Latest Northeast Offshore Fishing What's Biting Now

Reports from Northeast Florida Athlete

Reports from Northeast Florida Athlete

Current offshore fishing reviews from Northeast Florida.

Pink Snapper Recap

Florida Athlete: Numerous

St.Augustine and Mayport are fishing spots right now. Mahi and kingfishing are notably profitable proper now when a random pig is prepared to chew. Backside fishing can also be an excellent choice that produces good portions of coin fish, snapper and lottery.

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Reports from the Northeast

Florida Sportsman Member: Totally different

Take a look at the current offshore studies in the Northeast, including a stupendous smoker king, some massive dolphins, triggerfish and snapper! 19659005] Click on here to see Mayport's wahoo report.
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Click on right here to see the Mayport snapper report. 19659005] t regardless of the standard presence on the coast. It appears that evidently their luck was gone, although many acquired a second open weekend. One boat reported as much as 24 snapper in 30 minutes.

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African Pompano and the Kings

Florida Sportsman: Sea-Squatch, Maverick & Sea Parker

High quality catches have been made within the northeast despite general fishing. Nice massive kings have reeled just lately, and some surprises for African Pompano. One of many pompans was announced on a flat line, the opposite down. Loads of barracuda has also been.

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Get Out There

Florida Sportsman Member: Totally different

Northeast Fishing has lately been troublesome, but nonetheless better than sitting at residence! See the reviews under

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. See the second day in the Dock snapper and tuna report.

Scorching Spur in the Northeast

Florida Sportsman Member: Numerous

A ton of huge reviews has come northeast. We will't even put these together. Verify them out to seek out out one of the simplest ways to target your region. In search of a dolphin? Take a look at Shel, the other day at Dock, LouD, Sky King and StayinLazy's report. Cobia? See the dontezuma report. Attempt a combined bag? Discover the reviews by LouD and Sky King.

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Northeast Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: benchmark & ​​hossmoss

Take a look at a couple of fishing successes to some extent offshore fishing northeast just lately. See the stories under

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Mayport bottom fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: STEEZO

We started pulling 130 ft of the whole lot that was hungry. It takes greater than an hour for the oldest man of the boat (apparently one of the best eyes) to put the varsity in three to 4. They looked at all the things they threw, however unfortunately nothing. It was virtually midday and no fish within the field yet. We ran over the sign and dropped the squid. One guy was pink and the opposite had a double keeper trigger. After anchoring, we pulled just a little trigger earlier than the infant amberjack appeared. Then we moved just a little west and obtained b-liners and a few other triggers. The final fish of the day was an actual mangrove.

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Huge Wahoo Offshore

Florida Sportsman Member: Firmanjax

We started about 110 ft long and trolled ballyhoo east about 140 ft. We discovered an area that had a couple of edges and was rotated there. It didn't take too lengthy and we had the first hit, which, after a number of seconds, was doubled. The battle was happening. After about 20 minutes we lastly get it shut sufficient to see it and it didn't deceive. It was large. When the fish is within the boat, everyone is just upset and gazing it. My boyfriend's girlfriend, who places the boat within the chaos of kaffaing, forgets to drive, and Invoice forgot about different fish once I lookup and see one other line that’s going to run the boat. So we manage to straighten the road and to my surprise it’s nonetheless on. We start working with the fish quantity two and show it when the hook is pulled out. We continued to circulate this space for a while and we received another weehoo. The large fish didn't slot in my box and I was in an extended bag. It weighed 80 kilos, the most important fish we've ever landed.

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Backside Fishing Jacksonville

Florida Sportsman Member: JacksonvilleJake

The seas have been lovely all day. We went about 47 kilometers from the bottom of E-NE. We obtained lots of small sharks. I'm unsure what species they have been, however they have been very annoying. We obtained two good snapper. One in Williamson's vertical and the other within the Alien jig. Ultimately, he grabbed the drift the place we have been pulling a reliable sailor for dinner. Throughout a short lunch break, the dolphin pot decided to provide us a go to.

Click on right here to view the three/10 Forum Report.

St. Augustine Wahoo

Florida Sportsman Member: DoradoDream

We received out early and the input wasn't too dangerous, however the seas obtained slightly greater once we drove to the sting. We obtained strains round 140 ′ and we started to troll to the sting. The water was heat 74-75 and bluish. Not much weeds or flyers. We have been slowly trolling with numerous lures and skirts. We received a superb hit round 9.30 and pulled a small wahoo. I assumed we have been a superb day. Turned up and down on the sting and four hours later we finally received our second hit and we made one other small waho. Trolled up virtually 15 pm and eventually referred to as it. On the idea of the radio name, someone received early in the morning with 80 players and the opposite boats acquired a couple of, however it doesn't sound like they have been within the hearth. There didn't appear to be much bait there

Click right here to view the three/11 discussion board report.

Epic Wahoo Day

Florida Sportsman Member: zalkire

We stored fishing at this fee and at 11.45 we had 13 wahoo squares. shark. We trolled in the direction of the identical space where we have been all day, and the clickers began to shoot one by one till all 4 rods have been tight. Quad was on and we have been all actively preventing fish! The rods have to be disagreeable and displaced, and everybody labored collectively. The fish have been close and the opposite above the rail, followed by another. The following two followed and efficiently selected four-pin. We released the fish above the upper restrict and began one of many funniest / cloudy 9 rides on the hill. The trip was an explosion. "Yeah!" The whole was modified on to scale to learn how massive a wahoo was. It exceeded the size with an unimaginable 94 kilos! It was an incredible day that I will always remember.

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Backside Bumping

Florida Sportsman Member: reeljustice

We went down the collision on Sunday. We rode out to 100 -125 ′ and left at 7 am, strains around Eight:15. We boasted six canine, but two have been keepers. There was just a shorties on the market. We had restrictions on beeliners, a few photographs, a sea bass and a short grouper. Oh yeah, and about 126 Atlantic snaps. These are probably the most invasive endangered species.

