online on the right way to assemble bouquets and retailer them in a single day. Costco offers information on when to schedule delivery for an event. I acquired mine the morning of the day earlier than the wedding and was prepared with buckets and coolers of water standing by and a couple of instruments (floral shears, tape, wire, pins, floral foam bouquet holders) that I picked up at Joann’s. The quality was great.

Katherine’s lovely at-home wedding

For music, we bought a Bluetooth speaker with a microphone on Amazon for lower than $200 (it was referred to as Tailgater however I don’t assume they make the precise one anymore) and I created a collection of playlists in iTunes (rigorously labeled in order that my pal who acted as MC would know when to play them.). We had a brunch reception, one advantage of which is that a lot of the food could possibly be served cold. (Fruits, cheese, veggies with hummus, an assortment of pastries bought from a bakery.) We supplemented that with a roast beef, a ham, and roasted potatoes that my mom made. We served bottled beer, glowing wine (picked up a case at $3/bottle from Trader Joe’s), and an assortment of juices and occasional. We paid two of my teenaged cousin’s associates $20/hr to work the buffet desk and clear away dishes. We served pie (bought from bakery) as an alternative of a fancy cake for dessert.

For different decorations and social gathering favors, spray paint and a scorching glue gun have been my pals. I took a bunch of previous, low cost vases from floral bouquets past and used mirror spray paint to make them seem like mercury glass. I did the same with low cost votive candle holders (my MIL had a big box of them however a thrift store can be a good source otherwise) some of which I additional adorned with bits of lace and ribbon, some I left plain. Dollar retailer image frames have been spray painted gold and held printed out table numbers. I did splurge on lanterns for every desk but I picked ones I like and I still use them round the house at present. For a signal on the street to direct friends to the wedding, I spray painted a piece of scrap plywood with chalkboard paint and had my inventive sister write on it with regular faculty chalk. It was so lovely that we preserved it (hairspray!) and it hangs on the wall in my office.”

Bec’s idyllic table setting

Bec wrote, “We obtained married at the courthouse after which a yr later had a reception in our backyard after we bought our house. We rented a tent and have been capable of have it Friday – Monday, which allowed us to have a welcome reception on Friday, celebration on Saturday, and brunch on Sunday. Lots of our friends had traveled a great distance, so it was fantastic to have the ability to assist deliver down some of their prices as nicely. We DIYed almost every little thing. A pal put collectively preparations from Costco flowers. I cooked our food (PNW BBQ + mac & cheese in crock pots + more make forward appetizers + local brews iced down in a wheelbarrow) and my aunt was in control of protecting it organized.

I bought a lot of issues on sale and with coupons from JoAnn material. Nice platters and serving ware got here from Salvation Army’s half off days. We used bamboo disposables to make cleanup simpler and eco friendly-ish although it was barely costlier than common disposables. My gown was purchased online during a sale and with coupons and my husband wore clothes he already owned. We made a DIY Photograph Booth in our garage utilizing an iPad, an app, and a tripod. I took cake pictures from Pinterest to our local Safeway retailer to see if they might make them, and we received so many compliments on the desserts that value lower than $15 apiece. We splurged on a good photographer and I paid somebody to do my hair and make-up. In case you do determine to DIY, remember to give yourself about twice the amount of time that you simply assume it can take and be happy with things not going exactly as deliberate. I have never felt more lovely or beloved as I did on this present day despite the fact that so many things went hilariously incorrect.”

Kimberly wrote, “Ours was additionally a DIY wedding. I made all the things except the cake, even the centerpieces, my bouquet, and corsages and so on.

We held ours in the midst of the day within the early spring (off season here in Canada). I discovered a area at a historic building – since it wasn’t a typical wedding area it was really low cost!

My favorite a part of the day, apart from marrying my husband, was an hour before the ceremony. I went out in my gown (which I scored for $100, last season off the rack sale), and asked if anyone needed to assist adorn. Everyone jumped in to assist, and it was so much enjoyable. 🙂 <3 Been married virtually 9 years now! Altogether ours was $3,000.”

