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Ten thousand faces of Siddharthan ur Furor Teutonicus

Various versions of Siddharthan

by Evert Mouw

Ebook Assessment; additionally cultural analysis and opinion.

Siddhartha – Eine Indian Dichtung
Hermann Hesse
Erstausgabe Berlin 1922
Ausgabe 1950 Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt
für den Buchclub Ex Libris Zürich


In a small bookstore in Zurich, Hermann Hessen, I got here to Siddhartan's booklet. I received to know this identify in Ascona, where we visited Eranos with the Dutch Jung Association. Since 1900, Monte Verità Ascona was an lively hippie-like motion, together with intellectuals and artists. This was the early precursor of the New Age movement and the 60's hippies. The actions are traditionally unbiased of each other, with a couple of exceptions: the hippies would also wish to read Siddhartan, written by Hermann Hesse, a visitor to Monte Verità. The companion asked me to read the booklet; and so Siddharta descended to my reading area.

Over half a yr later I lastly acquired it. Germany is pretty mediocre, but studying is usually working for me. And positively this e-book is straightforward to read in the unique language. No bombastic long phrase, not too many troublesome phrases – the language is straightforward and the story is linear, because the writer doesn’t need written tips to make an influence. What an attractive e-book! Some pages, with out theft, clarify some of probably the most troublesome ideas in East Mystic considering.

By probability, my girlfriend, together together with her girlfriends who make up a membership or a e-book club, additionally planned to learn Siddhart this yr. It created good conversations and enthusiasm. I immediately take the freedom to steal their pictures to point out which versions are in movement, comparable to:

Totally different versions of Siddhartan

That's why I learn it myself in German and eventually I favored it as a result of some phrases of translation nonetheless lose nuances. Typically I exploit a German spelling message referred to as "Veda" used by Hermann Hessen, resembling "the Moon", and typically in Dutch or English, comparable to "Maya". Hope it doesn't hassle.

I mainly talk about what I observed, specifically the implicit criticism of the 1922s industrial, urban, patriarchal western tradition.

In this dialogue I assume that he has learn the ebook "Siddhartha" in the meantime. . I can undoubtedly advocate it. For many who do not need it, there are numerous quotes from the ebook supporting the dialogue under within the paragraph under, entitled “Appendix: Book Siddhartha Sections”.

The doctrine just isn’t wisdom

Compliance with the subject is irrelevant as a result of wisdom cannot be conveyed by words, but only experienced by itself. This wisdom is associated with Self, the disappearance of opposites (duality) and the unification of every thing into one stream (non-duality) in order that even time disappears. That is greatest achieved by dwelling in nature and figuring out and absorbing life (nature). This seems to me to be passive and divorced: not to pressure nature (industrially) and (wrongly) use, however to reside in concord with it.

Plato is claimed to have left "unwritten doctrine". I personally suspect that his highest research couldn’t be written both because his cave allegory suggests that seeing the very best varieties provides entry to a better world, which can also be a extra real world.

Unity, non-duality and the destruction of the ego

Siddharta's reference is perfect. It consists of the whole lot, ten thousand faces, life and demise. It reminds me of Uroboros, as Carl Jung's scholar Erich Neumann describes in his guide the origin of consciousness. The everlasting snake bites its personal, eating constantly, in a circle. Not but born baby within the womb does not know the time, the difference. It is just later that the world could have time for him and will differ between the Nice Mom and the Father. Mother (nation) comes first; father and his transcendence (heaven) later. The young, ever-evolving ego-complex is all the time in peril of Oeroboros swallowing again; and that the expertise is nice, it’s the feeling of unity, epersonalization and the disappearance of time.

As consciousness continues to evolve and stand out from this unity, there’s a greater information that can’t be expressed by phrases. Neo-Platonists referred to as this Nous. It is troublesome to differentiate between "Om" and "Nous"; each are troublesome to explain in phrases, and each are the form of all present consciousness.

