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Tribute to the logo ♎ Furor Teutonicus

– Written by Evert Mouw

A legendary philosophical message to individuals of the imagination.

When the fog goes out in the morning, after a dark night time; when the sun rises slowly; when individuals wake up …

Did they call themselves youngsters of the sun? Ca. 3400 years in the past it was already a younger priest boy dancing. He solely had a light-weight skirt. At the peak of his embarrassment, he used a bronze solar panel. Her fertility dance in the Egtved region of Denmark would guarantee a superb crop, healthy youngsters and plenty of cattle.

The solar, the mild … the giver of life, the giver of sight. The chook of prey flies excessive in the sky close to the sun; everyone will see him. He's not hiding. Unnamed snakes and rats crawl throughout the nation and the dragon sends Ratatosk to send Kotka insults. The eagle sends the similar back; the two will never match.

In the beginning there was Logos, and Logos was with God, and Logos was God. This was in the starting with God. All things are made with Hetzelve, and with out Hetzelve, nothing is made. It was life in Hetzelve, and life was human mild. And the mild shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not understood it. […] And the logos have turn into meat. […] Nobody has ever seen God; the solely son who’s with the Father, he has proclaimed him. – John 1: 1-18, translation. I’ve replaced the word with a logo.

In the days of Emperor Constantine, the holy day was postponed to Sunday, the day of the solar. The cross had long been a logo of the solar; now it represents the solar, the logo, which is Christ, all over the place.

New Platonists used to use the logo of which Plotinus is greatest recognized. Logos are thoughts or phrases that give construction and a sort of artistic and ordering power.

Plato was led by his inside daimon and served Apollo, the god who spoke by way of the Delphi oracle, the place the priesthood son (Pythia) acquired messages in trance. Apollo is usually thought-about a god of sunshine and solar, however these days additionally a shepherd god.

At night time the shepherds heard from the angels the coming of the Logos (Christ) and got here to honor him. The magicians, the clergymen of Zoroaster additionally came from the Persian Empire led by the stars. The new child Jesus was taken to Egypt by his fleeing mother and father, the place he might have discovered the secrets of Osiris. The son of Osiris is usually compared to Jesus; his identify is Horus and he has the head of Hako. Birds of prey fly above the earth, near logos, close to the solar …

Logos also inspire Islamic philosophy. Each Jesus and Mohammed are seen as personifications or incarnations of logos. It is a fashionable theme, particularly with the Sufis.

Plotinus was impressed by the famend depth psychologist Carl Jung when he opposed logos and erosions. The logos then symbolize primarily males's rationality and the sun, and Eros ladies's emotional creativity and moon. Perfection comes from the cooperation and alternative of each.

Erich Neumann clarified this with the concept that the psychic state is created by separating the Father-Mother (earth) and Father (Heaven) archetypes, which comes again to many artistic myths. With out this distinction, there might be no room for consciousness and first chaos will destroy consciousness. The large mom is there first; only later will the nice father come into the picture. One must struggle like a hero to escape the world of Eros and evolve with the weapons and inspiration of the Logo. This applies to each women and men. For Camille Paglia, this was an inspiration that returned to her work. The forces of unique chaos want to destroy all construction, ban all pure variations between the sexes, and lead to a reduction in psychological state till consciousness is destroyed. But by creating both opposites internally, awareness can improve.

the solar and the nice shepherds, Apollo and Jesus; the Logos movement out of them and thru them, but they don’t seem to be one, they don’t seem to be God, though they’re divine. The sunshine of the sun shines the invisible mild of the invisible sun, also referred to as the black solar; "hidden light" or hidden mild shouldn’t be from this world however does its job by way of the logo. The solar symbols typically go together with the wheel image. The Germans believed that the sun was driven throughout the sky in a cart as a result of the solar was shifting; so the solar gear. For neo-Platonists, such a shifting solar continues to be a shifting mover; one is a stationary driver. I feel that is comparable to Tao from China.