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Snapper Journey

Florida Sportsman Member: Knotty Dread

I acquired the anchor hook and dropped the bait. No hits in reside poggles all day, so we moved to frozen sardines. The first drop of sardine and I received 26.5 inches, 9 kilos of snapper. Then we continued to catch eight different fish one after another. Most have been between 16-18 inches. We additionally determined to maintain a 23.5-inch fish. Nothing is just too huge, but no less than we acquired the limit. The doorway was also athletic. I needed to stay on my toes all day.

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Offshore Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: Ditton

We advised the ocean to go round Ponce about 8. We found a goblin cob round him on his method to a party. After that, fishing was a bit sluggish, however we managed to catch a handful of red-eye, mutton and sea bass guards. All in all an amazing day in the water. Most fish have been caught in jigs.

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Fun Day Offshore

Florida Sportsman: Pangama

We have been fishing southeast 130 ′. It was an countless exercise all day, triggers, pink porgies, vermillion and purple faction. We also returned small squid with an enormous 20 kilo pink snapper. We determined to try to eliminate some cobias, but there was nothing. Even amberjack and "cudas have been gone, however we have been in a position to add a couple of vermillions and launch a wreck.

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it was flat and calm all day lengthy without storms We did a fast drive 130 '… C. and stopped at the wreck of pipes to see if someone Kobia hanging "Cudat have been really dangerous and attacked the stay bait I've anointed the tomb and posted it, it was. hit instantly and acquired this lovely 13 kilo mangrove-snapper.

Click on here to see the entire forum report. I decided to drop somewhat deeper from the seashore to 65 ft and fish a small edge or two earlier than I obtained there. One of many frozen, one back and so it went. I pull up to the sting with two rows … Bang… Bang. After five or so I lastly obtained to go on the lookout for an excellent strong strike. A few minutes later and this woman came to the gaff vary and to the ice!

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Offshore Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: Surffking

We acquired 20 miles from the day. The water was by no means greater than 110 ′ and the temperature was 78-79 degrees. Water was funky green shade a lot of the journey out and didn't turn blue up till the 12 mile mark. The squid, the minimize bait and the jigs have been chosen weapons, in addition to a flat line that didn't odor all day. The most effective factor was just 13 miles. There we acquired the launch, the large sea bass and the pit-snapper of the pit.

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African Pompano and Others

Florida Sportsman Member: bigslick

We ran a event race and took a pair of beelers and a guard launch. We determined to attempt one other place before giving up. A free-form frozen cigar was reduce and immediately harvested for fish that was peelable. Once I saw silver, I noticed that it was African Pompano. After it’s removed, the second freeline goes out. The spouse fought this and acquired it on the boat. We went fishing to the underside and acquired a fast restriction on the large beeliners and a few triggers and the black sailor.

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Kings on the Reef

Florida Sportsman: Tattoo

The weather was good. Trolled reside mills, ribbonfish and frozen cigars between Pop Warner and 9 Mile Reef. Pink / white and black / purple appeared to be the magic of the day and the reside baits for the designers had a flag. Fish weren’t caught on or near the floor. The 9 Mile boats had tons of boat visitors, but Pop Warner was pretty quiet.

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First African Pompano

Florida Sportsman Member: dillon5458

We immediately hooked a double mahi. Youngsters, in fact, targeted on kings because they let each escape after a brief wrestle. I feel the dolphin warned everybody because there was no chew for the subsequent hour. Moved about half a mile away, after which the fun began. Items forwards and backwards back to the fish. My daughter succeeds in bringing her first African pompanomme. We return and pull a few brief kings, then my daughter's hooks to a 30 kilo pompon. Lengthy strains shout, then the brief line goes after it. Long attain out after a terrific leap, however a brief shout. My son grabs the rod identical to a dolphin jumps, struggle. After ten minutes of preventing, he pulls 15 kilos.

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Mayport Base Fishing

Florida Sportsman Member: minnowsnmonsters

The day began properly. Solely driving was clean, but we additionally pulled a pleasant cobia out of the leather turtle at 110 ′ on the best way to the primary place. We have been fishing just some points 120-130 ′ and the areas obtained the beeliners, a number of triggers, launched a collection of purple snapper, mangrove, shark and personal greatest consumer. We also had a couple of free swimming dolphins that met the ice and missed a few photographs for different cobias that appeared and went as quick.

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First Cobia

Florida Athlete Member: staugpinoy

We’ve gone again to scorching kingfish bites last week, but all the by-catches of lifeless fish from shrimp boats have dropped to chew. We swam from 8 to 12 and never even one chew! We went and went to the shrimp boat when my daughter calmly stated, "Oh look, two cobias," and all the chaos awakens to get the bait for them. I used a 5 / o circular hook with 50 kilos of leader, two ounces of egg-dipper and 40 pounds of pound.

Learn the complete discussion board report here.

Beast Blackfin

Florida Sportsman Member: Spongking

 Beast Blackf

All three of us have been lively to see if any fish was roaming. Lastly, we determined to put a free-form bait out. About 20 minutes later it begins shouting.

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Mayport Madness

Florida Sportsman Member: Benchmark


With our renewed enthusiasm, you ate and picked up our subsequent three hours. The youngsters worked exhausting on the fish and had to group a number of. Several hooks, sails and plenty of mahi canine from all factors.

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Offshore Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: Let's Go Amigo

 Offshore Mixed Bag

We obtained some nice triggers, beelineers, and bass. Tried to troll with weeds without takers. We noticed some nice blackfins jumps and one dolphin came into the boat.

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Offshore St. Augustine Success

Florida Sportsman Member: Shel

 Offshore St. Augustine

We finally received the first chew and put the primary mahi on the boat. The operation was pretty secure for the subsequent 4 hours. We had several double hooks, however we all the time ended up dropping one other fish.

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Mayport Triggers Abound

Florida Sportsman Member: Let's Go Amigo

 Mayport Launchers

Ultimately, the water was cleaned and fished at 150 & # 39; . We selected the day 41 with a shutter, six beeliner, some pinks, a big sandalwood and a unicorn leather jacket.