Very totally different from Siddharta is Sudan (Odin), who doesn’t take part in unity, but flies high in the air and sometimes wanders the ground disguised. The German religion appeared to be the other of Siddhartan's views; The latter was a sort of passivity, the previous was very targeted on motion. Wudan knew he was dying in Ragnarok, however he had decided to be drowned. In Edda, the place the Viking stories are, you can too see that the goddesses or Nornites are referred to as Urds, Verdand and Skuldis: Past (Primal), Presence (Future) and Future (Guilt). There is a time for them, and fate is just not yet certain. Nevertheless, like Siddharta, Wudan also had a patient waiting for an necessary constructive function: the hunter have to be patient.

As a footnote, I need to add that even within the Jung model, there could also be many personalities (and hence complexes and maybe several shadows). The mixing of Persona and Shadow results in the Self, which is bigger than the ego complicated, and can also be related to myths and images of collective unconsciousness, and is thus transpersonal. You can too think about "ten thousand faces" with ten thousand individuals (masks). Hermann Hesse additionally makes use of his guide "mask". Subsequently, it’s attainable to see his message not as the destruction of the ego, however the Persona and the shadow integrated into the transpersonal. Nevertheless, because of his chtonic alliance with every thing that can also be expressed by the joyful acceptance of the shipowner Vasudeva's dying and the loss of his complete id, I search to see the development of Siddharta to destruction or absorption. Oeroboros. Here, I have supported the ultimate circumstances of the passive factor.

Observe that the sensible previous man, the shipowner who brings individuals over the water, is known as Vasudeva. Vasudeva is another identify for the very best God or being.


It isn’t clear to me to what extent Siddharta describes Hinduism. I think there are lots of similarities. When the world is seen as an phantasm (Maja) and one needs to escape from the delivery wheel (Sansara), it provides a passive, ascetic angle to the world. Then again, there are also heroes of Hindustan. I think that Siddharta provides an excellent image of a specific motion or group in Hinduism; especially brahmin and yoga.

Christianity additionally has asceticism. YHVH just isn’t about joining unity, however definitely in response to the New Testament, believers aren’t "this world". Nevertheless, there isn’t any unity with the world, but with God and / or the Holy Spirit. And since Christianity can also be referred to as platonism for the plenty, we also see one thing comparable on Plato. This world will not be actual, it might consist of shadows (reminiscent of Maya); Yet we must attempt for a better, more real world, by respecting the legal guidelines and by displaying in this world that we’re more valuable. Daimon of Socrates informed him concerning the wisdom of the God of Apollo.

Participation in Mysticism

Several parts, such as the unpunished and the dwelling in the meanwhile, have turn out to be half of Mindfulness and numerous actions in trendy (religious) considering. The form of unity seems to be the Oeroboros where the ego (the person) is destroyed; Passivity is a component of this because an lively angle requires a stronger egocomplex.

The mysticism of participation must definitely be given a ravishing, healing and sacred feeling; Nevertheless, the hero is looking for Grail, the upper itself, which has just fled from this Uroboro.

The extra we return to historical past, the more we see the character disappearing underneath the collective wraps. And if we go straight to primitive psychology, we will't find any trace of the individual idea. As an alternative of individuality, we find only a collective relationship or what Lévy-Bruhl requires participation in mysticism (Jung, [1921] 1971: par. 12). Wikipedia

Siddharta has quite a bit of admiration for Buddha, however because he doesn’t anticipate redemption from any educating, he does not need to grow to be his disciple. True knowledge cannot be conveyed in words. Buddhist followers "in pursuit" have a "doctrine" that tries to get right into a "higher"; however in line with Siddharta, it's just in entrance of you, you’ll be able to't see it because you're wanting too far; a unit the place the facility already exists; you simply have to offer it in, let go of yourself, you must embrace the current; after which the creek laughs, a sort of gentle, pleased smile, because reading covers all the things, life and dying, all ten thousand faces that you are all.

Is that this good? You lose your character; the ego-complex, the core of self-consciousness, is misplaced in the movement of this life. Surrender, objectives, teachings, possessions, and the whole lot: does it threaten?

