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Why should the former Iron Lady Rafidah be appointed as the first female Minister of Higher Education

Minister of Education Dr Maszlee Malik - Biodata Resume

When history was made when Wan Azizah Wan Ismail last yr was sworn in as the first female vice chairman, extra ladies have been entrusted with powers that have never been seen earlier than. In Might of this yr, Tengku Maimun Tuan Mat was appointed as the country's first female chief in Malaysia.

Last month, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad dropped a bomb when he unilaterally appointed the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Fee (MACC) as Latheefa Koya's first female chief. Ladies's illustration The Mahathir administration has 9 ladies – 5 ministers and 4 deputy ministers – in all probability the highest ever.

Nevertheless, on the foundation of the horrible efficiency of some male ministers thus far, it seems that there is room for improvement. Faculty administration director Maszlee Malik is understood as the "shoe minister", perhaps the solely unpopular minister who should be replaced. He does not consider in discussing controversial issues, such as the recognition of a single diploma.

Maszlee was also involved in the controversial crisis of the IIUM presidency. The Minister of Education had even tried to make Bersat extra Islamic than the PAS Islamist Social gathering when he gave his inexperienced mild to the establishment of the Indonesian Muhammadiyah University by prof. Hamka (Uhamka) to set up his first overseas campus in Malaysia, just to condemn the Johor Sultan

True, Dr. Maszlee was an inexperienced Minister of Education. But it’s also true that he had no concept what to do to revive the nationwide schooling system. The 93-year-old PM Mahathir should pay attention to the faculty schedule when analyzing too much time for spiritual studies. And, despite the extreme time of spiritual research, disobedience and low ethics stay monumental

So Mahathir invited him again from Japan (November 9, 2018) to Dr. Maslee. During a one-hour assembly, the Prime Minister advised him that he would "review" the faculty curriculum to supply good-value residents, such as good work ethic and honesty. PM informed him that he has long supported faculties to show high values ​​and ethics as a minister of schooling between 1974 and 1977.

  Mahathir Mohamad - Honorary Doctor - NUS University of Singapore ” width=”510″ peak=”340″ />

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] After pretending to be Malaysian citizens who lived in Singapore on 12 November 2018, the similar occasion that Mahathir urged the Malaysians to remain abroad to return residence, he stated : 'The current schooling system is dangerous. It should be revolutionized. What they study (now) is just not what they should study. We need to change the curriculum and schedule and what they study at college. ”

Chances are you’ll be all for Mahathir. However in the first era, which was held in the first yr of 22 years, from 1981 to 2003, the schooling system was reformed in 1996 to offer science and arithmetic instruction in English since 2003. It was the natural and simplest strategy to improve English language expertise among college students. to make them extra marketable, educated and extra employable

Sadly, Mahathir's current residence minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, who was then Minister of Education for the Najib Razaki administration, overturned Mahathir's choice. The faculties have been advised to teach each topics only in Malay language and native languages, turning the clock back. Muhyiddin's choice in 2009 on the entry into pressure in 2012 was based mostly on political reasons.

  Mahathir Mohamad Muhyiddin Yassin

In 2015, Mahathir raised his dissatisfaction with Muhyiddin's change in the combine of schooling and politics. He stated – "Other topics can be taught in Bahasa Malaysia, but science and mathematics are different topics because the pace of change and new findings take place almost every day." Mahathir also stated he had acquired complaints that the high quality of native graduates had fallen in the 2012 cancellation.

In April this yr, the luxurious New Straits Occasions report, Mahathir Mohamad, who has returned to prime minister once again, stated that English-language educating and learning and arithmetic (PPSMI) have been re-introduced without discover. Final month, Minister of Education Maszlee informed the press that the faculty wouldn’t return to PPSMI.

What's happening in the Ministry of Education? As an alternative of taking care of the shade of the college students' footwear, Minister of Education Maszlee Malik wouldn’t give attention to enhancing the schooling system, and it additionally consists of restoring the PPSMI coverage – in all probability the most essential ingredient for enhancing expertise, growing revenue and elevating dwelling requirements?

  Minister of Education Dr Maszlee Malik - White Shoes Black Shoes

Apparently, Sarawak's state has determined 2 months ago (Might) to go ahead and introduce arithmetic and science educating in English. Yr 1 college students will start subsequent yr (2020). Michael Manyin, Minister of State Education, Science and Know-how Research, stated that the program would come with 1046 state faculties, with the exception of Chinese faculties.

