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The Key to Everything | aces

The Key to Everything | aces

Josef Mifsud is the important thing to the whole lot. A yr ago I introduced this primary time and it’s now extra essential than once we had Mueller adding fog over Mifsud

Who’s Josef Mifsud?

Josef Mifsud is a mysterious figure and who he is determined by who asks. Wikipedia describes him as:

Joseph Mifsud (b. 1960) [1] is an educational in Malta, which has reported high-level contacts with the Russian authorities. [2] In 2016, he attended George Papadopoulos, Advisor to the presidential election campaign of Donald Trump, and was later accused of being a link between that marketing campaign and Russia. In 2018 he was described as missing, and the Italian courtroom mentioned his location as an "unknown residence". [3] In accordance to media reviews, she has been in Rome since April 2019. [4] In an interview held in April 2019, Rudy Giuliani revealed that Mifsud was "… the opposite guy of Malta" [5]

The Guardian

Mifsud was not mentioned in Monday's courtroom papers describing how the campaign was assisted, George Papadopoulos, lied for researchers from "foreign representatives". However his biography and his actions between Rome, London and Moscow are comparable to those of the "professor" to be appointed, as described in courtroom paperwork. On Tuesday, he admitted to the Day by day Telegraph that he was a man described in papers, but refused any misconduct or information of Clinton's e-mails.

Judicial paperwork paint him as a thief operator with deep connections contained in the Kremlin. Mifsud's angle initially modified with little interest in Papadopoulos when he discovered that Papadopoulos was working on the Trump campaign.


Mifsud was after March 2016, Honorary Director of the London Diplomacy Academy, at Stirling College, in accordance to the newest cached model of the web biography. (The web site was on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning.) He is the president of a former Slovenian-based Euro-Mediterranean university, also called EMUNI University, and was a professor at the College of Stirling in Scotland and the College. East of England in England, according to biography. He focuses on "International Relations, Public Administration and Management, Public-Private Partnerships, Diplomacy and Euro-Mediterranean Studies."

A spokesman for the Stirling College has advised a number of presses that Mifsud is at present a Full-time Instructor

Beforehand, he served because the Chief Adviser to the Ministry of Overseas Affairs of Malta and within the 1990s because the Chief Schooling Officer of that country. He helped Malta to the European Union, the biography stated. Although he has the apparent secret associated together with his connection to Papadopoulos, he has given many interviews, lots of which appear on YouTube.

The Mueller report paints Mifsud into Russian property.

But there’s extra. Rather more.

Nunes, a member of the Home Intelligence Committee, is making an attempt to get to Mifsud's loyalty. In a letter sent on Friday, the Republicans asked the CIA, FBI, National Security Agency, and division administrators about paperwork relating to a professor who had been hiding from October 2017 when he was appointed to the Papadopoulos courtroom papers [19659002] Papadopoulos committed the FBI on 5 October 2017: to false statements about his interaction with Mifsud. In January 2017, he informed FBI representatives that he had met Mifsud before joining the Trump marketing campaign.

Papadopoulos advised the FBI in an interview that Mifsud dropped him at a meeting in London on April 26, 2016. Papadopoulos stated Mifsud's assertion has discovered that Russia had "dirt" in Clinton "thousands" of his emails.

If Mifsud was affiliated with the Russians as prompt in the Special Advisor's report, "then he may have endangered him, including our Department of State, in an incredibly wide range of Western institutions and individuals," Nunes wrote in a letter acquired by The Day by day Caller News Basis and Fox. Information Announced

Mifsud, who once served as a Maltese diplomat, taught at Hyperlink Campus, a college in Rome that is in shut contact with the Western Intelligence Service, including the FBI and CIA.FBI interviewed Mifsud about Papadopoulos throughout his go to to america in February 2017.

Mueller also claims that Mifsud lied to FBI about his connections with Papadopoulos, however Mifsud was not charged.

Mueller claims in his report on Russia that Mifsud lied to the FBI about his schedule of contacts with George Papadopoulos, Adviser to the Trump Marketing campaign, a FBI's allegations have been a catalyst for the Bureau's collaborative research.

The Italian newspaper revealed that when Mifsud was first joined to Papadopoulos, he claimed to have been hiding for months, dwelling in Link International owned Rome. The company oversees the Hyperlink Campus College, a university that works intently with the scientific group in Rome.

The improvement raises various questions about Mifsud, together with whether or not he’s more intently related to Russia or the West.

It’s also unclear why Mifsud was not charged on the Mueller probe

. doesn’t talk about whether or not costs have been thought-about for a Maltese thriller man, however his remedy is in contrast to the Mueller staff mentioned with Papadopoulos, a former Trump assistant accused in October 2017 of creating false info to the FBI throughout Mifsud during an interview on January 27, 2017

. Why wasn't Mifsud charged? The query in mind needs to know. This is an fascinating time. This timeline comes from the FBI's assertion on the Papadopoulos offense.

