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Red Grouper Out of Tampa Bay

Red Grouper Out of Tampa Bay

Current Offshore Fishing Studies from the Western Central Space

Red Grouper Off Tampa Bay

Florida Sportsman Member: FloridaIR

The grouper was on hearth early, between 95 and 100 meters. Snapper fishing was sluggish but regular. We received 4 pink groups between 24 ″ and 30 ″ and lost a pair of greater ones. This time there was no huge snapper, but they have been ok to freeze the freezer.

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Full Moon Fishing the Center Grounds

Florida Sportsman Member: Harbison & John Martin

Fishing within the First Full Moon of 2019, Fisherman II of Florida produced great fishing throughout this bloody season. Including a couple of uncommon catches like this African Pompano. See the reviews under for more info.

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Grouper and Snapper Reviews

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa & micklej2

clarosa: Power was virtually unfastened when I found a spot and threw a buoy so we parked the buoy and drifted. We took three or 4 holders inside 30 minutes. Couple over 30 ″. The stream picked up and the chew slowed down. I went to a small wreck that was close, and observed an enormous blow once they have been stacked excessive. My guess was right and we acquired a couple of 23-24 ″ choices, which we revealed prematurely with a 28-29 inch pair. The weather was lovely, so picked up was good. Most of the guard attacks took on stay pinfish, and the lifeless bait attracted the pink snapper somewhat an excessive amount of.

micklej2: Clear water was finally found and the fish have been caught. There were not as many gags as expected, but a handful of landed. Mangrove-snapper was what appeared to extra experienced fishermen, and most of them have been massive jumbo. An hour before the moon rising, throughout and after they gathered. All of the fishermen didn't catch them, but those that did, have been rewarded with fat.

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Neighborhoods Grouper and Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: micklej2

As ordinary, the middle area is full of high-quality catches, together with wonderful purple and mouthpieces, mangrove and pink Snapperia, and the sometimes misplaced dolphin. Extra info and footage could be found in the complete forum report.

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West Central Florida Last

Florida Sportsman Member: Capt Dan Medina

The strains of good fish have been extended from June 22 to April 24. trips. Among the many purple snapper have been additionally wonderful gags, black and purple cypresses, triggerfish, yellowtails, vermillion and a few deceptive carrots. Some three-dimensional have been noticeable, but they have been naturally in the food plan as a result of they refused to do anything.

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Red Snapper and More

Florida Sportsman Member: micklej2, releasegear, trs912 & bigun

Fishing within the West Central has lately been very productive. There are tons of pink and different snapper who are waiting to catch up with kings, group gamers, carrots, bonito, sea bass, and chances are you’ll even be as lucky as releasegear and grab Cobia out of whale! Learn the next info in the stories under:

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West Central Combined Luggage

Florida Sportsman Member: Rod Squad, CaptainBly, micklej2 and Harbison

A number of boards have been prior to now few days and fishing has definitely been good. Tons of snapper, group and tuna have been reported. In case you are in search of an epic prey, we advocate exploring the center, as the world has just lately been caught in a number of fish that has been spectacular. If you want to try out a new tactic, take a look at Rod Squad's report, the place he explains his lesson 5/20 concerning the last couple of his journeys (see the feedback in his report). On the lookout for one thing totally different? See the reviews under

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Deep Drop Report

Monster Cobia

Florida Sportsman Member: sas0061

I acquired this monster in 40 meters of water from the Longboat key. I went out to seek out kings, but I ended up doubling alone with two cobias. The first broke when this was still operating. It was a 20-minute battle simply to get into the boat and another ten minutes making an attempt to determine easy methods to get him in. Gaff in a single hand, rod in one other. I left residence at 9.30 am and returned at 11.30 am. Definitely a day to recollect! The fish was 58 ″ in complete, 53 ″ fork, 28 ″ circumference and 26 ″ across the head. The pictures don't actually make it truthful, however I feel this man is someplace between 55 and 65 pounds.