Karla’s beautiful $250 gown and selfmade bouquet

Karla stated, “We had a summer time mountain wedding in Colorado with 60 friends. Rehearsal dinner: pizza and grocery store veggie trays/snacks on a back patio on the rec middle with a lovely mountain sunset. Wedding: rented a combination venue from YMCA of the Rockies, wedding was on a Thursday. No bridal celebration. Reception: Dealer Joe’s $three wine, Costco sheet cake, Spotify playlist, barbecue caterer, low cost throw away plastic table garments. I donated my $250 new, consignment shop gown to a bridal store for another frugal bride (manufactured 6 years earlier, it was too previous to consign). We did free electronic invites/RSVP’s. Both our rings have been from Amazon; mine was moissanite (cheaper, more hearth, and more durable than a diamond!) and his was $20.

We did hire a photographer, but we chose a single shooter (less expensive), and solely hired her for a number of hours (end of preparing by way of the first dance), slightly than by means of all the reception. We also had a send-off brunch at a city meeting room, and I introduced all the food from Costco and grocery store deli trays. Grand complete for our Colorado wedding was $7,817, which included the Colorado rehearsal dinner, wedding/reception, and send-off brunch with about 60 friends at every occasion. Because it was a destination wedding, we invited everyone to each of the three occasions.

Largest single expenditures have been photographer ($1,700), catering ($1,473), and venue ($1,313). We additionally spent a separate $960 to have a reception in Ohio with aged grandparents and 60 different relations, that included flights/rental automotive/food/cake. I had a 6 year-old consignment gown with tags ($250) and my wedding bouquet was made by a pal. Costco half sheet “wedding cake” ($18!). Low cost throw-away plastic tablecloth in blue gingham to match our Colorado mountain wedding. ”

The Venue

Codi’s city hall wedding

Codi wrote, “My husband and I got married at city hall, my Dad bought my dress. Costco for my flowers, no wedding party, just our close family was invited, used a friend photographer for about a hour and a half: 2 at most to get our ceremony and after pictures. And my last boss from work made my cake. I also encouraged guests to take pictures as well. City hall provided decorations and music. We then held a lunch at our house with chicken and hamburgers. From food, photography, city hall, dress, flowers we spent $3,500.”

Jill shared, “We received married in a family residence backyard. We borrowed chairs and tables from a church that was a couple doors down (we made a donation to them nevertheless it was such a fantastic deal that it felt ‘free’). We borrowed white Christmas lights from all our associates and my father-in-law strung them up everywhere in the yard and barn. We bargained with native fishermen to get a good deal on lobster, borrowed two BBQs to add to our own and served lobster, burgers, sausages, scorching canine, baked beans, and a whack of different sides, and had pies for dessert, from a local bakery.

The alcohol was selfmade wine from certainly one of our buddies, and store-bought beer that we picked up a couple days before the wedding. We used an ipod hooked as much as a borrowed sound system for the dancing, and had a huge bonfire with s’mores later within the night. We requested my household’s minister to do the ceremony, and paid for her lodge room and fuel. We had purchased tents for the event, and rented a portapotty. The tents ended up being recalled weeks later so we have been reimbursed (they worked fantastic for our occasion!), and the day after the wedding, the household house bogs stopped working (150 yr previous house) and everybody was THRILLED to have a portapotty within the yard. I feel we got here in round $6,000 for the whole occasion, because of the generosity of family and associates loaning us stuff.”

Cadence’s inexpensive wedding venue

Cadence suggests, “Have it at a place where you can BYOB and just pay a bartender. Have it in a local place – I had mine in a historic house in my hometown and it was $700 for 6 hours (much more if you live out of that town). Don’t worry too much about the food. Buy flowers at a warehouse and have someone you know made the centerpieces.”

Carrie stated, “We did Facebook invites and got married at the courthouse in Santa Ana, CA (gorgeous venue with seating for 100ish) on a Thursday afternoon. Had a taco man cater our reception. Big spend was on our photographer who captured every bit of glamour and joy in the day. My dress was under $40, wore shoes I already owned.”

Laurie wrote, “We were married at a local ski resort that did weddings during the off season for a great price. We were married at the base of the mountain and had the reception inside. I bought my wedding dress on Black Friday. We also had a local baker who made everything out of her house make our cake. I think back now and we could have even made it cheaper. Friends of ours were married at city hall and had dinner with good friends and family at a local restaurant. So beautiful!”