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Offshore Jacksonville Mahi

Florida Sportsman Member: 60/40

 Jacksonville Mahi

Out of Jacksonville Friday. We put our line on 140 ft and twisted. We went over to ballyho and acquired one dolphin cedar plug.

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Fernandina Offshore Reef Selection

Florida Sportsman Member: dillon5458

 Fernandina Offshore Reef

Three totally different points have been caught on the KBY reef for about three hours. We only discovered one brief sheep, but we loaded the boat with a few of our largest litters. They are fats. My spouse took a nice drum. All in all, great day, completely happy youngsters and wife.

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Jacksonville Offshore Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: troutdiggler

 Jacksonville Offshore

We have been anchored to verify lying and see if we might convey the fish to us. Just earlier than the anchor is pulled, the three bars are bent! I'm considering of snapper, however it didn't struggle like one. Three good bulls break the floor!

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St. Augustine Snapper Are Hungry

Florida Sportsman Member: capcioffi

 St. Augustine Snapper

We went to 2 totally different areas and obtained three photographs, 4 pink eyes and over 40 snapper. I mean, things eat small squid two to 3 inches brief to chop small making an attempt to get a shot and vermilion. Snapper was consuming the boards before we might get to the underside and the larger the bait, the bigger the snapper.

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Mayport Sea Bass and Snapper

Member of Florida Sportsman: Huge Bend Brian

 Mayport Sea Bass

Squid and Artificial Artificial Technique of Black Sea Bass . Sardines, squid and minimize bait for a pink snapper. 70 meter floor water temperature 61˚F. Flat as a pancake all day, infinite action, morning temperature started to rise to 52˚F in the 70s.

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It was fun to catch Chandler on the rod and reel because the fish made some secure small runs. I assumed the rod was going over the ferry, however Chandler stored that smile in fishing for all the fishermen.

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zillion pink snapper, beeliners, pinkies, sea bass, triggers and AJs A bunch of fish have been caught underneath the wahoo model Huge eye Jig.

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Trolling and Bottom Fishing Options

Florida Sportsman Member: dillon5458

 Trolling and Bottom Fishing

We made a pleasant tuna cigar plug and large cuda. Then we decided to attempt the bottom and pulled a boat with an 18-inch vermillion snapper, some amberjacks and by no means an invisible Atlantic purple snapper.

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St. Augustine Variety

Florida Sportsman Member: JaxJosh

<img src="" alt="  St. Augustine Selection
We began with about 150 ft of water. Good circumstances and never too huge currents. The triggers have been within the hearth along with the pink and large beeline gadgets. By the top of the day we had over 70 massive fats. The chewing was additionally mutton and mango. Amberjack was as thick as thieves.

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Jacksonville Combined Bag

Florida Sportsman Member: Debart

 Jacksonville Combined Bag

A number of pink snapper. We acquired a number of decks of sea bass and finger poles. We also had an incredible twilight shark that got here out of anything and attacked the piggy snapper, which was virtually on the surface. My son pulled these two guys up.

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Purple Snappers: No Keepers

Member of Florida Sportsman: avetjx

 pink snapper

We had many endangered reds at this time Shocks, including private greatest on the east coast of 19 kg. As we speak, my son and I sailed over 75 pounds of tasty fish and went residence without fish in the field. I have additionally asked for the first Goliath, so it was a terrific day of fishing.

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Northeast Offshore

Member of Florida Sportsman: Forged & Blast

With the primary drop of Stef, he was locked into an enormous one. Hunter and I have been both doing our half to keep him pulled overboard. This fish took a few nice runs by pulling within the lock pretty good. We thought it was AJ or Cobia with which it went off the boat. Once we noticed the color, we knew he had a huge pink snapper.

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Household Journey

Florida Athlete: Forged & Blast

So we went again to backside fishing when my cousin Katherine hooked killer AJ. We nonetheless had two strikes for the freelined pogia, most probably kings. Whereas bottom fishing, the three faculties look back and we get a double hook for moms and ice. Transfer locations and get an excellent beeliner chew, lost a few good, but still managed eight.

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Northeast Bottom Chew

Florida Sportsman Member: LouD

The primary stop was 40 miles 120 ft and subsequent stops have been 140 and 150 ft (50 miles). Continuous operation all through the day. Captain Roger put us within the fish for each stopping point, focusing on grouping and mangoes on reside feed and 8-10 on the leader.

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St. Augustine Bull

Florida Sportsman Member: Huge Bend Brian

The line on the fitting of Ledge 180 ft will hit, however will come out with a random line that pulled the guess, but in addition came out. Wanting again you possibly can see the dolphin's head making an attempt to breathe the lure. Casey dropped the lure back and looked at him to eat it. When the road came tight, there have been very nice jumps from a very huge dolphin!

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New Boat Mojo

Member of Florida Sportsman: Maverick

Loaded with some pins within the properly, grinded on the seashore to see nothing worthwhile stay so we moved out of the seashore. Hit it exhausting however never found brown fish. Fortuitously, we discovered seven teams, however only two have been legals. And extra snapper than any man actually needs to get caught when you possibly can't hold it. ”

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t . We acquired all of them on board, nevertheless it was chaotic. The boy at one level stated, "This is the story I tell my children!"

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Northeast Wahoo Chew

Florida Sportsman Member: arunram

I had enjoyable wahoo fishing with Captain Jerry Moulton in his boat Second tangle last weekend. We had four good wahoo 60, 50,50 and 40 pounds. We additionally had various triggers, pinkies, AJ and bee thresholds.

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St. Augustine Offshore

Florida Sportsman: Chilly

This place seemed higher, so we dropped the hook to concentrate on the cobia. We sent down a reside mill and started fishing! A number of huge snappers came to the first drop. We determined to make use of some hen removing to move the fish up and down within the column. Earlier than lengthy, the large bait on the back hit and cobed with a golden flag on the fish display.