And at the similar time it’s so engaging … to break up with the participatory method. Typically in a "dream" of a meditative experience of unity, it may be refreshing. Nature (cyclically) regenerates.

Duality and Psychological Situation

I all the time assume of each elements of this topic: both giant archetypes, two redemption paths: again to Uroboro (self-destruction) or ascending above Sansara (a sort of eternal) are). Is the mixture attainable? In line with Erich Neumann, the psychological state arises as a result of two archetypes separate from Uroboro and create and outline the world (psychological state): the Nice Mom (earth) and Father (heaven) Father.

In Taoism, you see an identical mannequin: from absolutely the, the non-double Tao, the Yin (female principle, the earth) and the Yang (male principle, the sky) are born. The dynamic stability between the 2 characterizes the world.

Did Hermann Hesse need to utterly remove mental state? Written in 1922, this ebook can be seen as a criticism for the then industrial, patriarchal, Christian society. The return to easy life in nature is strictly what they did with Monte Verita. When the Great Mom disappears, the archetype retreates to collective unconsciousness and continues to rise. That is how you see within the Church that the Blessed Virgin Mary received an essential place.

Romantic want for nature

Die Reformide auf dem Monte Verità, which inspired the Anhänger Fand Nature Reserve. Lebensreformbewegung is a Gegenströmung zur verstehen and Technologie der Gusterschaft zu verstehen. Hermann Hesse – Monte Verità (Martin Radermacher, 2011)

The journey company took this image final yr to the Monte Verità Visitor Middle:

  Das Volk im Heutigen Staat - Das Volk im Zukunftstaat Das Volk im heutigen Staat – Das Volk im Zukunftstaat

Nevertheless, the brand new "nature-people" have been typically intellectuals, artists and other wealthy class. Working with the earth and the earth was not a method for them to outlive, however a approach to escape from the world that hit them.

The 20th century broch set of Gleichgesinnten with Henri Oedenkoven, Ida Hofmann, Gustav Gräser and Dessen Bruder Karl, of Switzerland, with the most important Südlich alpine geeigneten Platz für eine vegetarian Naturheilanstalt zu finden. Köpfe der Gruppe was the Belgian banker son Henri Oedenkov (1875–1935) and dies in Musiklehrer and Pianist Ida Hofmann (1864–1926). Hermann Hesse – Monte Verità (Martin Radermacher, 2011)

Actual Nature Individuals Stay and Nature; they will not often permit luxurious to give up protein-rich meat. As well as, it doesn’t exist in their minds. Doubt, a sort of rejection of tradition, isn’t the same because the harmonious relationship between nature and tradition.

The romantic longing again to the natural state is just not solely seen in Hermann Hessen. In Germany, the Nazis can be very best. Later, the Greens continued to move when GroenLinks is presently operating within the Netherlands. In all instances, with the Nazis and GroenLinks, you'll see an assault on Logos. I beforehand wrote Fidusista and unnatural Romantics. Scientific journalist Rypke Zeilmaker writes about this subject in his weblog, fascinating occasions: ecology for the 21st century.

Indo-Aryan Background

Back to Indian Dichtung. To raised understand the ebook, it’s helpful to know the historical context and some of the concepts of Hindu worldview.

The so-called Indo-Iranian or Aryan tribes as soon as conquered Iran and India. Their language and faith have been virtually equivalent. Later it might develop aside. The gods or titans or the good heroes have been first Asura or Ahura. They might affect the world with Maya, a sort of magical considering or artistic energy. It could possibly be used for good and dangerous. The order of the world was maintained by Rta, a better order and a pressure above Maya.

These tribes believed that man had an immortal soul that may both come after dying or rebirth. Buddhism denies the existence of the unchanging Atman or the soul. Some of you’re again once more, however it isn’t unchanged. This lesson known as Anatra. Siddharta is just not interested in the teachings of the Buddha, though he additionally recognizes him as the one who has attained the very best.

In India (Medes and Persians), Zoroaster later introduced a monotheistic religion during which God, Ahura-Mazda, was worshiped. The battle between good and evil is being fought right here on earth. The clergymen have been additionally referred to as Magi or Magi or Mago. Some of these Magi come to the gospel once they come to deliver tributes and presents to the new child Jesus.