Lisa suggests getting married within the, “OFF SEASON! We had an off season daytime wedding and it saved us 30% on food and drink and $5,000 on the hall. You heard that right. The same hall during June is $5,000 to rent and during off season it’s free.”

Kelee and her family on their wedding day!

Kelee shared, “Our wedding value $6k (AU) & there was no DIY in sight. The truth is, apart from organising our outfits, rings, vows, invites, music to bop down the aisle to & booking a restaurant for lunch – I did nothing!

We signed up to for a ‘pop up’ wedding – they booked the venue, bouquet, flower pin, celebrant and photographer (and we booked a time slot, sharing the price with other couples across the day). There were a lot of things we didn’t hassle with (automobiles, favours, bridesmaids, groomsmen, wedding cake). All we did was flip up & get hitched! We had 20 visitors & enjoyed a 3 course al la Carte lunch with local beer & wine. Great conversation & numerous laughs! It was easy, elegant, stress free & didn’t break us financially! Listed here are the 4 of us (me, hubby & our daughters) dancing down the ‘aisle’ in the direction of our friends 😊”

The Visitor Record

Cadence’s wedding with pup!

Kelsey stated, “I think a large part of the reason we were able to have such a frugal wedding was that we kept our guest list very low. My rule was, “Do they have to be there for me to get married?” If I might think about getting married with out them there – they didn’t get an invitation. The low numbers allowed us to self-cater which saved us a lot of cash.

We didn’t ship out save the dates, our invites have been on previous postcards, I altered my mom’s gown, groom’s go well with was bought from Vietnam (on-line), I made my flowers from crepe paper, and we purchased alcohol from Aldi (nobody might tell). We used VRBO and rented a giant cabin within the mountains which housed all our out of city visitors and served as our venue/reception. It worked perfectly for an outside wedding and I absolutely advocate that as a non-traditional venue choice. We rented the cabin for four days which meant we acquired to spend real time with our friends and that was by far one of the best half.”

Katie suggests, “Keep it simple. Guest list was under 30 friends and family. I did my own hair and makeup, my brother took photos, a friend preformed the ceremony. We were married in a park and did not need flowers or decorations. We went to a BBQ joint after for food and dancing sharing the venue with patrons.”

Frugal Boss Weddings That Value $600 and UNDER

Madelyn’s lovely $600 wedding

Madelyn wrote, “Our wedding value us around $600. Issues we did included:

  • I received my “wedding dress” on clearance at JC Penney for $16. So a huge tip is to not purchase an actual wedding gown. You will discover very nice white and off white clothes nearly anyplace. (Particularly throughout spring!)
  • Another thing we did was get married in my grandmother’s yard. No value for the venue, and we have been capable of minimize the visitor listing down to only quick family. If anybody else asked why they weren’t invited, we just defined there wasn’t room! It minimize down on harm feelings, and minimize down the costs! (And drama!)
  • We bought our rings for low cost! My set was $70 from Walmart, and my husband’s was $14 from online. Skip the diamonds. We went for cubic zirconia and opal for my ring. White sapphires are a good middle of the road as far as finances goes.”

Lisa shared, “My husband and I had a simple wedding that cost under $200, even though almost a hundred people attended. My mom and I collected acorns and pressed autumn leaves for decorations, and used her marigolds (heirloom seeds from my maternal grandma) for the flowers. My best friend’s mom made a dress for me and I wore my other grandma’s veil, and my husband bought a nice shirt and pants at a thrift store for ten bucks. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen wore black, clothes they either owned or thrifted. We had a ceremony at our church and a potluck reception in the gym. My brother played piano, a friend took the photos, and we all danced to an iPod shuffle playlist and ate homemade cake. It was fun, meaningful, and very “us,” and I typically look again feeling glad that we didn’t get caught up within the strain of what you “have to do” for a wedding. Even the “fun stuff”– like buying presents for your bridesmaids or making goodie basket for out of town family– can turn traumatic in a short time, so I’m glad we stored things so simple as attainable. (Incidentally, with the money we saved, we have been capable of take a six-month backpacking trip on the Pacific Crest Trail a yr later!)”