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Mango's Mango's All over the place

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa

So we saw a pleasant little window to end the top of this full moon on Tuesday night time and we observed that you simply attempt to get out and get extra snapper. The weather was not as steady as predicted, but after the downloaded pinfish traps, we went out of two to 3 foot waves. The ship channel made another cease for various feeds and took a small quantity of Boston mackerels, pigs and Spanish sardines. We received 35 miles on the ground and saw a pleasant little secondary rock with a nice show, so it was anchored around seventeen. The motion started slowly, of course, so much of purple snapper and a few amberjack, but we took a number of mangrove snapper before it darkened. After sundown it was a recreation! Mangoes got here from every corner of the boat. They began hitting free-form feeds so typically that, in any case, all of us obtained straight into the rectangular life of every part and crushed the bait. We had them up on the water column that makes it enjoyable! We had a limit earlier than the moon might even rise. In any case, the larger boys came out, and so did the sharks. The person of the tax service obtained a number of monsters within the mango, so it was time to go. We left them biting the least. Most of the fish have been in the 20-22 inch vary with a number of over 25 ″.

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St.Pete Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa

We picked up the traps they usually have been loaded on pinfish, sea and sand. The waves have been a bit careless, but the 36-foot waves took simply 32 mph. By the time we obtained there, it was already sunset and virtually dark. All of us acquired cheated and started fishing. The chew was not crazy, but we turned it off. The dimensions was inferior to last week, but we might by no means pull the anchor once and received the restrict of seven individuals. The maximum was 25 ″, but the average was about 18-22 ″. We’ve additionally stored 12-15 guards in snapper gear. In fact our share of the Atlantic Red Snapper

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Clearwater Grouper and Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: Bfi

We received out 25.5. The water was a lot more durable than the forecast. I had hassle getting the anchor closed. Once we obtained it, we acquired a 22 inch purple snapper, two 28 and 27 inch gags and a guard mangrove-snapper. Everyone ended up within the second day. We had a enjoyable day, just needed the water to be a bit of calmer.

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St.Pete Mango Hunt

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa

We obtained stay pinfish, fish and squirrelfish and led west 25 miles. Till it was anchored, it was about fifteen. The chew began slowly, however ultimately it rose. We acquired a 20 inch black cluster that was pretty cool. The large boys didn’t seem till the sun fell, they usually came to revenge! We received them fairly evenly in frozen dishes after which we went to reside. We turned off and eventually received three of our men ending with a superb quantity of over 20 inches with the very best 27 ″.

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A combined bag of surrounding

Florida Sportsman Member: Harbison

March is crucial fish time and starvation. The Day Brothers Will Find "Hogs on FIRE!" Need more battle? It's fish time. They are operating massive, hungry and ready for battle. Big kings are: "It's FIRE!" Don't overlook the tuna and the meat. Tammy says that the pink snapper, gag grouper and amberjacks have been on hearth. It will appear that we might have stored all the things, all three large fish packing containers would have been full.

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Kings, Mangs, Gags

Member of Florida Sportsman: releasegear

We did a fast efficiency within the offshore afternoon. We couldn't discover a bait that was previously stacked off the seashore. The water was 65 levels. It doesn't warm up much once we ran at sea. It was 66 degrees 55 ft the place we found a bait that was stacked on a hard backside. We anchored, chummed and loaded stay nicely Spanish dishes and cigar minnows. After two hours we had one hit and a failure. We decided to hit a 40-meter journey on the best way. We counted free strains and dropped some jigs / shrimp for horses and snapper. No horses, however we succeeded with eight mangrove-snapers and rather a lot of gags from 16 ″ to 22 ″. Then the kings appeared. I acquired two little, so my son received huge.

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March Madness

Florida Sportsman Member: john martin

Behind the chew of a strong night time we had hoped that the purple chew would begin. Though the purple was plentiful, few have been guards. The good news was the mango a bit of bit all day. I used to be in a position to decide on two or three at each location. In one place late in the afternoon I might have seen several nice grooms. I used an enormous yarn when BANG! I assumed I had an intrusion when it hit, but I was pleasantly stunned to chase over eight pounds.

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West Central Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: john martin

We started fishing in the center of the night time in peaceful Mer and the mangrove-snapper chew was scorching from the start. I've received three respectable mango first stop. One other stopping point saw a continuous snapper perform and a quick blast from the pink group. I had an enormous twist and I obtained caught. BIG FISH ON! It took 3 times earlier than I used to be coming. Fishing continues to improve because the water begins to warm up slightly. The exit continues to be spotty, however it has been robust between offshore websites, especially tuna. I have additionally seen that this week has turn into the reviews of the kings of return.