Shepherds … it was my mother and father. My ancestors have had to wander the previous few centuries that I wandered in yesterday afternoon. Heather blooms, the sun shines; I feel mild and free and luxuriate in the delightful scent of Kanerva in bloom.

In accordance to Alexander Dugin, in an ethnosociological guide I read lately, primarily shepherd cultures ensured that primitive ethnoses, a society where all continues to be united, advanced into Laotian or narod, as he calls it. , a society of clergymen and warriors the place unity is misplaced however the place know-how, faith, science and tradition can evolve. Removed from his group, the Shepherd becomes the breeding ground for the Logo.

Gentiles, philosophers, Muslims, Christians; warriors and clergymen, even philosophers and students, have been led by Logos. That is the philosophy of perennis, everlasting tradition, universal grace as you would like, lux occult, hidden mild.

Wood is understood for its fruits. Virtually all cultures and many individuals inspired by the logo got here to nice heights. Logic, cause, fact, lofty beliefs, psychological area – weapons towards the damaging equality that primordial spirit brings.

This was Nietzsche's criticism: the slave religion reverses the which means of the words, strives for equality, and thus loses the daylight. If such a slavery faith destroys the final remnant of the Logos, specifically the killing of God, and solely slavery with out God stays, it’s the end of civilization.

The Tree is Recognized for Its Fruit: Civilizations with out the Logo lose their order, tradition, endurance, boundaries, id, fertility, justice; typically they still declare to be serving justice, but the which means of their words typically turns. Humans have grow to be a measure of fact, with out the Transcendental Logo, with out the sun, an act that cannot find help or settlement in itself.

And there was a fantastic check in heaven; specifically, a lady wearing the sun; and the moon was beneath his ft, and upon his head was a crown of twelve stars; And she or he was together with her baby, crying closely and in ache to give start. And there was another sign up heaven; and behold, there was an awesome pink dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and 7 royal hats on his head. And his tail drew a third a part of the stars of heaven, and forged it to the earth. And the dragon stood earlier than the lady giving delivery, that she should eat her youngsters as she gave delivery. And she or he gave delivery to a male son, who led all nations by iron rod; and his youngsters have been torn away to God and to his throne. And the lady fled into the wilderness, the place she had a spot, and prepared her of God, that they could feed her a thousand 2 hundred and sixty days. And there was struggle in heaven: Michael and his angels fought towards the dragon, and in addition the dragon and his angels fought. They usually were not in a position, and their place was not present in heaven. And the nice dragon was forged out, that’s, the previous serpent, referred to as the devil and Satan, who deceiveth the entire world; he is, I say, thrown to the floor; and his angels have been forged with him. – Rev. 12: 1-9, state translation.

The lady is "dressed in the sun," so Logos is fertilizing her. I feel it is a reference to Mary who’s pregnant with the Son of God. The moon is underneath her ft: the moon is a logo of the lady, Eros. The twelve stars are additionally the twelve apostles or the twelve months of the yr or the twelve constellations of astrology. The outline additionally resembles Father, the nice mother goddess of Egypt, Horus mom, the falcon god. She also had a wing. Birds of prey fly above the ground, close to the Logos, close to the sun …

A lady has been given two wings of the nice Eagle so she will fly into the wilderness the place she will probably be fed for a while, and as soon as, and a half, by the snake. – Rev. 12:14, state translation.

There’s also an enormous pink dragon who needs to eat incarnated logos. This is the main dragon; In Egypt this was Apep and for the Germans in all probability the Midgard snake. This snake or dragon is thrown out of the kingdom of the gods. Nice seducer, primitive chaos. Unique chaos just isn’t Eros' artistic chaos, but damaging chaos during which the whole lot is made equal.

In Biblical and Egyptian mythology, a clear winner emerges in the battle between the primitive dragon and Logos. The first dragon should make it. It's not that straightforward with the Vikings. In the poetic Edda we read Voluspa, the seer music, that the end of time is terrible. The hearth demon and the nice snake destroy all the things, even the gods die; however the serpent and hellhound of the world won’t survive the cosmic struggle both. Solely the tree of the world survives, and new individuals and new gods are born.