Siera’s pretty cake!

Amanda stated, “We got married at a park we rented the lodge within the park for reception for $135. My brother in law married us. My dress was borrowed. We made our wedding bands from coins. All of flowers were artificial. My grandmother is a florist so she did all for free. The rest of wedding decor bought from 2nd hand on Facebook $100 total. Reception was potluck. My niece was the photographer for free.We had a 150 guest total. My wedding cost less than $500.”

Julia wrote, “We had a civil ceremony followed by a tea-and-cake party at our house. I got my dress for £19 in a sale and even with some simple flowers and all the cakes the whole thing came in at under £200. One of my VERY rich friends always says it was the nicest wedding he has ever been to. Because it was Friday the 13th we were the only couple to marry that day at the registry office and got as much time as we wanted in the gardens afterwards.”

Crystal stated, “No more then $500 spent…no reception, summer dress no wedding dress, no tux for him just simple clean clothes, small direct family ceremony, cake and sister took candid photos, includes simple wedding bands, no engagement ring! Our wedding was not about a party, gifts or celebration. We’d been together/lived together and didn’t want to spend the money on ONE day!”

Katie stated, “We got married in our front yard. 3 dresses and 3 shirts were bought at consignment or goodwill, 1 adult shirt was bought on clearance at Walmart. Spent about $50 on snack foods, borrowed extra crockpots. 2 guests brought canopies in case of rain. My best friend officiated. Made bouquets using assorted fake flowers from Hobby Lobby. We bought rings at the flea market (but replaced them with silicon rings, $60 for the pair). Used cash received as gifts to spend a night away from home and a gift card we received for dinner. We had about 30 guests. It was beautiful and cost about $150.”

The Mindset

Kay advises, “My best wedding tip is to remember that the wedding is NOT the important thing, it is the marriage! I wore a creamy-white wool dress I got for $2 at a thrift shop, we had only a few close family members attending, and my future mother-in-law baked the two-layer cake. The “honeymoon” was one night time at a native motel (we needed to be again at work on Monday). And right here we’re, almost 50 years later, happily married and lately returned to the town the place it all started for retirement. Plenty of those acquaintances of ours who spent fortunes on fancy weddings with long strains of bridesmaids, many-tiered muffins, dancing, and so forth. ended up divorced. Make the wedding about you and the individual you’re marrying, ’trigger that’s what it’s all about in the long run. There shall be loads of other celebrations through the years; I’ve had many days I might describe as the “happiest day of my life,” and a few of them have been just simple, homey, strange days!”

Karla’s superior $18 Costco cake!

Rebecca wrote, “I’m a musician who has played countless expensive, over-the-top weddings — and just as many frugal celebrations (cold cuts in their original packaging!). They are all joyous events. The most memorable reflect the couple’s values and personal style. I can’t quite recall the weddings I’ve played in fancy hotels, but I never forget the quiet wedding by the lake, the backyard barbecue or the wedding of the daughter of a regional burger baron — where everyone ate burgers from the food truck (before food trucks were a thing)! The most memorable weren’t the most expensive at ALL.”

JT suggests, “Before you even start budgeting forget everything a wedding is “supposed” to have and think about what exactly is essential to you as a couple. Don’t let individuals strain you into doing issues you don’t want to do. We had a semi-private event at a native brewery, made our decorations (table runners, lanterns, bought flowers and vases), employed a meals truck to offer the primary course, purchased further sides and snacks to complement the truck, and purchased our cake from Entire Foods (Berry Chantilly cake endlessly). We additionally leveraged bank card rewards (about $2,250 cash back, principally by way of enroll bonuses) and purchased all of our disposable gadgets from a web-based restaurant provide retailer using only retailer credit score earned via reviewing their merchandise so it was all free.”

Erin shared “I used to be a professional wedding photographer in Orange County, CA so I photographed many weddings that were over the top. Like a six figure wedding! Usually those brides and grooms were more stressed out bc they wanted everything to be perfect and they didn’t seem to really enjoy the day very much. Then I photographed simple backyard weddings on a small budget and the couples seemed genuinely happy and enjoying themselves. When I got married I’d already decided I didn’t need the over the top princess wedding to be married. We scheduled our wedding in the off season and on a Monday for a deep discount. Since it was on a Monday the people who really wanted to support us made the effort to be there on a weekday. We enjoyed our day with 48 people so we were actually able to visit with everyone, give them a nice dinner, and host an open bar. We also didn’t have a wedding party to reduce stress and costs. Overall I loved our intentional choices for our wedding day and wouldn’t change a thing!”