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Northeast Combined Cat

Florida Sportsman Member: Captnathanstuart

Captnathanstuart, a member of the discussion board, and pals have been lately hit by fish filling the cooler blended

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Northeast Wahoo

Florida Sportsman Member: Off the Hook

Through the First 20 Minutes Ever a ring reel shouts. The unique plan was to rob a break, but we never traveled greater than three kilometers from where we obtained our first one, which might show to be six wahoo.

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Northeast Backside Fish

Florida Sportsman Member: Bigchocolatelab

NE winds and delightful seas. The plan for the day was to recharge white baits and fish deep. We found all the bait we needed on the barge and confirmed him to the east. Saapui 160 jalkaan eikä nähnyt paljon pohjassa. Me putosimme linjat joka tapauksessa ja löysimme aluksi hitaasti. Lopulta löytyi kalat ja onnistuttiin uskomattomaan ajoon

Lue koko foorumiraportti napsauttamalla tätä.

Jumbo Mangroves ja muut

Florida Sportsmanin jäsen: sheepdawg

No aloitimme melko hyvin Mangoilla ja meillä oli Eight isoa ennen pimeää. He sytyttivät näytön melko hyväksi, kun aurinko laski ja hait löysivät chum-linjan, ja meidän piti juosta toiseen paikkaan.

Klikkaa tästä lukeaksesi koko foorumin raportin.


Florida Sportsmanin jäsen: zay

Tämän jälkeen päätimme lopettaa ja pudottaa sabikit alas joillekin elävä syötin ja täynnä livewell joitakin mukava sikari minnows sitten alkoi vetoa uudelleen. Ei 5 minuuttia, kun saamme kaksinkertaisen kahden mukavan kuninkaan kanssa, jotka veljeni ja isäni olivat molemmat kiinni.

Klikkaa tästä lukeaksesi koko foorumin raportin.

Thermocline Chew

Floridan urheilijajäsen: Boattronics

Lähdin rannikkorakenteisiin ja huomasin, että termokliini on siellä cobes pinotaan ylös. We fished a number of totally different spots and crushed the cobia on all of them, going 11 for 13 before getting chased in early by a storm. Virtually all of our fish came off alien jigs.

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Northeast Cobia

Florida Sportsman member: OnTop~170

Proper earlier than I climb off the tower I determine to pitch another in and let her sink and bam another hook up. This time I set the hook I don’t know what number of occasions and muscle the fish in. Finally I get one on the gaff and it went 39 kilos.

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Northeast Blue Marlin

Florida Sportsman member: Captjeffcrabtree

As we have been talking concerning the circumstances being too good for a billfish, the left flat gets hammered. Because it’s dumping a 50 vast, we see a bill thrashing up prime. At that point we knew we found him. Cleared the strains and 15 minutes later launched a gorgeous blue marlin in the 150 pound class.

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Jumbo Hoo

Florida Sportsman member: CZKid

Forum member CZKid caught this 93 pound Wahoo on his last day of the Wahoo Shoot Out.

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Northeast Wahoo

Florida Sportsman member: out of the blue

Picked a pair numbers off the temp charts and plugged them into the machine and off we went, we stayed mainly in 130 ft water 15 to 23 line. We obtained bit inside 30 minutes of trolling and pulled the hook , for a bit I assumed, dangerous signal then Michael acquired on his first northeast florida hoo, it obtained fascinating because we missed Three bites in a row. We just couldn’t work out how they don’t get hooked at 15 knots with 2 mustad 10/0 hooks, then luck changed and we obtained the subsequent Three fish and headed for house.

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Crazy Cobia Action

Florida Sportsman member: Boattronics

Arriving on the spot, my eyes bulged as the new Lowrance marked the bottom, there was little question in my mind what I used to be taking a look at. I deployed the Ipilot, and inside only a couple minutes, I used to be bent over the gunnel with a very good fish! The subsequent hour and a half of fishing was absolute mayhem! In less than two hours, I boated 10 cobia!

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Lengthy Runs and A Lot of Fish

Florida Sportsman member: AUcary

Because it approached the boat it seemed like a huge blackfin 30 ft again, that’s once we saw the stripes! Wahoo! Chris put a pleasant gaff job on the fish and we had our first hoo of 2015 within the boat! Time for a beer!

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Northeast Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: minnowsnmonsters

Our first cease was in 62 ft of water, about 6 miles from the jetties, and we found a ton of snapper from little chickens as much as 22 to 23 inch fish, a number of respectable bass however principally simply legals and shorts. Luckily we discovered 2 keeper grouper with one being 24 1/Eight inches and the other around 27-29 inches.

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Fishing with New Buddies

Florida Sportsman member: model14

We next moved and located a goldmine of fish. Catch included many black seabass, numerous ringtail porgy, an enormous bull purple, and a nice pink snapper. I used to be really glad to see the boys get on some fish. Bait was squid, sardines, grunt and boston mackerel.

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Northeast Bottom Chew

Florida Sportsman member: minnowsnmonsters

We caught a couple of more simply brief grouper on that spot together with 12 to 15 snapper and a few bass earlier than we decided it was time to maneuver. Bait of selection all day was boston mackerel, the small livies have been being inhaled by sea bass and snapper immediately upon hitting the underside.

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Weekend Wahoo

Florida Sportsman member: out of the blue

The brief flat starts to sing round 11am and we obtained our first excessive velocity trolling hoo in the boat! Put strains back in water after which obtained a pleasant fish at 57.5 pounds.

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Northeast Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: benchmark

We fished only massive hooks and tried to avoid them. No luck, caught them on every part we put down and launched them all. Luke caught his private greatest trigger, he was very completely satisfied young man. We also caught scamp, gags, and plenty of pink snappers.

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Breaking in the New Boat

Florida Sportsman member: Lug Man

We drifted the spot and put about 2 dozen baits in the reside properly anyway. My buddy decided he didn’t need to run another 15 miles within the slop so we simply hung round 9 mile and drifted baits. We caught principally sharks and pink snapper which have been released to swim free.