The Germanic religion knew the historic wandering supreme god Wudan, who noticed the whole lot, rode by way of the air, and had two black ears to inform him every thing. He also died someday, and he knew it; he wandered all over the place, disguised in the hunt for young ladies to seduce and brave warriors to be included in his dying military to assist him in the nice remaining battle.

Noah sent an ear after which a pigeon, after an amazing flood, in a big archival boat at sea. Kabbalists have instructed that this has a symbolic which means. The ear should first fly and do its job; it’s an intelligent fowl that may survive troublesome circumstances. Only later will the pigeon flip. The god of the ravine Wudan; christian dove; that is western historical past. Both elements want to be addressed in Western improvement before they will really grow to be a part of Western civilization. That is additionally the line of improvement Tolkien utilized in his Lord of the Rings.

But not everyone is a raven or a fowl of prey inside. They’re typically lonely individuals, shepherds, magicians, people who find themselves close to the Logos and have little interest in the material world. In the world of Harry Potter, that is Ravenclaw's residence; sensible individuals, however typically a bit removed from the normal world. The 4 homes resemble the three cabinets or previous compartments of India. Plato also talked about several types of souls. An important attribute of a pacesetter inspired by the Logos is courage.

If the hierarchy disappears and the equality of the unique chaos wins, then we’ll enter the period of Kali Yuga, the time of destruction and fall. They’re typically transitional durations. Radical modifications have affected our society, science and know-how. Previous buildings have collapsed and new ones have yet to be shaped. This was an necessary theme for Julius Evola; how to survive in such a world? At the Experience the Tiger, he makes some options, but he’s pessimistic about the risk of individuals following the logo to act in in the present day's world. All talked about gods or powers could be understood as inner forces or archetypes. Whether or not they really exist outdoors of ourselves doesn’t matter to our actions. They are mental buildings, whether or not reflections outdoors of ourselves that we can’t do with out. Without the improvement of those buildings, in myths and religion, as well as in society, consciousness, and subsequently culture, degenerates right into a state of main chaos, where it affects distinctive (discriminatory) capacity. Solely by means of logos can good logical and objective distant considering be thought-about. As Dugin quoted, considering in ethnicity continues to be intentional; object and object separation just isn’t but nicely developed in primitive peoples, so remote and logical reasoning shouldn’t be but attainable.

Erich Neumann examines a modern mass man who’s able to objectivist considering but has misplaced his inner buildings to the level the place he’s actually inferior to the primitive man of Dugin's ethnicity, where a minimum of there’s still internal harmony. The masseur is fertile spiritually and physically; he has a small interior as a result of both female and male are each destroyed in uniform primitive chaos. Trendy media, cultural Marxism, post-structuralism, and so forth. are mass phenomena. Hannah Arendt portrays the rise of the social realm at the expense of the personal and the political, and finally at the expense of considering. The new tower of Babylon will probably be secured.

The similarity between Shepherd Jung and Evola is their recommendation to set the distance from that mass culture and metropolis. Common isolation, in its personal approach, becomes stronger, more unbiased, extra receptive to logos, and free from the dangerous egregors or emerging socio-psychic buildings to which trendy man typically varieties an element. The best phantasm of this time is particular person freedom; solely logos could make someone as free as a chook; only Mom Earth can obtain logos, get wings, and develop into fertile.

So that's what that woman product of Egtved. Belly dancer Anni Brøgger has been making an attempt to reconstruct her dance. He did this on the basis of archaeological material, historic fertility dances from other cultures and his dream. She had heard about Egtved's woman at college, however had by no means considered it for years until she all of the sudden acquired a dream from a priest dancing in the fields. When he started engaged on it, a whole lot of coincidences happened to help him with a replica of his garments and a photo voltaic panel. She has introduced the dance to the King and Queen of Denmark and a small music could be seen on YouTube. I personally was lucky to see her dance last yr; a video can never absolutely convey the feeling you get in case you are shut to it.

The logos shone yesterday afternoon with lovely sunbeams alongside.