6. March 2016 – Papadopoulos learns to be

14. March 2016 – Solely eight days later, Mifsud finds and “meets” Papadopoulos in Italy, virtually inconceivable to coincide

21. March 2016 – Papadopoulos acknowledged as advisor to the Washington Publish Trump Campaign

24. March 2016 – Pdop meets London professor. Olga Polonskaya comes with Mifsud.

26. April 2016 – Mifsud tells Pdop that the Russians had "dirt" "thousands of emails" at Hillary Clinton.

four. Might 2016 – Pdop Interviews London Occasions Criticizes David Cameron. Alexander Downer seeks to meet Pdopia by way of Erica Thompson

10. Might 2016 – Downer meets Pdop. That's how Downer stated concerning the assembly:

Papadopoulos talked about details about Hillary Clinton from Russia, which might show to be harmful, Downer advised Australia on April 28 in an interview.

Papadopoulos, whom Trump knew about harmful info, Downer additionally stated

"Otherwise [Papadopoulos] didn’t say that the conversation confirmed that Trump himself had been a conspiracy with the Russians to acquire details about Hillary Clinton. This man [Papadopoulos] knew clearly that the Russians had materials about Hillary Clinton – however did Trump know or not? Downer explained.

”He didn't say Trump knew or that Trump knew in any method. He stated it was Russian and Hillary Clinton; it wasn't Trump, ”Downer advised Australia.

The media misrepresented. In accordance to Downer, Pdop stated "harmful material" – not "emails" or "dirt". George had one glass of wine

Downer forwards info immediately to the FBI. Jeff Carlson:

Sydney Herald's Early Reporting stated:

US Ambassador Joe Hockey personally directed Australian relations with the FBI on the explosive announcements of Russian hacking in last yr's presidential election campaign. Downer handed the conversation to Canberra by way of an official cable, though apparently not immediately – perhaps because he did not take the 28-year-old advisor critically earlier than Wikileaks released hacked emails on the finish of July

Might 31, 2018, WSJ Kimberley Strassel informed a special

The diplomatic source says that Mr. Hockey didn’t cross on any info to the FBI, nor did the US strategy it on the clue. Fairly, it was Mr. Downer sooner or later decided to move on his info to the US Embassy in London.

22. July 2016 – Wikileaks Releases DNC Emails

31. July 19, 2016 – Strzok opens an intelligence

Enter Stefan Halper, whose activity appears to be the side-work of Papadopoulos and Carter

11. July 2016 – Halper meets at Pdop Cambridge in England

2. September 2016 – Halper extends to Pdop. Supplies Pdop $ 3000 for paper writing and coming to England

15. September 2016 – Pdop travels to England, meets Halper and Azra Turkish researcher underneath him. Turk sends e-mails to Pdop to await them to meet. Media reviews recommend he is a FBI, Pdop believes he is a CIA, but reporter Adam Goldberg says no more than he’s a "state researcher." Throughout their meeting, Halper has been reported to have asked Pdopia "George, Do you know about hacking emails from Russia?" He denied it

21. October 2016 – First FISA Choice – Carter, Not Papadopoulos. The website had already left the Trump campaign on September 26, 2016, however three reforms have been granted

As Nunes states, there was no intelligence to start learning Papadopoulos.

At this point, it is value noting the crucial release by Devin Nunes. There was no official inquiry to open the FBI counterclaim on July 31, 2016:

Nunes: By way of five-eye channels, our authorities didn’t get intelligence. The five-eye sensible product was not reported. There was no product.

The consequences of this are necessary.

Nunes asks the apparent question

In his letter, Nunes questioned how the FBI would have recognized that it will print Papadopoulos on Clinton emails as a result of he did not point out e-mails to Downer.

] Downer has hyperlinks to both British intelligence and Clinton Foundation.

Josef Mifsud is in contact with all this. In the intervening time, I feel there are two prospects:

One, Brennan sent Mifsud to plant the stolen Clinton e-mail story with Papadopoulos and then used Halper to help collaborative BS to take Trump down. The Obama administration has an extended historical past of spying on US residents and FISA abuses.

FISA abuses continued from 1 November 2015 to 1 Might 2016 a minimum of. They virtually definitely began earlier.

85% increase vital questions about using [Redacted] to question FISA knowledge. Though the government proclaims that it will be unable to present a reliable estimate of non-compliant queries after 2012, there isn’t a obvious purpose to consider that the durations between November 2015 and April 2016 can be unusually high error rates.

Donald Trump announced his candidacy on June 16, 2015.

Two Russians despatched Mifsud to plant a stolen e-mail story with Pdop and then Brennan, Clapper and Comey obtained and chased the flawed start line for believing Trump's worst. If the Russians threw them into spying Trump?

If it’s the first probability that folks have to face fees and stop at jail.

Whether it is one other probability, the CIA and the FBI are in the injured world, not as legally as significantly compromised from the viewpoint of intelligence security. Russians have eaten their lunch

Some questions that require answers:

Who was Josef Mifsud working for?

On what basis did Strzok open a countermeasure research?

How did the FBI get info

Why did Mueller not cost Mifsud for lying to the FBI?

If the inquiry was opened in Papadopoulos, why was the FISA software on the web page?

Discover Mifsud and all this ends. Bangilla

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