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Northeast Offshore

Florida Sportsman member: Richardrbloom

I gave the fish one other 30 yards or so then threw it into strike and held on. Then the shotgun rod goes off and my buddy Austin grabs it. We had a double hookup for a few minute till mine came off again. We fought his fish to the boat and after just a few minutes of preventing it I sunk the gaff into it.

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Operating Deep within the Bay Boat

Florida Sportsman member: Bigchocolatelab

Determined to make a transfer and pressed on eastward. Next spot, dropped squid on hen rigs and livies and obtained into em. Discovered good soccer measurement bees, triggers, pinkys, and other fish.

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Cobia Chaos

Florida Sportsman member: Pangaman

The small cobia raced to the jig and grunts before I might get a bait in front of the large one. I caught and launched 3 more cobia on the jig and pitch rod earlier than I was capable of get a bait in entrance of the large one. I had used all the grunts in the livewell and the one thing remaining was a half dozen small spanish sardines.

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Venice Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Blind Squirrell

We fished sardines, squid, cut-bait and reside pinfish on the bottom in 100″-110″ of water. We boxed our limit of purple grouper, combined in with massive mangroves, some flag yellowtail, a number of scamp, porgies, and lane snapper.

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Topwater Tuna Time

Florida Sportsman member: Snaphappy

Once we arrived we have been the first boat on the scene and there have been fish busting all over the place! We began casting poppers and it was recreation on instantly. For the subsequent two and half hours it was large open. We boated 10 fish on poppers and 6 on stay bait.

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Ending on a Good Word

Florida Sportsman member: bgood

We then headed off 35 miles to our first stop, the bites began off a bit of sluggish nevertheless it picked up and we caught our restrict of snapper. Three of them measuring out to 30 inches plus, we threw back fairly a number of 18 inch ones additionally.

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St. Augustine Backside Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: DoradoDreamin

We lastly changed to some hen rigs and smaller hooks and the triggers, beeliners and porgies began coming over the gunnel. A bait would not last on the bottom for even 5 seconds earlier than a fish can be biting.

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Birthday Snapper

Florida Sportsman member: Uncle_Mike

After the long run out we dropped the first bait to the underside and had a 25 pound snapper in the boat inside the first 5 minutes. After that it was non stop motion for the subsequent 2 hours. Had to pull up and depart early on account of a storm shifting in.

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Northeast Backside Bumping

Florida Sportsman member: Mirage-GNV

Baited up at a wreck then went out to 21 fathoms in considerably snotty 2 to 3 foot seas with somewhat rain combined in in addition. The vermillion chew was straightforward, the ARS’s have been fairly plentiful together with the lesser AJs, but the sharks have been thick on the ledges and reside bottom.

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Mahi and More in the Northeast

Florida Sportsman member: arunram

“We could have stayed north and killed them but we just wanted to see what’s happening south. We released some small ones and kept 12 big mahi with the biggest around 40 pounds. Then we bottom fished for a very little time and caught…”

Need to catch big grouper like these guys? Click here for how-to videos, function stories, and more.

Bam Bam Mahi

Florida Sportsman member: Bam Bam

We had fish on within a pair minutes. The fish have been chewing and we put 23 mahi in the box with including a number of studs. Had one small sailfish and saw an enormous blue marlin go through a faculty of peanut dolphin and are available out of the water with one in his mouth about 20 yards from the aspect of the boat.

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Northeast Mahi Madness

Florida Sportsman member: no peekin

We caught fish on plastics and skirted ballyhoo.Ended up preserving 20 fish and released some others.All have been nice fish with 5 going over 30 kilos and the large fish hit the planer and was 36.8 kilos.

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Making it Occur within the Slop

Florida Sportsman member: T-Daddy

220 ft appeared to be the trick and we boated seven or eight Mahi, principally from 15 to 20 kilos, however one at 36 kilos. We knocked multiple off boat aspect within the rough water and teetering gaff. One Wahoo hit on the plainer coming in at 26 pounds. We had a Sailfish in the unfold as properly however he picked on one of many only two rigs with no Ballyhoo and didn’t hook up.

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Getting Fishy out of State

Florida Sportsman member: ledslinger29

Hit the ledge to discover a sluggish but steady chew on the troll, with 15 fish in the box we rode in to dive some numbers and see what we might do. Slippers have been far and wide, and received a private greatest 13 pound spiny. Also shot a 14 pound hog and a 25 pound gag, and had an general good day.

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Crushing the Cobes

Florida Sportsman member: Boattronics

Next trip, Luis headed south with me once more, and this time Jason the duck slayer acquired invited. Recent off of grounding restrictions from telling a fish “secret” lol, he was desperate to redeem himself to the rest of the crew, which he did get to try this day!

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Bringing Residence Some Trophies

Florida Sportsman member: capcioffi

Time goes on and we spot a huge rip with weeds throughout it in 800 ft. We go down one aspect (inside) and it isn’t producing. Reduce throughout the weed/rip line and the water jumps 3 degrees. In come a number of the marlin lures and out goes the meat. Inside 5 minutes we get hit!

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Wrecking the Wahoo in the Northeast

Florida Sportsman member: 15whaler

“When we have a wahoo strike, its like a car accident. We are traveling at 13 to 20 knots, the fish is a torpedo, traveling at 30 to 40. Its a very violent collision.” Englert continued “We don’t throttle down, though. When we get a fish to the boat, I want you to grab the shock leader and secure the trolling weight. Walk everything to the front of the bow. That’s your job, understand?”

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Beating the Backside, Northeast Fashion

Florida Sportsman member: JSiler21

We had a pair cool surprises also. My dad reeled up a grunt on a hen rig and determined to only open the bail and send it right back down the best way it was. Inside 30 seconds his rod doubles over and the line begins screaming off the penn battle 6000. I made a decision clear a line we had on the bottom with another stay grunt on it and when it came tight, my rod additionally doubled over. The penn senator 4/zero cranked within the fish very quickly and to my shock was my first bull pink!