The first Malaysian state teaches mathematics and science to English students subsequent yr, Michael Manyin stated the program was introduced to make youngsters extra competitive and confident to talk and categorical themselves in English. The Sarawak Minister of Education stated: "We are not going to make any reversal."

It appears that evidently an incompetent and indecisive Dr Maszlee is worse than Michael Many, Sarawak State Minister of Education. Earlier in Might, the country's minister of schooling was sentenced to combine scholar help quotas with Mandarin's language requirements for workplaces.

  Minister of Education Dr Maszlee Malik - Discussion

Perhaps Mahathir should reconsider placing all the eggs in the basket. The primary thought might be that Dr. Maszlee is the greatest brain that the political celebration PPBM (Bersatu) can supply. However certainly it will be a good idea to divide the educating platform into two ministries – the institution of a brand new Ministry of Higher Education to watch larger schooling, as Rafidah Aziz lately proposed


Rafidah, previously recognized as the "Iron Lady" beneath the Mahathir regime, stated the government was re-considering only one Ministry of Education. He lectured on the main difference between main and secondary schooling compared to greater schooling. The former Minister of Overseas Trade and Business additionally mocked the present Minister of Education, Maslee.

Talking at a discussion board titled “Malaysia's current education system and future”, Rafidah mocked Dr. Maslee – “You cannot have the same emphasis on black shoes policy, the same breath that has a policy of interacting with information and communication technologies and only black shoes and information. and communication skills, two different things. ”

 Rafidah Aziz

“ Why, as we did earlier, why not training in lower and higher education, so the focus can be as strong and not just evaporated. Perhaps this is what the government should try to do. So we have professionals dealing with the Minister of Higher Education, while black shoes – anyone can do it. So you have two ministries, ”stated Rafidah Aziz.

It is clear that Rafidah believes that his former boss, Mahathir, wants a "professional" who’s absolutely accustomed to critical training, particularly larger schooling. In the similar breath, he also instructed that an empty ship, such as Maszlee, might only play with black footwear to satisfy his interest.

Extra importantly, Rafidah stated that schooling should not be politicized or thought-about as a way of getting voices, as Maszlee has finished. He stated that Malaysian schooling coverage should be sustainable if it meets the needs of the current era without compromising future generations. In contrast to some extremists and racists, the liberal Rafidah has a special view of the elementary faculties

 Non-Chinese SJKC Folk High School

He stated that the authorities should permit native faculties that use Chinese or Tamil to naturally train to take as an alternative of requiring them to close. “They didn't start the Tamil school just for fun or because they're Indian. No, but they are so far from the city of Kuala Kangsar. But there is an infrastructure now, so there's no problem any more, ”stated Rafidah.

In fact, he referred to how an ethnic Indian needed to establish a main faculty in a property as a result of the national faculty was too removed from Kuala Kangsar, his former constituency. As infrastructure improves, they moved slowly to colleges as an alternative of actual estate-based SJKT main faculties.

Rafidah proposed the Kuala Kangsar constituency as a former Member of Parliament between 1982 and 2013 that victims of the closure, narrowing and jerking of Chinese-language faculties should contemplate adopting the greatest points in other faculties in national faculties. He pointed out that even some Maltese mother and father ship their youngsters to Chinese faculties

 SJKC student Sam Yoke Sungei Besi - Kuala Lumpur

He lectured critics of Chinese language faculties – "Why not embrace the greatest of it What has been discovered in Chinese language faculties, how they train and do their greatest and incorporate it so that everybody says that this people faculty just isn’t dangerous. Even in Malaysia immediately, no youngsters are despatched to national faculties. “Over 80,000 Malay college students research in Chinese language faculties.

"I got friends of friends whose children are in Chinese schools because they said too much religion, and" I would like them to study math ". It's their selection, no one can throw them. So if you don’t politicize it, individuals will see clearly and ultimately there’ll be integration. There isn’t any need to close the nearby native faculties. ”- stated Rafidah.

If Massey's performance is an indicator, the present training system will only get worse. Rafidah might not have experience as a minister of schooling, but she had beforehand lectured at the College of Malaya. He might be one of the most succesful ministers serving in Mahathir, who still speaks in mind. Mahathir should appoint him as the first female minister of schooling, if not the Minister of Education.

 Rafidah Aziz - Doctor of Philosophy, PhD

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