Nevertheless, in India many Asura lost their position; so-called Devi took over. Maya also received a nasty identify because Asura was offended by it. In addition, it was necessary to seek out your personal Atman, your true soul, which was related with the good Brahman. Maya was increasingly seen as an phantasm; and since this concrete, pernicious world was created via Maya, the bizarre world was also suspected. The Saints tried to fast and follow (asceticism and meditation) making an attempt to hurry up their commitment to this world. And but they knew it was virtually unattainable; you can’t come to the place of the unmanageable, undivided Atman, the place there are not any real, broken, pernicious concepts. Even the time itself is Maya, just like the story of Krishna and Narada.

Siddhartha finally managed to study the operating water from Atman.

Although this is lovely: Think about what it will be like if all the individuals reside like this! In Hinduism, subsequently, Dharma can also be an essential precept: in any case, it’s essential to comply with Rada, even in the Maya world, because Maya can also be topic to Rta. In addition, often only individuals coming from Brahman's caste stay as an ascetic and typically lonely life. Other cabinets are mandatory for a wholesome social structure.

Hermann Hesse does not make this reservation so clear. He had three marriages, all three led to divorce; so even in his personal life, he doesn't seem to have a lot attention to the construction, and the order is sure to the creator, Brahman. So the movement of Monte Verità was shifting and for those people who needed to flee the previous, compulsive construction and needed to stay as a bohemian. It isn’t attainable for everyone, nor for everyone. It’s profitable if society allows a gaggle of individuals to stay this manner, probably briefly, and expertise new issues on this method. Thank you to individuals like Hermann Hessen for having more room now.

Pseudo-eastern mysticism is on the rise

But we’ve to guard towards too much "glory". For instance, the "right hippie" Rypke Zeilmaker has a nice article about his weblog rising ideas based mostly on Japanese religions, including in landscaping areas. Advisable!

In my blog publish, I replied that we might very properly accept the easy-to-use and engaging elements of Japanese religions, however depart the more durable, ascetic and better parts in hand. Printer:

There are additionally parts in Japanese considering that rely closely on self-control. Assume of the asceticism of yogis and self-conquest and religious self-control by Buddhist monks. It’s also troublesome accountable the Zen Buddhist samurai. Sometimes, the rising concept is that the very best point of japanese faith has occurred some time in the past, and that a weakened version is now missing.

The latter was the conclusion of Julius Evola in his e-book Journey the Tiger.

Why can we particularly need a simple part? I additionally gave my ideas on this. Briefly:

I feel Weber's principle of the destruction of our culture, urbanization and neurotization, in addition to feminisation, and the trauma of the 2 world wars together present a greater rationalization. One and the opposite follows very properly the mannequin of Jung's scholar Erich Neumann; a sort of (collective) decline of consciousness in Uroboros, where there isn’t any time or difference, and the place individuals need to destroy themselves within the Great. On this context, Neumann additionally speaks of castration, which has been voluntarily disassembled. The Great Father (Archetype) is in Heaven, The Nice Mom (Archetype) is the Earth; the psychological state of the area between them. Once we move psychologically collectively, it seems clear to me.

Because of our technological society, we’re removed from nature and our personal biology (Great Mom). For example, many feminists have problem identifying the impact of hormones. On the similar time the Father is not the Father; Nietzsche talked about "the death of God" and the splashing of blood on the wall that we, the murderers, had to pay for. Briefly, the psychological state has decreased. The fears of nice powers of ourselves are afraid of us, let us not escape the good collective the place we must deny ourselves: climate nervousness.