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Backside Chew within the Northeast

Florida Sportsman member: redpro

Chew wasn’t on hearth but we managed a great meat trip. Passed a nice rip around 130 ft that made us want we have been trolling. Caught our restrict of beeliners to four kilos and some good triggers, one virtually hitting Eight kilos!

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Backside Fishing from the Bay Boat

Florida Sportsman member: Bigchocolatelab

Chew has been frequent and constant. Went out previous couple of days with some associates within the Coastal Bay and found them in 80-110 ft. Acquired into a mixture of nice BSB, triggers, B-liners, ARS, and a nice 15 pound gag! Couldn’t discover the cobia everyone’s been posting on the discussion board about.

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Superior Day On And In The Water

Florida Sportsman member: renovator

In between dives we fished and loaded up with some nice fish, threw again a number of purple snapper, and acquired a scamp at the finish of the day. 4 lobster made the trip back to the dock as properly. Discovered some new backside numbers as well.

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Educating Them Young

Florida Sportsman member: capcioffi

I took my 5-year-old Cohen out Saturday earlier than the climate entrance to snag some fish. In the morning it was gamey with some huge rollers and aspect chop, but little man was recreation and put his fishing face on. It took me 30 years to get my first pink snapper on a spinner and located a faculty of fish 16 miles out to place him on his first at age of 5. We caught over 70 pink snapper, 14 vermillion snapper, 10 triggerfish, 6 small sharks, 1 sheepshead (Brother snagged him sniffing the bait), and 1 sea bass […]

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Nearshore King for the Smoker

Florida Sportsman member: creekgeek

The fish headed due east but we caught up fairly shortly and stayed on prime of her as there were loads of different boats in that area. I have not caught lots of huge kings so, once I first noticed it down in the clear water, I was greater than a bit of excited at it’s measurement. Plus, I’m a fisherman and you all know that adds a minimum of 25-50% to the dimensions of any good fish! One good circle or three and Bob put the gaff in her and we had our first seashore king. Mahtava. I know a number of you’ve been catching 30 pounders this summer time and I actually had little question that we had one but these have to be some big fish as a result of I assumed this was a whopper and it solely weighed…25 pounds.

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Elton Backside Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: Phinatical

Cleared the inlet around 6:25 Saturday with a crew of four plus my recon man (diver) Pat. Hunted pogies with little to point out from one throw, they have been simply scattered in all places but never balled up anyplace, so we pointed her east for the 50mi journey to Elton. Stopped brief at TW to look around and then stored heading east. Pulled up on the primary spot and on the first drift starting pulling up monsterous seabass. Most have been straightforward 16 inches and fat if no more. We additionally acquired a couple fat beeliners off this spot and launched some pig pink snapper. We moved somewhat and then just a little extra and found some more nice bottom and dropped on it, pulling up an african pompano, two pink porgies, a very nice mango, and then the cobia confirmed up beneath the boat along with some amberjack.

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Southeast Gap Sails

Florida Sportsman member: Triple A

Went to the rip and it was tough, turned south and pounded our approach to the southeast gap to get a number of kings for the smoker. Put the baits out in around 55-60 ft of water. Not ten minutes went purchase we had our first hit. It took off like a smoker king would then it jumped. Dad referred to as a cuda but I saw a sail and invoice. Fought the fish for good whereas acquired him within the boat for a picture and then again within the water. He revived shortly and swam off. Appeared back
in the direction of land and noticed nothing however dark skies the wind decide up however we stuck it out. After the storm skirted us we continued fishing with nothing but sharks, with our baits dying and searching pathetic we put out our remaining spread and have been calling it quits at 1:30. Around 1:15 we noticed a sail free jumping south east off the bow we turned in the direction of him and did not see him, 5 minutes later we now have another sail on the identical rod, reel, and rig we caught the first sail on, after one other good battle the fish was shortly revived and swam off.

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Backside Bumpin’

Florida Sportsman member: Bigchocolatelab

Arrived at spot and seas constructed somewhat but not too dangerous. SW wind combined with the SE swell to create a confused format, however it was undoubtedly fishable! We decided to drift fish with reside bait and located action immediately.

First fish as much as bat was an assortment of seabass and beeliners. After that 2 of us stuck into a doubleheader of respectable fish. First fish at the boat was an enormous Purple snapper…and again he goes. Subsequent fish was a nice Cobia! After a gaff malfunction we finally received him in and cracked open a number of beers. Only 30 minutes in and the day started off right!

We drifted handed the spot and reset. This time we threw two flat strains out with massive reside pogies and began to backside bump again. The drift produced once more solely this time Massive amberjacks and pink snappers showed themselves. As have been drifting, each flat strains go off[…]

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Mayport Wahoo & Dolphin

Florida Sportsman member: mikelavine

Headed out of Mayport round 6:30 and stopped at 30 miles as a result of a scarcity of time immediately. Fishing in 100 ft of water, we obtained on a number of cudas immediately. After a few hour, we landed a 20 pound king with a curious cobia following that we couldn’t get to eat the bait. He lastly swam off and acquired the strains back out. Within 10 minutes had successful and pulled in a 10 pound dolphin. At 10am we had successful on the ballyhoo and by the point the rod was off the outrigger, the reel was smoking and got here close to being spooled on a freight practice of a run. Received the strains up and had a 15 minute struggle without even seeing the fish. The fish decided to take off again after which snap…my rod broke in two under the third eyelet. Loistava. We rigorously stored preventing and 5 minutes later my buddy yells, “Thats a big wahoo!” Acquired him subsequent to the boat, gaffed, and within the boat he got here!

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Busy Day on the Ledge

Florida Sportsman member: arunram

That was my second offshore trip and I felt like I used to be in a dream. That water was cobalt blue!! I might never forget this trip in my life. The mahi mahi jumping and tail strolling in the air was a wonderful sight to see. We additionally noticed a 15 foot hammerhead shark cruise by us that scared the dwelling daylights out of me. Boy, pulling these groupers up is like pulling a child elephant from 120 foot water. These offshore monsters undoubtedly whooped me! Thanks very a lot to Jimmy, Jerry and his crew for having me aboard the “Another Tangle”. It was a dream come true!