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Full Moon Mangot

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa

We fed up and received tons of white, pinfish, Spanish sardine and pigskin. We additionally had rather a lot of frozen dishes that had been enriched. We headed for some 95 ′ rocks within the correct Mer issä 2 ′ area. The water temperature was 69 degrees. As quickly because the mango began to ignite, bar bars and smaller AJs started to appear. We couldn't even reveal the naked yoke overlapping with out dropping the bait to the snapper. Ultimately they thinned when the solar fell, however the mango chew additionally slowed down. We picked up just a little and the growth, they turned back. We had them up they usually had a pleasant measurement. Most have been over 20 ″, most 27 ″. We received the border pretty quick and was pretty head.

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West Central Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: john martin & harbison

Fishing within the Western Central was just lately sluggish nevertheless it start to heat up. Tuna, kings, carrots, snapper, and even some good horses are caught by the sea. Listed here are some current studies.

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St. Pete Mango Hunt

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa

Mangoes have been smaller than anticipated and weren’t value crying by means of ARS tones, so I decided to hook up with 105 ′. The primary 10-15 drops attracted consideration, but ARS, so my hope fell once more. Then the first mango fell aboard and was nice 20 inches so there was hope. In all probability every mango obtained ten ARS, however it was lots better, so we'd get it off. I left an enormous pinfish of freelines and I simply ran it, no tuna, which are often thick with new sounds. Nevertheless, we obtained about 5 or 6 giant mangoes in the free bait once I changed the cigar to minnow.

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Good fishing in the west

Florida Sportsman Member: releasegear

“We obtained two good days at Clearwater. As normal, the ARS was thick 55 & quot; -100 & quot ;. We couldn't get it. We have been fishing baits with pillars and rocks, and we dominated two keepers and some mangoes. Tuna and cobia have been highlights. As we speak, in the 70s, we discovered a big faculty in Amberjack. I gave the youngsters tires for themselves. “Though releasegear couldn’t find the gage, it definitely was. See the St. Pete report under.

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Grouper Chew continues

Florida Sportsman: john martin

In the following a number of stops, I saw an analogous sample. I'd start dropping the reside bait and get either the insta-bite barrel or soup baits and move to the twists and choose a couple of mangoes. After one stop, if you received quite a bit of flippers and a number of other breaks, a gentleman who has come repeatedly left his place to fish for me and needed me to point out him easy methods to throw me. I showed him what I used to be doing, and even I gave him one bait. Though neither of us grabbed the mouth, he received an enormous mango. At the next stop I received a nice gag and walked back to her. I requested my good friend if he still had a gag and he advised me no. I misplaced the one I had held and stated, "Well, here's the first one." He was grateful and enthusiastic. So excited that after the cease he got here to me and advised me he received a nice terrible second after I gave him one.

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Hungry Gags

Member of the Florida Sports activities Man: john martin

The remaining stops we decide mangoes, and we had the perfect catch I've ever seen for some time. Boat caught 40 or more. Personally, I received seven buyers, (as well as pals once I gave them away) five shorts and a number of other breaks. On the last cease I threw immediately from the bow with an enormous pin. After a second, the monster was drowned

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Ditch calls

Florida Sportsman Member: winderbill

This was the first trip to the pit this season with a superb good friend Pete (Swordawet). It was a blocky day in the bay, but the gags work together. We decided with three keepers and a few massive boys who have been still swimming after straightening the jig hook!

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St. Pete Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman: swordawet

We have been pleased to use yesterday's nice weather circumstances. After getting to secret places in 100 ′ we found hungry fish. Good day to be wet. We reached one good flounder, one mango, several aggressive pink snapper, several brief purple and gag groupers, two guards, one guard and one royal smoker

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Clearwater offshore combined bag

Florida Sportsman Member: releasegear

Tons of bait and exercise. We discovered pins, scaled, threads and cigars simply north of the Clearwater stand, which has been damaged. There was no clear water on the street, however we noticed so much of birds and Spanish mackerel faculties. We set up 65 ft and the chew was flat. There was a mix of yellow, mangrove-snapper, gage and horses. In all probability we received 20 yellow, which have been right about ten inches. My son also managed to get his largest gang up

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Tripletail Twins and Extra

Florida Sportsman Member: m10ren

It was very nice to experience and settle down in order that we might detect a float of about 50 miles. I attempted to examine it, I observed one thing that splashed into the tray. There have been about five triple swimming beneath it and we picked the 2 largest ones. After receiving our desired fishing spot, the tide was sluggish and the chew followed the tides, however we still received a couple of purple snapper, a pair of pink clusters, a mangrove and a 2.5 kilo grunt.