Western Choice

Dion Fortune (Violet Mary Firth), a British psychoanalitica, occultist and Christian mystic, was quite all for Japanese religions. That's how he studied yoga. Nevertheless, he found japanese methods that have been unsuitable for the West:

The Japanese tradition and the organizations that derive from it increase rigid plant feed for each psychological and humanitarian reasons. There isn’t a Western tradition. The effect of the vegetarian weight loss plan enormously will increase the sensitivity of the nervous system and makes it even more delicate. The disadvantage of utilizing this sensitizing technique within the West is that the ensuing sensitivity is suitable for hurrying and driving the city life, and if loneliness cannot be secured, the topic could be very succesful of turning into neurastatic and affected by neuritis, neuralgia, sciatica, nervous dyspepsia, and the like.
The beginning of the Western custom overcomes his lack of relative sensitivity and in addition the density of the environment by which he has to work by concentrating forces with the ceremony. This can be very troublesome to get reliable leads to Europe with no ritual. One thing is sort of certain, but an individual who needs to use Western-style rituals must not adhere to the Japanese self-discipline system. Every is effective in its own approach and with a ball, however it is deadly to confuse. The sensitized individual is totally "bowed" by the forces created by the ceremonial work.
(Dion Fortune, Newbie Coaching and Work, 1930).

His advice to the West was not a passive, very affected person, love tradition that Hermann Hesse appears to advocate to us. He writes:

And if there was no robust hand in the service of good on the planet, evil would improve. […] There is a place where endurance turns into weak spot and wastes the time of higher males, and when grace becomes dumb and exposes harmless to danger. The policy of non-regression can only be carried out satisfactorily in a well-controlled society; it has by no means been efficiently tested in border circumstances. […] However, equally, we should keep in mind that civilization rests on the inspiration of nature, on its foundations, on the necessity for hidden sanitation. (Dion Fortune, The Mystical Qabala, 1935, Geburah 12)

So he additionally provides method to nature and biology as a basis and a place of recovery and well being each mentally and physically and socially. His system was a mixture of classical philosophy, Christianity, previous pagan ideas, and experiences of his work as psychoanalysis.

The totally different pantheons of giant cosmic religions, Egyptians, Greeks, or Christians characterize symbolic methods of abstract truths taught by their founders, the Sons of God. A Christian is a really abstract system; It has been much less anthropomized than most others. Thus, in Christianity, we see one very religious presentation of one fact, and its full tribulation requires very superior religious instinct. (Dion Fortune, Newbie Training and Work, 1930).

One fact. The reader could possibly do one thing with it. As I stated, I'm still on the lookout for something; I might have seen each Omin and Nous behind a shifting veil someplace, but their true form has passed me. Perhaps it's higher in the meanwhile.

Appendix: Extracts from the e-book Siddhartha

Spoiler Alarm!

p.51 Brahmin Siddharta becomes a service provider. Wouldn’t it really have been attainable at the moment within the present rigid caste system? This is mainly learn as a construction utilized by the writer to make his report potential. In any case, it definitely presents a nice story.

p.52 I can assume. I can Warten. I can connect. That's what Siddharta has discovered from a collection of ascetic brahmins. It seems to be a bit passive, nevertheless it definitely incorporates parts that belong more to clergymen and warriors than to merchants. Nevertheless, Siddharta exhibits that these features can be helpful in different areas. The merchant asks Siddharta a very good question: so hast du vom Besitz has changed. Actually, beggars do it; I used the word "passive" earlier. The response that Siddharta provides is somewhat unsatisfactory, but in the Hermann Hesse story the service provider is happy about it.

p.59 All of the cousin Menschen makes you Klug … cousin daran lying. Kamaswami is ebenso Klug wie ich, and hat however deine Zuflucht himself. Andre haben sie, a bit baby's mind. They have been Menschen, Kamala, Blatt, who because the fall has been Luft, und schwankt, und taumelt zu Boden. Andre aber, wenige, sind wie Sterne, that the hen is een feste Bahn, the best way Wind toicht sie selber haben, that it’s marvelous. All of them are coated with yellow and pink pineapples, which are many and can’t be forgotten. Es ist jener Gotama, der Erhabene, der Verkünder jener Lehre. Tausend Jünger Jedi Tag Seine Lehre, folgen jeder Stunde Seiner Prescription, aber sie underneath you fallen Laub, niece in the sich selbst haben s. Lehre und Gesetz. So most people rotate a bit, but some select their very own course, as in the event that they have been stars within the sky. This is not passive, not united with the plenty.