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Trippin’ Out on Tripletail

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness

Me and Steve AKA Pilingjunkie, hit the water round 8:00am for a day in the Inlet. Acquired out there and there was nothing occurring. Received a pile of Whiting but the desirable species have been simply not there. First time in a while that the Inlet was a wash. Around 1ish i get a name from Tony(Boattronics). Turns out he had some luck discovering the Triple Tails. He gave us a couple of tips about easy methods to catch them and donated a dozen or so stay Shrimp. Hadn’t actually meant on making the journey up the coast however we actually wanted to reclaim our dignity after the butt kicking we took in the Inlet. We took off towards Nassau following the coast at around 40-50 ft. We discovered some respectable fish free swimming. Managed to get Steve his first TT and man, what a killer expertise!! these things go in all places! They bounce and pull like crazy. Now in fact im all types of pumped and need me one in every of these dangerous boys!

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Mayport “Jurassic Drum”

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness

Hit the water with another of our fellow forum members, Trevor, AKA, Shadowcast777. Stevo(Pilingjunky) hooked me up with around 2.5 dozen reside Blue Crabs 2 days in the past and decided to place them dangerous boys to make use of. We initially have been planning on doing something totally different but no one had stay Shrimp. Once we acquired out to the Inlet, we set up shop on the South rocks. Arrange an excellent unfold of rods and kicked again. Wasn’t but perhaps ten minutes earlier than the first rod goes stripping. Had Trevor maintain it. 15 minutes cross and hes received a stud Bull Purple in the boat. We set back up and it isn’t lengthy before we have now another Bull within the boat. Both fish have been proper at 40″. The chew died down so we dragged up and hit another space[…]

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Playin’ the Drums

Florida Sportsman member: samsiam74

After wanting high and low for some Blue Crabs, we headed out… The weather man’s report last night time stated 10-12 NW winds and sunny. Nice by the standards that Steve and I encountered during the last couple of days! Properly, the climate man received the sunny part proper nevertheless it was frigid this morning and the wind was a very good 18-20 steady out of the north till about midday. Water was choppy as could possibly be however we crept out to a spot that appeared doable and anchored up.

Strains go out and never ten minutes later Sing is doing the tango behind the boat as he wrestles his PB Drum as much as the floor.. A guess can be round 35 kilos… What a pleasant method to start the day! We ship that massive fish again down and features go back out… A half hour goes by and certainly one of his rigs begins doubling over again!

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Mayport Inlet Reds

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness

<a href=”“>

Me and my buddy Tim went out right now for a number of hours of sheepshead fishing. Acquired to our goal space at the Little Jetty rocks. Didn’t need to tough the Inlet because of the weatherman’s prediction of high winds and 3-5 foot seas. We wasted an hour or so at the Little Jetties and managed nothing aside from a keeper Sea Bass. Appeared pretty calm out so i made a decision to examine the Inlet simply in case the climate prediction was off. Glad i checked. Lifeless calm, no wind and fewer than 1 foot seas. Mikä vitsi. Anyhow, the sheepshead chew was very sluggish in the inlet immediately. Didn’t see anybody catching. determined to use up the dozen Giant Blue Crabs i introduced as a again up. Received a number of bull reds and misplaced something very giant.[…]

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Slaying the Porgies

Florida Sportsman member: Morocco_madness

I actually loved fishing for Sheepshead utilizing a jighead. Took a second to get used to it however was a whole lot of enjoyable. The Chew at our first spot turned off so we headed over to the Southern rocks. Once we obtained situated it wasn’t long before we get a couple of Respectable Sheep in the boat. A short while later Leon brings up this big Ring Tail! Neither of us have ever seen one this massive. Next factor i do know we are catching them left and right! Long story brief, we find yourself boating about 40 of this stuff. Wasn’t long before the water clarity went to crap and we referred to as it a day. An absolute blast![…]

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St. Augustine Bottom Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: blue fowl

Made the run out in nice circumstances Sunday morning. The underside chew was good with all the endangered species making a terrific displaying!!

We stored some nice triggers and a nosy cobia. Unusually enough, we didn’t get a grouper chew. We did see some blackfins feeding around 27 miles out. They have been touring at warp velocity, so we didn’t even attempt to put out a selection. it received pretty snotty later in the morning, laid down mid-day for an honest experience back in until the 15 mile mark. At that point the next East wind was some type of Northwest / South combination wind that slowed us down a bit on the top of the journey[…]

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Offshore Jax Backside Fishing

Florida Sportsman member: boattronics

We headed out to about 110′ before dropping. Motion was excellent, flat seas and minimal wind and current definitely helped. Good clear water too. We started filling the box with the tastiest demersals the underside can supply, and as we worked deeper, the action continued to get higher as we energy drifted drops out to 145′[…]

We caught big triggers, beautiful mutton snapper, grouper and cobia for the field. A couple sharks, some amberjack, and so on. And as all the time, we sifted via countless pink snappers, large vermillions and seabass that have been sadly launched.

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Northeast Sword Report

Florida Sportsman member: knot tight

We went Three/Three on swords with 1 being released and two being taken. We excessive velocity trolled within the night with only a barracuda to point out for it. We threw out ballyhoo in 400 ft within the morning and pulled the hooks on a nice wahoo and released one other barracuda. We had an ideal trip with a superior crew regardless of being surrounded by storms more than half of the journey. Because of Adrian, Casey, and Ryan for being an awesome crew in lower than splendid circumstances.

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Sunday Snapper Day

Florida Sportsman member: renovator

Left the dock with crew of Chris, Troutdiggler and his dad Mark, Mularkey, and myself just before daylight for the last day and the only day this crew was capable of get in for this “mini snapper season”, puleeeezze! Baited up at BB, fished 110 ft water and caught fish a lot of the day. Had to move around a bit to get our restrict, and together with some B’s, trigs, one gag, and plenty of throw again keeper seabass. Anyhow, hope a whole lot of people have been capable of get out and benefit from the chew when you would find them.