Melinda wrote, “My only advice: Remember that people who truly love and support you and who you want to have in your life in the first place will be thrilled to be at your wedding whether it’s in Buckingham Palace or a county park.”

Spend On What Issues MOST To You

Hazel stated, “My overall tip is to prioritise what’s important to you and go cheap on everything else. I would also add, though, to beware of cost shifting (i.e. putting the burden on your guests). For example, having a weekday wedding is cheaper for you, but the overall ‘cost’ if 60 guests each have to take a day off work to attend is astronomical. Or if a photographer friend takes your photos for ‘free’, that represents thousands of dollars in opportunity cost to them. Not to say these ideas don’t have merit, just to bear in mind the hidden costs!”

Julie on her wedding day

Julie wrote, “We paid for what was important for us; a nice meal and cake and a lovely venue. No photographer; a couple of friends and family took pictures. I made all of the favors and table covers. A friend did our invitations with calligraphy on paper from Staples. My dress was purchased from black and white market for $80. We did have nice flowers. We had 80 people and it cost around $4,000 and it was lovely. This included the cost of the rental tuxes for my sons to walk me down the aisle since they didn’t own suits and matching dresses for my daughter in-law and flower girl granddaughter and tux for my grandson as the ring bearer. You may share the photo.”

Rebecca stated, “I highly recommend the book A Practical Wedding. It’s all about thinking about what you value and want out of a wedding and about what doesn’t matter to you. That way you can make sure you’re spending time and money on what’s important to you and not do things just because you think that’s what is done.” (that’s an affiliate hyperlink)

Rebecca shared, “We acquired married final yr and, like everybody else in these feedback, tried our best to determine what was most essential to us and get monetary savings where we might. We ended up with a Sunday brunch wedding for 80 visitors, outdoors Baltimore, for ~$15okay. We might have spent much less, for positive, but we liked our wedding and don’t regret any of it. Listed here are a few things off the top of my head:

  • We found out which date our venue switched from the cheaper winter price to the costlier spring/summer time fee, and picked the last weekend before that (end of March).
  • We acquired cupcakes as an alternative of a tiered cake, and we acquired them from the bakery at Entire Foods – scrumptious and reasonably priced!
  • We ordered flowers from Costco and put the bouquets and centerpieces together ourselves. This was a fairly huge DIY undertaking nevertheless it saved us a lot of money.
  • I acquired my gown for $150 on eBay from somebody who bought it and then changed her mind and acquired a totally different one.
  • For bridesmaid presents, as an alternative of buying costly matching robes or jewelry, I gave every one a handwritten letter about all the reasons I really like her and am glad to have her as a pal.”

Hope shared “A couple of ideas:

Molly’s superior DIY centerpieces

1) I truly work within the wedding business, so I assumed it will straightforward to plan, and I was fallacious. So if planning seems type of irritating, no worries it’s not just you! Turns out coordinating a celebration for 100 individuals simply isn’t all that straightforward.

2) Costco flowers are superb. Also we bought our booze from Costco. And we had a very informal rehearsal dinner with about 70 individuals and served them the best Costco pizza, salad, cake, beer, and wine. Additionally, we did Costco pies and ice cream as an alternative of cake. Highly advocate.

3) Decide a few things which are necessary to you, and put your finances there. For us that was: meals, drinks, and hospitality. We needed individuals to have a good time, be snug, and be properly fed. That meant we paid additional to have a tent in case of rain, for everybody to have chairs, and to have plenty of food that none of the visitors had to prepare. We did not have a skilled photographer although, or favors, or bridesmaids bouquets, or a cake, or a DJ.

four) It’s okay to spend money on your wedding when you’ve got the cash and it’s essential to you! I hate when individuals suggest that it’s a foolish use of money. We thought-about skipping the wedding, but determined it felt essential to have our union recognized publicly, formally, with all of our families and pals, and that we needed to throw a nice get together. In fact we might have used the cash for different things, nevertheless it felt extra essential than these different things. We have now no regrets about prioritizing it.”