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West Central Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: Grouper7

We've obtained lots of fish off the coast and at sea. When the water temperature close to the coast is near 90 levels, the grouping is sluggish, but we still have a lot of floor and sea bass. Sea fishing has been wonderful. I had a new boat that went to her daughter 118 meters away last weekend and was full of the pink group and snapper for 5 years.

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Back to Full Moon Trips

Florida athlete: clarosa

It was a bit greater than anticipated, but at sunset we obtained out of 100 ′ eighteen and we received an awesome faculty almacon. We also saw a pair of very nice sized dolphins. My good friend grabbed the first one who was bull and shortly after I received a cow. We both had good little battles in a light-weight spinner and then realized that gaffi was house. Then the place was very sluggish, aside from sockets, and I acquired one good mangrove-snapper, but that's it. The present one was very dangerous, so we determined to maneuver a couple of kilometers. Although they obtained a bit shot of them, we lastly received them chewed and each hour we put over 30 bins.

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Mixer bag off Tampa

Florida Sportsman Member: farside88

We went virtually 40 kilometers to 112 ′ and experimented with new locations. The motion was as much as ten ft from the bottom. We solely took 4 teams in two days, but in addition lost good. We also acquired one Monster and one smaller one. Each days limited us to the vermillion snapper, totaling virtually 70. Nothing nice, most have been 10-11 inches. All the groupers have been caught with perchocytes. Your complete sardine would not last for 20 seconds. Snapper was all caught by squid apart from the large one who hit the perchocyte

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Hog Haul

Florida Sportsman Member: m10ren

My spouse and I went out of Tierra Verde on Saturday morning and fished for a number of hours. We went west about 45 ′ and we started wanting down. We discovered some correct labeling and we arrange a retailer. We solely used mild woodpeckers with shrimp. We began by pulling some of the most important points of interest and lots of brief pink factions before the goal species appeared, but then it was a recreation. I'd say within an hour that we had landed a dozen or more hogfish. We threw again fairly a bit into the 12 "-14" product family, and we nonetheless had enough muddle. We've been back within the marina just after lunch, and we enjoyed the financial institution's peeled hogfish for dinner.

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Tampa Bay Grouper

Florida Sportsman Member: sas0061

I took the first place at 9.30 and was coated in Bonito faculties. I have by no means seen Bonito faculties which are great brackish waters. No less than I knew the bait was here! I dropped three rows of three pinfish, two ounces of weight with six circular hooks. Inside 5 minutes I had my first pink group on the boat. It's measured right 21 ″. I've dropped a huge 6 "-nappisen rod right down to the heavy standup combination. After 5 minutes, I hear the alarm goes off briefly. Unusual strike, but ended up in purple.

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West of New Port Richey

Florida Sportsman Member: micklej1

After anchoring, we began chumming and Scott obtained the day's fish, an enormous 38 inch plus cob. Then Scott obtained one other good fish and enjoyed his Rookie encounter with goliath. The battle was one-sided, as they all the time are. Hats off Scott as a result of they didn't let go of the new Penn Torque mixture. Jeff additionally acquired a dose of goliath previously together with his 80 kg glass star.

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Wreck Fishing Snapper

Florida Sportsman Member: clarosa

 Wreck Fishing Snapper

Once we have been anchored in a wreck within the 100s, we started quite a bit and received so much of huge yellow within the 20-23 ″ area. There was also an enormous mango in the 9 μb space, which was 27 ″.

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New Port Richey

Florida Sportsman Member: micklej1
  New Port Richey

We went southwest to New Port Riche to examine extra numbers previously given by boat-owned spearfishers .