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Birthday Fishing in St. Augustine

Florida Sportsman member: jacqueo

To begin with…let me thank everyone on the discussion board for ALL of their awesome recommendation. A few month ago I posted on right here questioning about St. Auggie fishing – AND the dreaded inlet. Rising up in South Florida the inlets are INSANE – slender, and zig-zaggy (Boynton Seashore Inlet to be particular). I hadn’t taken our new boat offshore since getting it about 4 months in the past […]

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“Guana Bite” Swordfish Report

Florida Sportsman member: beaubaker

Had a great time Saturday night time/Sunday morning on the “Guana Bite”. Because of Captain Kevin and first mate Darryl for having me and Brian along to attempt our luck at the swordfish grounds. We dropped baits within the water method south and setup drift for an extended, long, sleepless night time. Round midnight we had a very good chew on the brief/deep rod however couldn’t manage to hook that fish up. We dozed and listened to satellite tv for pc radio until sunrise when the brief/deep drag sounds again […]

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Lovely Northeast Mangrove Snapper

Florida Sportsman member: Pangaman

Started the day at 20 miles catching bait. No white bait by any means, just grunts. We loaded up with 20 or so grunts and caught 3 barracudas and a bonito on the bait spot. We headed east and put out a bonito lure since we might solely make 13 knots do to the swells being shut collectively. We caught one good bonito on the best way to our first spot […]

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Cobia Habit

Florida Sportsman member: meglacharchodon

The primary cobia hit a flat line on the Baitrunner, he put up a pleasant battle but pulled the hook ten ft from the boat. The subsequent one hit a pogie on the bottom, he came to the surface and made a spectacular bounce proper before he ran circles across the anchor rope […]

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The Ledge Report

Florida Sportsman member: knot tight

We had deliberate on fishing the Northeast Florida Marlin Affiliation’s Dolphin Tourney however they cancelled it on Thursday because of a Three-5 forecast. We decided to make the run still and have been pleasantly stunned. We began on a weedline in 120 and picked up a dolphin and a wahoo shortly. Fished it for some time but solely had a number of small bites so we headed east. We picked up a blackfin on the best way east in about 150 ft. Had a nice fish mild up the planer rod and pulled the hooks after about Three minutes on the rod […]

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Church Fishing Event

Florida Sportsman member: KINIB

So I had been considering for some time now of the way to provide again to my church and have fun on the similar time. I am blessed to know numerous nice guys on this fishing group we now have right here and got here up with the thought to attempt to hold a church fishing event. My thought was to attempt to get three captains to take 4 anglers a bit fishing for the day and with this also increase money for numerous charities the church participates in […]

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STUD Phins!

Florida Sportsman member: CEE-STUD

It was one thing after one other that has stored the CEE-STUD off the water for this dolphin season. Lastly we had a climate window and nothing was stopping us this previous Thursday. Sticking to our normal schedule, we have been crossing the ledge at around 7 a.m. The water was inexperienced inshore presently. We continued east until we found cobalt blue water in 1100 ft. There we picked up of a bunch of huge patches of weed and scattered weed. We determined to start out right here […]

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Hotspur Fishing Report

Florida Sportsman member: benchmark

Acquired talked into one other last minute trip with noaa forecast at Three to five ft Friday. Took Chuck and Officer Rob from AZ off to seek out the mahi chew. Actually need to get again to work and see if we’re still in enterprise. Fish have been chewing with the barometer bouncing up and down. Had 10 fish in the first 1 hour of fishing and ended up with 25 for the day. Released numerous schoolies to develop greater.

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Cobia Insanity

Florida Sportsman member: Maverick

Dad had a buddy from work come into city this weekend and needed to get on the cobia. Went out Saturday (5/5) to some pretty calm seas and high hopes. Labored it all day to only discover 2 fish with lockjaw. Fairly discouraging. Acquired up at the moment (5/6) and figured we might head to Nassau Sound to see if we might get anything going…NADA. Went back to our unique technique and we discovered em’ […]

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Mayport Cobia Journey

Florida Sportsman member: ledslinger29

Not a nasty wanting field, and that's not the half of it.

It’s cobia and flounder season, for positive, though you wouldn’t all the time realize it from checking the floor of the seas.

Go slightly deeper, as FS member ledslinger29 did, and also you’ll see the fish. He posted a quick however pointed report about his trip off Maport on the FS Discussion board.

Read ledslinger29’s publish and thread right here.

The Fish Whistle

Florida Sportsman member: Fish Whistle

It’s been awhile since a grind had to sharpen some senses. Left Mayport around 5 a.m. Saturday to good flat seas and picked up bait. Headed offshore for some Moppin N’ Boxin. Our target species was the “mysterious” mutton. LOL! Fished the 30 30 – 30 05 We picked at them slowly the entire journey had 20 i consider. Appeared to be biting better within the day in 140ft. They are slowing down for those who like them better get em’, had two good mangos and a yellowtail, triggers we scattered alongside the break and loads of pinkies to raid you bait! Jacks are biting extremely nicely! […]

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Current Cobia Motion!

Florida Sportsman member: Boattronics

Recently there have been quite a number of inquiries concerning the cobia chew, so right here ya go! Final yr I met a buyer that was clearly into cobia fishing. Each dialog we had, immediately gravitated in the direction of that specail fish that we both love a lot. A friendship was cast and we went cobia fishing, and had a great time. He referred to as me again a couple weeks ago to do some more work, and once once more we have been speaking about cobia […]

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Florida Sportsman member: Pullin’ Out

Left the inlet early wednesday morning to a black rough sea. took our time getting out, so we didnt beat the boat or ourselves to dying. made it to 150′ @ 67 deg, put within the excessive velocity lures and continued east. made it to 250′, noticed a pleasant rip, cross it to seek out 70 deg water temp and turn south to troll down the rip. within 5 minutes we had a small dolphin on, put him in the cooler. reset the high velocity and one other dolphin is […]

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Wahoo on Sabbatical

Florida Sportsman member: bigfishliar

<a href="

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