Kimberly’s beautiful wedding

Kirsty stated she’s, “Less than a month married 🙂 Early in our planning process we identified what was important to us on our big day. Everyone having a great time was key, so we decided that location, food and drinks held the highest value. We managed to save thousands on ways similar to what everyone else has said. Our general frugality in life meant we were willing and able to spend money on what we valued. On reflection this really highlighted the value v. cost discussion. We firmly belief that frugality is not simply spending as little as possible but spending on the things that are most important to us. We loved our day, it was worth every penny and we owe our frugality in other aspects of our lives for being able to spend money on the things we care about without having to worry about finances.”

Karlee wrote, “#1 Do what makes you cheerful and don’t go into debt for what others want for your wedding or what is the norm. (My MIL needed food and I truthfully might’ve gotten married a little later and had finger meals to save lots of $… my husband was ravenous and annoyed by the top of the night time that he didn’t even get to take a seat and eat)

#2 all the little particulars you see in beautiful social media footage can add up to and costly value and nobody notices them.

#three We bought all of our decor afterwards to a cousin for her wedding and then it was bought once more to a good friend… it’s nice to see issues repurposed!”

Bec’s cute cake table

Stephanie shared, “We held our wedding in a state park in VT and stored visitor record limited to buddies and instant household. We catered a few of the food however decided to make a lot of it ourselves (with the help of family). We purchased our wedding rings off etsy and I bought my gown on-line from a normal retailer (not a wedding gown store).

We stored the decorations to a minimum and made lots of them ourselves because we knew that we had picked a venue that was completely scenic. I chose to not purchase any flowers because it seemed unnecessary. I feel the most important lesson I discovered via the method of planning and paying for a frugal wedding is that every wedding is totally different and also you shouldn’t pay for anything until you assume it is going to truly add one thing of worth to the wedding. The listing of issues that we chose to not do or embrace was monumental and we walked away from our wedding considering that it was a good illustration of our values. All the things that was necessary to us received accomplished and the remaining wasn’t needed.”

After The Wedding

Liz stated, “A frugal woman who donates her dress will help another frugal woman. Don’t let it hang in your closet forever. Bless someone with it, and anything else accumulated for the wedding. Select a small keepsake box and what does not fit in box, donate.”

Abstract Ideas

Mr. FW and I slicing our cake!

This was a whopper of a submit, however I just needed to embrace all of these splendidly frugal concepts and fabulous photographs! I’m deeply grateful to everybody who shared their recommendation and invited us into their lives with their pictures. Thanks. I’ve tried to summarize a few high factors that got here up repeatedly within the collective wisdom above:

  • Restrict your guest record. Fewer friends = fewer bills.
  • Get married within the low season or on a weekday.
  • Get married at a non-traditional wedding venue. Frugalwoods readers have gotten hitched all over the place from at a senior middle to their yard to metropolis hall!
  • Use one thing aside from actual flowers: crocheted, synthetic, wooden, guide pages, or one thing aside from flowers altogether!
  • Buy a gown that’s not a wedding gown. Or buy a used gown!
  • Purchase your personal food, alcohol, flowers and more at Costco or a comparable warehouse/low cost retailer.
  • Buy used vases/candle holders/picture frames, and so forth at a thrift retailer and embellish them your self.
  • Barter and trade for wedding providers.
  • Recruit your loved ones and buddies to assist plan and execute the large day.
  • Have a potluck! We just lately attended a potluck wedding and I assumed it was GENIUS. That is completely what I’d do if Mr. FW and I determine to marry one another again ;).
  • Should you’re not interested in the DIY facet, enroll for a pre-paid “wedding package” that features every little thing you want and then restrict your spending (and visitor record) to what’s included within the package deal.

And eventually, the theme we so typically come again to in our conversations about crafting a thoughtful, frugal way of life: spend on what matters most to you. Prioritize what you need on your wedding day and only spend in service of those priorities.

Did you’ve a frugal wedding? What are your ideas for celebrating the day without breaking the bank?

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