p.68 Spiele sie nicht ein Spiel ohne Ende? Warfare es notwendig, dafür zu leben? Nin, conflict on the nicht notwendig! Dieses Spiel hieß Sansara, Spiel für Kinder, Spiel, illuminated mild pitto zu spielen, einmal, zweimal, zehnmal – aber immer und immer wieder? Capturing faith repeatedly in a rebirth wheel (Sansara) shouldn’t be what the Hindus are in search of. They need to rise above it, they reach Nirvana.

p.86 Merh aber, as Vasudeva Ihn learns frogs, Lehrte ihn der Fluß. Von man lernte er unaufhörlich. For everybody, Zuhören, Lauschen, continues to be Herzen, what wartender, Seele geoffn, ohne Leidenschaft, oh Wunsch, no Urteil, ohne Meinung. This can be a bit like a modern "spirituality" and Mindfulness. No hopes, no judgment. He learns that the (water) stream, energy or river. He also learns from this water stream that time does not likely exist: daß es keine Zeit gibt… daß der Fluß überall zugleich ist, am Ursprung and different Münchung, am Wasserfall, an der Fähre, an der Stromschnelle, im Meer, im Gebirge, erall , zugleich, und för ihn nur Gegenwart gibt, n. Schatten Zukunft? … Da sah ich me Leben and wars eu Fluß… I have been Sihharthas frühere Every so often small Verhangheit, und Seine Rückkehr zu Brama keine Zukunft. Ladies preventing, disguising the alarm sign; every thing is all with Wesen and Gegenwart. In other words, time is an phantasm, every thing is at the similar time, all the things is current (now). What then do I ask myself: if every little thing is set now, if every little thing already exists from beginning to finish, can individuals still make their own decisions? The shaped model appears to me to be determinism. Without time, without the previous and the longer term, virtually virtually looks like a flight from the world. Is the world still without time?

s.87 der Flu hat to the Stimmen, sehr to the Stimmen? What is it about Stimme eines from Königs, und eines from Kriegers, and from Stieres, und eines Yö birds, and from hostess Gebärenden, und eines Seufending, and in addition does not change Stimmen? … all Stimmen der Geschöpfte are in Seiner. … Und weißt du, Welches Wort er spricht, wenn es dir lings, all of the stranger zendra zendra zu Haren. … Das holy Om All voices, all beings gather in the word "Om". Every part is in Brahman, and Brahman is your core, it seems. neither Stimme des Lebens nor Stimme des Seienden, Ewig Werdenden. The everlasting coming that resembles Verdand, the norm of at this time (goddess of fate). But when the Vikings also had Urd (previous) and Skuld (future; blame for what's yet to return), only Verdandi seems to be in this position.

s.93 ich hörte dem Flusse zu. Happiness, good luck with salvation, thank you and finish thanks. Once more, this unity.

p.96 Have been the cousins ​​who enjoyed Lust und Macht, have been all cousins ​​in the Irrtümer silos Vater wiederholen, have been the cousins ​​lost within the mild of Ganz und gar Sansara? Here we see that lust and energy, the world, are related to Sansara, a rebirth ring that you will need to escape.

p.104 Nicht fehlte Ihnen, a hatred of Wissende und Thinker, one of the small hostile small Sache das Bewußtseis, however bewußten Thanks Einheit alles Lebens. Again, unity.

p.105 Sure, s struggle es, es comb all the things wieder, cousin zde Ende gelitten und gelöst Ward, who was letting the gel. A nice piece that exhibits that what has not been solved all the time returns. Knowingly dwelling and integrating is an alternative choice to repetition.

p.108… fell on the Stimmen im Fluß… so …… Schrei des Zorns and Stöhnen der Sterbenden… all zusammen… das Ganze, die Einheit… Om: die Vollendung Now it becomes very clear that the unity of every little thing is the perfect picture ebook.

p.109 In this village Siddharta auf, what dem Schiksal zu kämpfen, hörte auf zu lead. So stopping suffering is not opposed to (misery) destiny. Again, this sounds passive and deterministic.

p.111 Suchen heißt by Ziel haben. Finden aber heißt: frei sein, offen stehen, kein Soul haben. Right here the reader is advised not to seek anything, to not attempt, however to set himself free. It’s once more passive, united and united.

p.112 The daft du nicht einem Lehrer adopted the bist. … Weisheit ist nicht notilbar. Weisheit, Welche e Weiser mitzuteilen versucht, klingt immer wie Narrheit. Alles en innereen kan je leraar zijn, maar een leraar kan nooit wijsheid overbrengen, enkel kennis.

p.113 Ene of Warheit, ss s im immer nur aussprechen und in Worte Hüllen, wenn sin einseitig. It was not till Gedanken gedacht und Worten gesagt werden kettle, until the top of the meal, solely dangerous, still entbehrt der Ganzheit, des Runden, der Einheit. De eenheid is Rond, en includeert alle tegenstellingen. Waarheid ra zich niet beschrijven met woorden, het gaat aan de taal vooral. Dit doet me ook denken aan de Nous van de neoplatonisten, hoewel dat me toch een Echt Ander concept lijkt (hieronder meer). I scheint and so, wil wir in der Täuschung unterworfen sind, daß Zeit etwas Wirkliches sei. Zeit is nicht wirklich, Govinda, ich habe dies oft und oft erfahren. Und wenn Zeit nicht wirklich ist, i.e., Spanne, die zwichen Welt und Ewigkeit, zwischen Le und Seligkeit, zwischen Böse und Intestine zu Liegen scheint, auch eine Täuschung.

p.114 De tekst gaat verder richting een bewieroking van het verlies van onderscheidend vermogen, richting niet-handelen en niet-ego. alle Sünde trägt schon die Gnade in sich, alle kleinen Kinder haben schon den Greis in sich, alle Säugerlinge den Tod, alle Sterbenden das ewige Leben. … Es gibt in tiefen Meditation die Möglichkeit, die Zeit aufzuheben, alles gewesene, seiende und sein werdende Leben als gleichzeitig zu zehen, und da ist alles gut, alles vollkommen, alles ist Brahman. Deze versmelting en verdwijning van dualiteit geeft het ervaren van Brahman, de eigen innerlijke kern.

p.115 Früher nun hätte ich gesagt: Dieser Stein ist bloß ein Stein, er ist wertlos, er gehört der Welt der Maja an: aber weil er vielleicht im Kreislauf der Verwandlungen auch Mensch und Geist werden kann, darum schenke ich auch ihm Geltung. Maja is hier de illusie, de niet-echte wereld. Maar Siddharta komt tot de overtuiging dat ook stenen tot de kringloop, tot de eenheid behoren.

p.117 Auch bij ihm, auch bei deinem großen Lehrer, ist mir das Ding lieber als die Worte, sein Tun und Leben wichtiger als sein Reden … Nicht im Reden, nicht in Denken sehe ich seine Größe, nur in Tun, im Leben. Oftewel, niet de leer maar het leven. Opnieuw is dit een vraagteken stellen bij een leer, en daar tegenover het leven zelf stellen.

p.118 De vruchten van deze houding blijken te zijn: alles in ihm strahlt eine Reinheit, strahlt eine Ruhe, strahlt eine Heiterkeit und Milde und Heiligkeit aus En weer zien we passieve eigenschappen: rust en mildheid.

p.120 alle diese Gestalten und Gesichter ruhten, flossen, erzeugten sich, schwammen dahin und strömten ineinander, und über alle struggle beständig etwas Dünnes, Wesenloses, dennoch Seiendes, wie ein dünnes Glas oder Eis gezogen, wie eine durchsichtige Haut, eine Schale ode Type oder Maske von Wasser, und diese Maske lächelte Alle gezichten, alle maskers smelten samen, zijn eigenlijk niet substantieel want ze zijn doorzichtig. Dit is het verlies van de individualiteit in de eenheid.